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  2. hey mate im playing around with this my self and wondered if you worked anything useful out ?
  3. Those scalars are from the workshop version of HAANF Good luck with it all.
  4. Hi Roland, Thanks for the input, I'll look at this as a use case to see what yields best performance, survivability. OSID HAANF doesn't seem to have such values I believe. Can you share which strategy was used or OSID? Just rebuilt a BTR 4 spd trans (ION) with various parts from the e series BTR's which have stronger internals to beef up the ION /BTR from a BA XR6 Turbo I don't want to go into too much detail as it may undermine transmission builders. I believe the main culprit for failure is due to transmission line pressure(something not new). I noticed even with new friction
  5. I have already tested the spring pressure as this is the only way for me to road tune without wheel spin in 2nd gear, then put back in my higher boost and check on 3rd gear on the highway. Lambda is the same boost varying. Will check the cam overlap and see how that affects it
  6. That isn't a very big error and something that most tuners simply fudge out. A few possibly causes. Your peak injector pulse width will be at peak torque. I assume your peak torque is at 3500rpm so you could possibly just adjust the high slope to correct this. Another possibility is it could be simply blow through due to camshaft overlap giving you a false lean which you have corrected for at lower rpm. If you set your camshaft overlap to 0 degrees across the entire rev range does the lambda also hold flat (regardless of error). If it holds flat then you can simply tweak the speed de
  7. Try Commanded Gear and Commanded Gear by transmission. There is a search function you can utilise which means things fairly easy to find.
  8. So more data logging/ adjusting and what I have done seems to have solved the issue. I found dead times for my injectors, so to start with I started from scratch. Put in the newly acquired dead times which were quite a bit bigger than id1000 or the data that was in the vehicle, which resulted in a steeper low slope, high slope was similar to what I had with the old injectors. But random lean under low rpm and off throttle is now next to gone. however... with both sets of injector data I also have an issue which I can’t seem to resolve. At wot, as the boost curve comes up to
  9. Hi, so is it possible to log the actual gear change as it happens? I can't find which PID Cheers
  10. Good question. I think this is a case of try and see? There are some parameters like the following which might be interesting to play with. Obviously beware it is a possibility you could seriously damage the trans by changing these parameters. auF13298 Solenoid Override (could be a boolean 1/0 on/off or it could be a bitmask and take values like 0,1,2,4,8,16 etc) auF13165 Forces S1 Electrically ON auF13162 Forces S2 Electrically ON auF13390 Forces S3 Electrically ON Alternatively you could just set certain gears to have shift points that are out of range so it wo
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  12. just reviewing an old thread, is this possible for s3 & s4 solenoid to be disabled by the PCM?
  13. Also the multi tune is locked to the tuner (so I've been told by Roland I think) so it'd need to be relicensed by the new tuner wich would be 10 credits ($550)
  14. Mitch I believe I've been talking to your mate a about your car. Multi tune white FG yeah? If so you'll need the workshop version of pcmtec to licence the multi tune OS. Inbox me if need be bud.
  15. Ok perfect what pack will I have to buy as it has multiple tunes already set up on the car ? Happy to purchase I the the tactrix already purchased
  16. If you have previous tuning experience that is an option. Remember that you might have mechanical issues like a fuel pump that is too big causing pressure surges, blocked injectors, O2 sensor positioning etc which can't be tuned around. Without all the mechanical equipment to verify you may end up chasing your tail.
  17. The guy that tuned it said he didn’t lock it when he tuned it can I buy the software and fix up the tune myself ?
  18. Take it to a Workshop. If you don't own the software there isn't anything we can help with. www.pcmtec.com/workshops
  19. My fg is hunting on real light throttle threw a car park or when coming down revs to idle will level back out after 3 or 4 hunts is on e85 tuned by pcmtec the guy that tuned it is 4hours away from me so can’t take it back to him any advice would help just bought the car 4 weeks ago was tuned when I got it
  20. We recently had a customer who converted to a Multi Tune and after converting the vehicle the cruise control would just flash (on the dash) when trying to engage cruise control. The way to get it to not "flash" was to start the car with the brake on. Here is an extract from the workshop manual that states they should all do this: Now this is not what the original car did but resetting it back to stock and this behaviour was still happening. The resolution for this is to reset auF2648 back to the stock value. We found it had been changed from 3 which works on a MK1 to a 1 which
  21. Custom machine works can solve this issue. They do a PCM mail order service. They spent a lot of time figuring it out so I think it is a bit of a trade secret. Alternatively wire up a square wave generator to emulate a speed input.
  22. This topic is a bit old but maybe you figured out how to fix this problem. I'm in the exact same situation with a Barra in a jet boat and after 5 minutes it will hit an rpm limit. While data logging the engine speed limit variable at the 5 minute point it reduces from 6000 to 3200 and I can't find a way to change this. I have set all of the torque limit tables to 0 and it is still limiting the rpm. Did you find a solution to this or is there no way to avoid the rpm limit?
  23. Also this. If this car runs fine then you are optimising something that doesn't really matter.
  24. Min pulse width is a peg. So if you cruise at say 0.5ms and you set it at 1ms. You'd be injecting double the required amount of fuel and the car would be massively rich. So what is too much entirely depends on the injectors and what your true min pulsewidth is. You'd need to datalog decel when this lean event occurs it and see how low it goes. If it's lean only when it's at this very low pulsewidth then increasing it will likely solve your issue. The whole purpose of min pulsewidth is make the car run richer when the injector starts dribbling and causing misfires (eg decel and poss
  25. Decel doesn't matter, so just leave it as is and don't worry about it.
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