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  2. None. BA you can wire the 5v signal from the zeitronix/innovate converter straight in as its a 0-5v input.
  3. Hi, What voltage divider would be used for a BA to use with the boost sensor input? Thanks
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  5. Not sure if you previously emailed us about this but I'll answer here anyway. Basically you need frequency counter -> analog output voltage converter such as the innovate or zeitronix kit. You then need to step the voltage down to suit the analog input using a voltage divider. BF is 0.1-1.66v FG Mk2 (maybe some late Mk1s as well) are ~0-3.8v You can't just average the frequency output with analog electronics as the sensor varies the frequency based on fuel temperature, then varies the pulse width based on ethanol %. Unless your fuel was a constant temperature it would not provide reliable results. edit: Here are the specs of the sensor 50 Hertz indicates 0% ethanol, and150 Hertz indicates 100% ethanol.The pulse width indicates the fuel temperature. The normal pulse width is between 1 and 5 milliseconds:1 millisecond indicates -40°C (-40°F), and5 milliseconds indicates 125°C (257°F).
  6. The reason sometimes you see cars with poor results from a workshop is the shop is under pressure to get a job done in a few hours on the dyno. If the car has no issues and is using the same injectors and parts they have previously dialled in you can get a great result in a few hours. If you have DIYd half the parts and the shop runs into trouble with faults, or for example you are using injectors they have never tuned before they might spend half the tuning time just dialing them in. Then to get it really nice they really need the car for a week of cold starts and running at least 80-100kms on the car for the long term fuel trims to dial in. Unless it is their R&D car they just wont be able to do this for the budget they have been given. This is why I always recommend using parts the workshop has previously tuned and recommend, even if they may not be the best parts in your eyes, this way you know they have parameter files and base tunes that will get the car 90% of the way there, then they can spend the full dyno budget on really polishing the tune off. Regarding getting another DIYer to tune your car the issue you are going to run into is the hours most guys who self tune their cars are in excess of weeks sometimes. It is not profitable for people to spend that much time on someone else's car and you are unlikely to want to spend that money either. I spent probably the equivalent of 2-3 weeks full time tuning my car to get fuel trims at 0-1% along with perfect cold starts on e85 in 5c. If you have any IT background at all could consider learning yourself. Might set you back a few grand in equipment etc, but if you take the car to 3 or 4 shops you are going to spend this anyway.
  7. Hey guys I have a FGX XR6 with mods to support 500+hp Pro64/7-S2 water/meth kit and a mate with a shop/Dyno, I am looking for someone who is able to come and tune it happy to pay obviously. potential to keep tuning for the shop. Just seems hard to find tuners who put effort into cars most of the guys on forums are into doing so, so I thought its better then going to shops. I have put some falcons on the Dyno and its shocking how they run. not here to bad mouth people. just looking for someone keen Thanks for you time.
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  9. I'll see what Brendan can do, I was hoping it was this simple, I'll see what we can come up with as always thankyou for you info.
  10. Just disable the ghost cam until its warmed up using the oil temperature table. Eg change the oil temp axis and put something like this in:
  11. We have converted everything my only issue is now horrible cold starts and car trys to ghost cam mid gear shift,I'm not liking the drivability of this at all. Thanks roland.
  12. We have an internal alpha release which has support for 2015-2017 mustang read/write/edit support available. Credit cost is 5 credits to license. If you are interested in alpha testing this release and you have the workshop edition of the software please contact us.
