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  2. Power steering support is not implemented yet, only the boost sensor so we recommend using a turbo PCM and using this input. No one to date has done a Flex kit on an NA BA so I'm not sure if the NA PCM has the boost input available. Some of the gas BF/FG models do have have it so it may be the case for the BA as well. You really want to use the turbo PCM anyway as without the built in boost controller you miss out on great stuff like boost by speed/gear and boost by ethanol content.
  3. Thanks Roland, what option would you suggest for BA NA car that has been converted to Turbo, still via power steering pressure sensor?
  4. Hi peeps, if got my manual ba xr6t i wanna ghost cam, need to change stradagys and not sure what one to go with, any help would be extremely helpful. Cheers!
  5. I6 BA we use the boost sensor for the flex kit. About 15+ BA vehicles done to date. Almost all tuners run the BA boost control in open loop but we substitute the MAP sensor value for boost control if it is still needed. V8 BA we have not had any requests for yet but if we do we will use the power steering pressure sensor.
  6. Has this been verified & able to work for e85 flex tune?
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  8. Anything with a 0-5v output will work. I'm not across the latest and greatest these days but I do know that anything using the 4.9 sensor should not need open air calibration so look for that.
  9. Unplug a the cable and restart the software. The cable can get confused if a lot of things are changed quickly at once. We have improved this and it will be in the next release. Does this happen often?
  10. Read the DTCs with Forscan and fix all of them. Being a conversion some may be normal. Next log your long term fuel trims, they should be within 5% if not the injectors have not been scaled correctly. This is critical for normal idle and low load. Next log spark source, torque source and throttle source during the limiter action. It will tell you exactly why it is occurring. Finally check mechanical issues like spark break down, valve springs, collapsed intakes/cats etc. This is all standard troubleshooting your tuner should be across. Who is tuning it? Are they a pcmtec Workshop? www.pcmtec.com/workshops
  11. XWT06

    Limp mode?

    Yep mate PAC Valve spring. 16psi boost currently. Factory boost sensor ready to go again now. Going back in for touch up on 11 November.
  12. will15

    Limp mode?

    How much boost?, have you done valve springs?, if it idled nice with stock injectors and not so well with the id1000 I would say the injectors need a touch up in the tune.
  13. What would be the reason for this msg and logger no longer working, all I did was uncheck the pids I didn’t want to use.
  14. XeAssert


    Hey @Roland@pcmtec, I’m wanting to get a wideband o2 gauge for my xr6t but want to be able to datalog it too. Would you happen to have any preferences on what one to get? Thanks.
  15. First post so be kind 😃. My Barra converted XW Falcon has the following faults which I'm seeing some advice on. Engine is BF2 running FG Manual ECU, coils & harness. When we first fired it with a basic start up tune and stock FG XR6T injectors, it idled mint. Tuned now with the ID1000s, it has a slightly lopey idle like it has aftermarket cams and is fluffy under no load when picking up the revs. Under load, nice and smooth. I'm running a full manual C4 trans. GPS speedo. As such, no speed input. I'm not currently running the factory boost sensor, as I'm using a GFB G-Force 3 controller with external wastegate. Ok, now the fault/s. After start up you'll get a few clean pulls at WOT or other inputs. Sometimes on return to idle, it'll run on like 4 cylinders and won't respond to input. Turn engine off and restart and idle is restored, throttle fine again. The other fault is, after a few boost cycles at WOT or other, it develops what feels like a limiter cut. It's more aggressive than a boost surge. Doesn't matter if you feed into it or attempt to mash the throttle, it simply won't rev out. Pull over and restart the car and it'll rev out clean again for a few cycles then fault will present again. Because I went external controller, we didn't install the factory boost sensor. My tuner turned stuff off in the tune accordingly. However, he feels it may cleans things up if we re-install the sensor and turn stuff back on. I'm not across what tables it sees but he's confident this will fix our problems. The FG harness still has the plug attached so I'll get the boss welded on the pipe ready to go. I don't the ability to log it so obviously don't know what codes it might be throwing up. If anyone has any clues of what we should be looking for that would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  16. Anyone got decent ghost cam results on E85 ?
  17. If you want silly stuff, set your minimum pulsewidth really high and disable DFCO. Car will stall and drive like crap but it will blow flames.
  18. so howd this go? anyone get flames?? doesnt turning torque managment off do some silly stuff??
  19. Sorry for the late reply...no it's FPV's Turbo Territory version.
  20. Cheers bud is that a bf f6 or fg couldn't remember when fg started
  21. If you have the workshop version use the calibration list then compare injector slopes and "average spark". Average spark is from the top load row. Based on this you can tell the compression and fuel of the engine. Lower comp has more timing. You can possibly deduce which engines are gas based on this.
  22. I have 60lb Deka's in my 2008 F6X. The tune is mild (not tuned by me) but idles pretty much perfectly (might need 100rpm now as an engine mount is hammered!) and I never had any issues in my previous BA turbo with them either. Idle on the BA's though were up around the 850rpm mark from memory as they did have a tendency to stall... Not sure if that's all I do is just attach my tune so see attached file! F6X_Forum.tec
  23. HACD9C4.....from my vehicle FG 2008 G6 E-Gas
  24. If you have to ask I wouldn't recommend attempting it.
  25. ok im new to this haha im gonna be asking so stupid questions, but how do i use the late model strategy ? 😂
  26. Hi, I’m wondering if anyone knows the catch code or strategy code to an FG eGas vehicle. Trying to get my hands on a stock read. While on this topic I’d also be interested in getting the code for an EcoLPI so I may compare the two. Thanks!
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