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  2. hey guys, im having an issue on start up where the car will idle perfectly at 14.7-14.8 on the wideband but when closed loop kicks in it shoots to rich!! like 10.0+rich, you can watch the ltft and stft start adding fuel. but if you drive before it does it (30 seconds maybe) its fine. when you stop and check fuel trims the theyre perfect. maybe 1% or so at idle. its driving me mad!!!
  3. Agreed. There's no trickery to this, I dont think I've extended the DFCO enable time. The flames on trailing throttle on started to occur after I changed the mid section of the exhaust post dump pipe to 4", going through 5" cat body, back to single 4" muffler, then into single 3.5" over the diff. Prior to that I had a twin 2.5" cat setup and it wouldn't throw flames during trailing throttle.
  4. Something of interest is E85 flames are much more blue/transparent than 98. Backfires are also different sounding and generally quieter on e85 as well. Mainly due to the flame speed and the fact alcohol burns very cleanly.
  5. the responsible adult in me thinks this is stupid. The rest of me is like, ducken hell I need my territory family car to throw flames like this.
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  7. Roland@pcmtec


    Apparently they should just work without changes, but to do it correctly you should change the dwell. It sounds like an issue with the loom is more likely?
  8. If you post in this thread you will likely get some more comments. If you have a read of my comments "Beware that if you command too much overlap you will foul your plugs and the car will misfire until they clean up. 35 degrees is quite a lot and I would only recommend this as gimmick not in a daily driven car." the conclusion would be that 40 is way too much and will likely start misfiring. This assumes that you are actually hitting the cell exactly, if you datalog you may find you aren't actually running 40 degrees but rather 20 due to being at a higher load/tps than the cell you have
  9. It isn't that they aren't mapped rather it is they do not exist at all. They were new features added by Ford. It would be a huge job to try and add new code to the old calibrations, so it is not something that will ever happen unfortunately.
  10. Hi Rolland, Over the last year or so, did you guys find a way to add those FG turbocharger settings into a Bf/Territory series ECM? auF2714 - Calibrateable wastegate duty cycle when gear change is in progress. auF3002 - Change in spark adder to waste gate duty cycle.
  11. I copied the fg shift schedule and information that was in the territory map. this made no difference to the lowdown kick into 1st. I may change the speed-gear schedule and see. i think it will remove it because if you manually shift it into 1 once its not moving there is no bump. every shift has improved, except for a weried spot around 30-45 percent throttle, in the 2-3 shift where it seems to change out of two, let the engine flare up in rpm, before shifting into 3rd. anyway, i should just proberly pay someone to tune it who knows whats there doing.
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  13. FFF666


    Has anyone used FG coils (including plug adaptors/loom) in a BA/F turbo? Was it just dwell settings that need to change to FG times? Already tried it and it’s throwing coil codes.
  14. hi guys just playing around with the overlap , currently set to 40 , what is the ideal overlap setting for the barra??
  15. Thank you ill compare to what I have
  16. Kev, recently done an FG NA to turbo, cruise control works fine, I'll attach my map just so you have something to compare to. FG NA+T.tec
  17. It has all been tuned to suit all table etc are fine just cruise control is the only issue. Its like the throttle ratio to to maintain steady speed is to sensative
  18. The spark and torque tables are probably not correct for the NA + T which has different compression.
  19. We have converted fg to turbo using fg na ecu and everything is fine everywhere except cruise control. When activated mainly @80 and above the car hunts when it try's to maintain speed I can see the map values go for -10 to +2 when it hunts. Any help is appreciated
  20. Looking at your log it appears the file you are comparing against was last saved in version 0.41 which is VERY old. I highly suspect saving this file again will resolve the issue.
  21. Can you send the two files you are using to do the compare to support@pcmtec.com and also do help -> upload logs. After that can you open each file, save it, close it and then try the compare again? make sure you keep the old files. I'll send you a link to 1.23 as a backup if that does not work.
  22. Hi Roland, I upgraded to version 1.24 and the Compare function does not work properly anymore! This made caught me in making some wrong changes to my tune compared to my previous tune. The compare only compare your tune with the factory calibration regardless of the selection of file to compare with. So at the moment I have to open 2 windows of PCMtec to compare between 2 different tunes. LoL. Can I get the 1.23 version back for the time being?
  23. Saving and opening the log again would fix it. So would closing and opening the datalogger.
  24. I saw this happen intermittently but restarting the program seemed to fix it.
  25. Version 1.24 is now available. This is a maintenance release. Bug Fixes: Data logging: Fix layout items not being autosaved/remembered in some circumstances Data logging: Fix "Empty File" error when opening datalogs saved in older versions (1.11 and earlier) Data logging: Fix incorrect items displayed during playback when scalars have been added in middle of a logging session MultiTune: Disable tune and fuel selection being available with the engine running when the Live Tuning scalar is set to 0 (False) Download from the website, ensure you are logged in first
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  27. My suggestion is to use knock ears and adjust from there. You can switch them off but you need to work out for yourself if it's the right thing to do. Needless to say, don't just switch them off because someone said it'll be fine. It might be fine and it might not be.
  28. Thanks. Doing some reading elsewhere that is what is also suggested. I'm data logging around 1 deg KR during cruise with the stock MBT tables with the built engine so I know I need to adjust the sensitivity.
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