  13. This only works for a manual. If you have an auto you will need the workshop edition and to manually copy over the automatic settings and tables (see steps further down). First read your vehicle and save the file (do not license it). Next go to the stock file wizard and press "create stock file from strategy" and enter in A3VC / HAAT3VC Then press "create and merge" and load the file you saved originally. License the file. If you have previously licensed your other file this step will cost 2 extra credits. Now go to auF12646 and flip the switch, this will invert the oil pressure sender signal as the F6 has a different switch. Now you will have a fully independent F6 strategy in your BA. To take advantage of this calibration it is recommended to add 24 degrees over overlap from 1500 - 3500 rpm, this will help spool the turbo the same way the late model BF and FGs do. auF16503 auF16492 NOTE If the car was previously tuned, you will need to copy the spark and speed density tables over re-scaling them as you go. This is as the BA F6 speed density and spark tables are the same size as the BF not the BA. Hence a compare will not copy the values over. This is very important. Automatic conversion If you have a BTR auto you can compare your file to another BA automatic turbo such as 32YC / HAANFY4 and copy over the relevant automatic settings. Here is an example of some of the parameters you may need to copy. This will need to be carefully tested to ensure the BTR shifts as expected.
  14. Matt


    This has now been added in today for the next release The PIDs will now all be listed in groups on the left hand panel. The charts on the right hand side can be now be manually grouped Next release you will be able to adjust the min/max height for each graph using the scroll on the Y Axis
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    This functionality is not supported, so you cannot save after loading a TECLOG file. The save button has been now disabled in playback mode edit: This is now fixed and will be in the next beta.
  16. Figure out what OSID is the correct one for a 5 speed and compare to that. There are 100s of items that need changing. VID block, axle ratios, axle config words, gear ratios, idle air control etc etc. If you've never done it before and don't have the workshop version your best bet would be to just swap the whole calibration to the correct one that came with the 5 speed.
  17. Hi all, Just trying to establish what is causing my cruise to remain out of operation. I have converted my BF wagon to a manual (still run the auto ecu with manual settings flashed). I have gone through most the scalars and now feel the data set within the gear ratios may be the cause. Does anyone have the details for the gear ratios for the 5 Speed Manual gearbox? I believe they were all the same? If not mine is a non turbo box! TIA
  18. I just spoke to brendan again he didnt know you guys had phone support he thought it was only online support, we were wondering if u guys were available on saturday to ring and contact cheers
  19. Hi, can anyone tell me the resistance value of the tuning pull up resistor to bring the continential flex fuel in line with the calibrations pcmtec have for the ford fg Barra? The sensor manufacturer says the resistor isn't required but some Ecus may need it depending on the calibration table being used.
  20. If you want it to ghost cam with the AC on you need to datalog the TPS and load when the AC kicks in. Then extend those tables to have overlap at those load and TPS setting. If you extend these tables too far the car will stumble and jerk when in carparks so it needs some experimentation.
  21. Ok managed to changed the setting with aircon on car idles alot nicer now doesnt stall then problem now is when ac is on its raised rpm by 100 but wont ghost cam with aircon turned on only off. Cheers in advanced
  22. You need to read the DTC code. It could be an airflow limit, or throttle limit at idle etc. The BA F6 doesn't have the extra cam timing fuel adjustments as it was the first vehicle with VCT. You can still make it work, it just needs a bit more love. You can do what we do here which is essentially a catch for if it starts to stall, it kicks the cams back to normal position very quickly. As you can see, ghost cam idle at 900rpm, then if it drops for any reason to 600 (below idle speed) it will kick the cams back to a normal position very quickly. The stalling sounds like a different issue though. Likely a throttle limp mode etc due to the extra throttle required at idle. I'm sure with some datalogging the problem can be resolved.
  23. He said he was having issues with finding addons tables to correct it anything you could suggest ? Or same reply as above
  24. I would take it back to the tuner and get them to read the DTC code, that will tell you the problem. Sounds like something is triggering a limp mode.
  25. Hey guys new to pcmtec and the forum. I have a b series xr6 turbo, with the ghost cams strategy from a typhoon, I'm having an issue with the idle as soon as I turn on the air con, the car idles louder, but then decides throw engine light and stall. Take the aircon out of the issue and the ghost cams sound on point, I know just dont use the air con right? I have kids so my aircon Is a must for summer. I'm loving the ghost cam feature so thumbs up to that, so if anyone can shed some light on this issue would be much appreciated JET40T
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