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  3. This is a case where you will need to experiment.
  4. in regards to this, if we change the values to say 1 in all instances, would that mean that the cylinder cut would be quite short?
  5. Last week
  6. Yes that's on 98. I bought the Knock Monitor Pro V3 Elite straight through the website https://tunernerd.com/
  7. thats brilliant. on 98 still too i think you mentioned. where did you get your knock detection gear if you dont mind me asking.
  8. Ok a good result today. I got the knock detection working through the headphones as well as the Tuner Nerd software. There was no knock at all running up and down the road at 19psi and 13-14 degrees of timing. I'm glad I got it sorted so I can take better care of my engine.
  9. Can confirm it works, transferred over everything from a FG PCM to BF PCM and it runs flawless, just note I have the professional version not the workshop so I wasn’t able to do everything Possible unfortunately, btw is a Fg motor, BA Loom, repined to BF PCM with ba throttle and throttle body
  10. Yep, from all the information ive found, there was no difference in the engine or supporting hardware(even the exhaust bung), just tune. I actually got PCMTEC professional just so i could do the changes in the TCM as well. Looking at a couple of extra shift maps, most of it is also just the same. I did some calculation on injector duty cycle from my datalog with f6x higher boost and found its gets to 85% above 4500rpm which i think is why the boost trails off fairly early. First upgrades are exhaust debung and injectors- im thinking bosch 42lb (https://www.tiperformance.com.au/
  11. I bought a TTG just before the weekend - bring it home, fix a few little bits and pieces and then immediately downloaded the flash, saved it and compared to stock F6X. As far as I'm aware, engine wise they are identical and the difference in power is only in the tune - looking at the compare they haven't changed a lot between the two, with the major changes being running higher boost, with changes in all the tables you'd expect to support that, along with a slight change in scaling to the spark tables for the higher load values and new spark values for the higher load and to match the sca
  12. @Roland@pcmtec referring to engine speed rpm maximum And engine speed rpm minimum Also what do U recommend to set max vct retard to And vct cam a angle tables ?
  13. Whatever you want it to be. 1000rpm seems to be a good starting point for a manual. Auto might want to be lower.
  14. Well yeah guess that works haha will let you know soon
  15. Pretty easy to test your theory. Write it to the car then read it back out and see what it says?
  16. Yes I was asking if I had changed them does it just change it in pcmtech or would it modify it in the pcm itself aswell
  17. Have you tried opening the axis by double clicking and copying? You could also compare the two files and copy that way.
  18. You can change the theme via the theme menu. We are going to make the chart colours configurable at some stage in the future after map tracing and histograms are done.
  19. Hey Roland & Team Great job on the scanner, What’s the chances ( unsure if it’s easy enough or not ) to have an option to have the colour/theme/layouts selectable to mimic HPT or SCT Advantage for people/workshops proficient in either of those to utilise a familiar display ? Not to say the 80’s colour selection isn’t good nostalgic but it’s crazy “Busy” to the eyes haha Probably more to the point can or has anyone worked their PCMtec layout to reflect as such ?
  20. Pretty much the image has whats needed but if i was to copy the table exactly from the FG Pcm to the BF PCM including ROW and Column Numbers would it work or doesn't the row and column numbers get flashed to the pcm, cheeers
  21. The post above you says it's coming soon. It will be in the next major release of version 2.0 Aiming for a January release
  22. Hi, just wondering about Ver. 1.24, does it include map tracing? I've seen reference to it but haven't been able to find it in the Datalogger or am I on the wrong track? Thanks
  23. Yeah I need to get mine on the dyno again. It's around 15psi at the moment as I've said above but I've had it on 18psi for afew weeks. I got scared of the skinny rods. Although I've been told they'll do 350kw on e85 apparently.
  24. Cheers man. Yerp I'll get my knock ears out this weekend and make them work. They wouldn't work properly with my laptop for whatever reason, likely old etc, but I can use the missus laptop now. I've got tuner nerd with 2 sensors.
  25. it’s a reasonable effort Nathan and you’ve got a pretty quick bus indeed now ! I was going to post it on the turbo forum but here is as good as any and something you would be able to pre determine before a result... if you see a result, it’s damage done ( Potentially ) 14* on 98 with 23psi is pretty hectic but... but depending on the build, compression and a huge array of other factors ( that can always change ) it might be right. Knock detection will be screaming way before this and or any scanner KR activity as calibrated Knock detection does wonderful things for your eye
  26. Haha quoting myself here, I got the car on the dyno this afternoon with the exhaust pulled off and it looked like it showed a bit of knock in the graph at 13-14 degrees of timing and 22psi on 98 octane from ampol. It might have been fine with BP 98 and maybe not. It made 409awkw for the record. A nice car. Updooted for shiny 😁
  27. @JETURBO pulling ya leg of course, i love the photos you put up in that tuning thread, allways the cleanest cars after they have been near you.
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