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  2. Are you sure? I've ever actually tested it at idle.
  3. The PCM has no ability to record data. You would need to leave a tablet datalogging in the background with the DLP8 cable.
  4. With data logging is it possible to have a wideband wired into the PCM so you can review it later?
  5. It is done based off a PID controller. You can modify the gain in this table. auF11706 Muliplier as a function of load on spark feedback gain_ fnspkfbs_gain. If you set it to 5000 for fun you'll see your spark flick between MBT and min spark clip repeatably. Good for a pseudo ghost cam. if you set it to 0 it will just run MBT timing and you'll have a high idle and if it starts to stall it won't catch it in time.
  6. I can but then it pulls down hills it’s in a manual patrol
  7. Can you just cheat and bump the idle up 150 or so rpm?
  8. Last week
  9. Spark is used to control idle rpm. If you have a vacuum leak your spark will drop to try and maintain you desired idle rpm. So your idle spark will vary to maintain your desired idle rpm.
  10. Even when the engine is at operating temp? What table controls idle spark?
  11. You can change the load axis. F6 never came with a BTR either so you can't use that file.
  12. Those tables are not used from what I can see.
  13. Sweet thanks. In regards to idle spark timing, do most tuners leave them at the factory settings of 60deg commanded spark or adjust it to something else, like 17 deg?
  14. Hey has anyone done a conversion and got the a/c to work without stalling and no a/c request can input cheers
  15. www.pcmtec.com/downloads Beta is now publicly available. If you have a previous private beta please install this version over the top as it has a large number of bug fixes and improvements.
  16. Hello everyone, I have a 2006 BF NA XR6 Ute with a BTR 4 Speed Auto. I’m currently putting all the supporting mods on to turbo it. Bosch 1250cc injectors. Fuel Pressure regulator set to 4 Bar. Map sensor is changed to a standard turbo 2.5 Bar. I haven’t changed my engine or loom, I have Standard NA ABS module, Standard NA computer. My plans in the future is to put a fully built FG motor in with a C4 behind it and send it, but for now while I build that motor is to keep the NA engine and turbo it. I’m not sure what would be the best option for me before starting the build. To change strategies to a BF F6 strategy. Leave my NA file and copy everything from a BF F6 strategy, the downside of that will be having a smaller load axis. Thank you.
  17. You'll have to figure this one out yourself via experimentation and datalogging. We don't have any information or documentation on how the ZF works. I have never even driven a ZF Falcon either so I can't comment from personal experience either.
  18. Please help me to understand the attachment. There is a difference between FGX and Sprint value as shown in the photo. The Sprint value has smaller minus value -312 vs -432(normal FGX). What does that mean? To allow a modified engine (with a lot more torque) have smooth shift we should have a greater minus value or a smaller minus value? Which value represents more torque reduction for ZF transmission? -312 or -432? For a more horse power engine we need to apply more torque reduction to assure gear still shift smoothly?
  19. Thankyou Roland, can't wait to have a look at it Steve
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  21. Yes. Just sent you a PM
  22. Hi, i've seen some people getting a copy of the beta, is it available to anyone? Cheers
  23. fordsrule


    Hey, is this beta open to anyone? Thx
  24. i dont have the stock one as its a na+t build. auto btr, stock na engine with stock xr6t gear. mods are walbro 460, random injectors, monza cooler. thats about it so far. on e85 aswell.
  25. what mod's are done to your car is it manual or Auto ? what model car is it ?
  26. Firstly get rid of the crappy boost controller and put the stock one back. This will probably make a huge difference alone. Next make sure all the boost control is set up as per factory so that 100% duty cycle is being commanded until you get near your commanded boost. Finally you can move to a 3 port wastegate actuator which will help hold the gate closed until the very last moment which will help a little.
  27. hey guys, just wondering if there's anyway to bring boost on quicker through the tune, obviously the size of the rear housing plays a massive part but im sure someone has some tricks to make it come on abit quicker and maybe more aggressively. abit of context, im not using stock boost control. im using a gfb gforce 2. im still a noob at all this so hopefully im not sounding too inexperienced hahaha. cheers, Tyler.
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