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  2. This functionality has been available for over 2 years now! FYI your current values may not make sense currently as that table you are modifying is throttle position (inferred load) not actual load which would explain why you are having funny results. Tuning correction is basically an Alpha N correction table. All your other values will remain, you can always copy them back.
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  4. Wow, that is very neat. I did do anymore searches for large camshaft tuning since early december, kicking myself you had a write up in Jan. This is very neat. My Map slopes are no longer stock and hence if change to the custom OS as described in your write up will I lose my values? will they go back to stock? Are there other tables that are affected by the change?
  5. We will add lambda units (percentage %) to LTFT for next release. Histograms will allow you to apply values as a percentage of the existing map. I can't give a release date due to the large of amount of updates going into it, but can say that the histogram work is ready for internal testing
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  7. It should not even require an ignition cycle on the BF/FG. If it does you can usually do it in 1-2 seconds, but 3 is what is meant to be required by the PCM. I would lean towards shorter rather than longer.
  8. Thanks heaps, that’s my problem haha.
  9. So another update... This morning I hooked up a 35psi boost gauge and with the desired boost at 25, it was running over 35psi. With the desired boost at 26 it went over 40psi. I came home, removed the signal pickup for the knock box from the boost sensor signal wire and it seemed to fix it. It was a needle pickup so maybe it had earthed out on something? Just by removing that, the car went back down to 25psi, albiet with funky wg control. A few runs up and down the road to fix the wg duty etc and it seems to run 25psi most of the way up. Since I had tuned it and scaled the
  10. The unit converter is wrong. KPag = kpa - 101.325 The log is correct. I wasn't aware anyone was using the unit converter, it was written a long time ago before we had any QA system so it looks like the equation is back to front.
  11. Yep no worries. This log has 2 pulls in it both of which were over 30psi, according to the dyno. I'm using psi in the tune for the desired boost etc. ims boost param 20 desired 35 actual.teclog
  12. Can you attach a log showing which values are being logged and what units have been selected.
  13. The log shows 361kpag/260kpa/37.75psi. If you put 361kpag into the unit converter it will convert it to 460kpa. The log converts 361kpag to 260kpa. If I take the 360kpag number, it converts to 52.2psig. If we subtract the barometric pressure of 14.7psi from it, it converts to 37.51psi. The dyno was showing roughly 35psi. It appears there is an issue with the logger. I think that the psi figure in the logger is actually supposed to be the psig figure. It never used to be like that, as I'd have to subtract the baro from the psi figure in the log to get my actual boost pressure. It
  14. Hey mate thanks for that that makes a bit of sense I’m moving over from hp data logger and that’s it very simple in my opinion but all for learning new I’m looking forward to the new update release is this far of at all? cheers benji
  15. Could save yourself a lot of time if you use this feature! Sounds like you have it pretty close now anyway. The reason there is hardly any information on tuning cams is because hardly anyone actually knows how to do it properly in these cars. The main reason as you found out is a total of 0% of customers are willing to pay the tuner for the time required to do it properly.
  16. My fellow PCMTEC tuners, I thought I'd take some time to write about my tuning experience regarding my FPV BF GT 290. I share this topic for public comment and also to see if anyone can gain something from my experience and possibly add things I may have missed. I bought the GT (my second one!) early November 2020, 30,000km done on a newby engine and the previous owner wanted big cams. I also point out the big cams - not needed for stock engines and unless you are doing 600+HP. They sound good at idle but have caused me headaches. I drove the car for a while. Idling at 1000RPM d
  17. Here is the background information on STFT and LTFT in the logger: STFT will be the commanded lambda that the vehicle is commanding. Unless under open loop fuel control the vehicle will be bouncing this around from lean to rich to cycle the catalytic converter enable it to operate correctly. LTFT is a better measure of how well the fuel system is working. As the LTFT tends to 1.0 it means the area where this is happening (RPM and Load) has good data (Injector data, speed density, ...). Below 1.0 it is richening the mixture and above 1.0 it is leaning the mixture. LTFT will be
  18. I have a question I can’t find anywhere in the data logger I’m trying to read STFT as a percentage but it just says unit less and I can’t seam to work it out it’s saying 0.85 I’m just wanting to know the percentage of fuel it’s adding as I’m having o2 issues and trying to work out why but finding the logger a bit difficult to work out hopefully This makes sense. and if anyone has any saved logger files they might want to send through to help that you may have custom made that works well? Hopefully this all makes sense.
  19. Can i use this costom OS for a 4l 6cyl engine or is it only v8? Planning to tune a 4l SOHC running a barra ecu
  20. no mate i get lost in the numbers , dyslexic . its all good il sort it one day
  21. Have you tried following the guide? It is very difficult to do remotely as it needs some trial and error to get it as the owner desires.
  22. Nothing personal mate, just putting my experience out there. Just go through the thread, follow the steps and you should have it sorted.
  23. can see they are licensed mate
  24. Last time this was brought up I helped a guy. He sent me files claiming they were licensed when they in fact weren't licensed, only renamed. He also asked me to license them and send them to him so he could pay me later. After stuffing around for over 2 hours going through his files, modifying them, and replying to pm's, he stopped replying and needless to say didn't send the money he offered. Just a heads up to other forum members that get asked for tuning work.
  25. Update: It made 22psi with desired boost of 20 the other day, after I lowered the tmap voltage switchover to 3.5V. Today I changed only the desired boost to 25 psi and it ran up to 32 psi. I've also just checked logs and can confirm that the manifold absolute pressure in the log used to read up to and over 47psi and now it is pegged at 38psi. There is still something going on that shouldn't be. I'll try swapping out the tmap and see if that changes anything.
  26. hey guys not a tuner but would appreciate it if i put up my file can some one work there magic on it and give me a lumpy ghost cam at idle . i dont mind paying for your time and efforts id just like it sorted properly thanks for ya time guys HAEDJJ4 fg blue.tec
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