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  2. does it go into limp mode and throw a fault code when it overboosts
  3. I’m chasing an issue with a BA XR6T, Completely stock apart from a FG Turbo and a Dump back exhaust system. It will get to around 3500-4000 rpm and then just falls flat and cuts out. I’m guessing it’s overboost. If I zero the wastegate duty should this then just open under wastegate spring pressure to help me determine if it is boost cut or something else?
  4. This guide is designed for Mk1 FG 4L I6 vehicles (V8 OS doesn't need changing) that are using an operating system other than HAEE3/HAEE4 and want to upgrade to a Custom Operating System with extra tables such as the MFT (Multi Flash Tune) or Flex Fuel system. The reason the Mk1 FG's must be upgraded to this operating system is due to the fact that the early Mk1 FGs came with a 5 speed automatic transmission (5R55) which was controlled by the PCM and not via a separate TCM like the 6 speed ZF, this code is present regardless of if the vehicle is a Manual or 6 Speed ZF. As the 5R55 assembly code is very large and leaves almost no spare ROM within the PCM we have to upgrade the OS to one that does not contain the 5R55 code. This also means that only manual and ZF 6 speed Mk1 FGs can have the Custom Operating System enabled. Cost: Normally changing operating system would cost an additional 2 credits, in the case of upgrading to HAEE3/HAEE4 and then enabling the Custom Operating System an automatic discount will be calculated which will subtract 2 credits from the total fee to make up for the upgrade. Step 1. Open the custom operating system wizard: Press Next You will now see a HAEE Conversion wizard button if you have a HAED* operating system. Press "HAEE Conversion Wizard" The wizard will then automatically find a matching operating system. Press Next The wizard will then ask you to review all the changes you made to the previous file and copy them across for you. This is a good opportunity to review the tune and unselect any changes you do not want to remain in the new file. Press "Apply Changes and Close" You will then be prompted to save the new file. Next license the file (these credits will be deducted from the total when finally setting up a multi tune). Now before creating a custom operating system you must flash this file into the vehicle and verify that the vehicle operates as it did before the upgrade. This means checking for any DTC codes such as ABS/DSC faults, ensuring the TCM is not in limp mode (stuck in 3rd gear) and that the cruise control operates. If any of these do not operate you will need to re-do this process using the manual conversion process and select a different base operating system strategy as found here:
  5. Update! There is now a built in wizard to do all of this automatically for you. Please see the guide below for more details
  6. Hey SKD, just confirming - did you get the cruise working in manual form with the ASU152?
  7. Just FYI the Workshop manuals are fingerprinted by Ford. So if anyone does publish them, Ford will know who's copy it is and can sue them for copy right infringement. I'm not sure if they actively pursue people who do this, but I do know that they have gone to the trouble of fingerprinting them.
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  9. As we regularly get asked for approximate pricing here is a rough price guideline for workshops, pricing is exclusive of GST. This is for workshops that have a dyno, knock monitoring equipment and mechanics on hand. Smaller shops may be cheaper, larger shops may be more expensive. Pricing does not include mechanical labour, transmission tuning, mechanical inspection or servicing. All major shops will require inspection and servicing on top of these prices. Often this can be quite lengthy if the car is modified and high km. Once again this pricing is only an approximate guideline and there will be mechanical labour charged on top. We have listed some of the common labour items below. Multi Tune with E85 and 98 Tune Dyno Time $1400 Credit Fees $500 Starting from $1900 + GST Labour Items (not included in price above): Draining tank (surge tanks take much longer) Testing fuel system (pressure, voltage drop) Check spark plug gap Check cold side piping Flex Fuel Tune Dyno time $1600 Flex Fuel Hardware $1100 Credit Fees $350 Starting from $3050 + GST Labour Items (not included in price above): Draining tank and filling to various blends (E0/E10/E42/E70/E85) Testing fuel system (pressure, voltage drop) Check spark plug gap Check cold side piping Single Tune Dyno time $850 Credit fees $150 Starting from $1000 + GST Labour Items (not included in price above): Check spark plug gap Check cold side piping Ghost cam, boost by gear, launch control, Typically you would expect to add at least 1-2 hours of dyno time to configure and set up on top of normal pricing. Once again this pricing is only an approximate guideline and there will be mechanical labour charged on top.
  10. If anyone is looking for a cheap laptop to leave in the car permamently for datalogging check these factory refurbished dells out. https://www.dell.com/en-au/outlet This one is only $379 https://www.dell.com/en-au/outlet/ProductDescription?cfID=FB3FB87CAF84C894D80FD4D6A83B48A5&invID=113588&cyid=1&pid=3&c=au&l=en&rid=APAC&prdid=&seg=DFH$ Cheap enough you can just leave it in the car with a 12v charger.
  11. That feature is almost complete and will be available in the next beta. There are also a large number of other datalogging fixes that will be included including an auto connect function.
  12. Also is there anyway that we can move items in the scalars list up and down individually. Ive tried draggng them but the only way ive found to move them is the name tab and value tabs which makes it a pain to veiw. Screen grab attached shows the driver demand as i was saying whilst its in limp mode.
  13. Ive removed the engine loom from the car and reconnected my link ECU so I could go drifting so cant go and run some more logs at the moment. I can confirm that the torque source doesnt change from driver demand and the ETC torque source also stays on driver demand. Unsure on the 39hour log I usually clear the log before starting but i could possibly have forgotten but it does bug and jump around a little when turning the car on and off to reset the limp mode. It was also a few weeks ago now so cant be sure that I cleared and restarted it.
  14. Soo i managed to do this obd now works and gscan picks up pcm and everything else, went to do the parameter reset and it kept failing at ford. Still says its auto in the description on their scan tool even tho bf xr8 ecu has been flash tuned to manual, have you any info on this ?
  15. fordsrule


    Well I managed to get all the channels back again by removing the saved layout from the directory so the program had to load the default which was everything Bingo!!
  16. fordsrule


    Ok, so are you saying that I should connect it to the car and this will enable me to get the channels back?
  17. Lionel

    ECU Wiring FGX

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find an ECU wiring diagram for a FG or FGX. I have some pins but not all. Does anyone have a copy they can share? Cheers, Lionel
  18. Matt


    Hi Steve When you first opened the data logger, it loaded the last opened/saved file and it had the "Save Log layout" menu available at this time. Saving layouts should only be shown when connected to the vehicle, so this has been rectified for the next release
  19. MattK


    Na mate, there wasn’t much interest so I just got one, It hasn’t turned up yet though.
  20. Thanks Roland, I'll have to try and work that side out. The data display is suggesting that the pedal is always out anyway so maybe the problem isn't even with the clutch pedal. I very much appreciate your help. Thanks again.
  21. We just added CINN to the pro version of the datalogger, update should be available soon. You cannot turn off the clutch switch input, basically your best bet is to just tie it high (or low I forget) so its as if the clutch is always out. If it isn't responding then it either isn't wired in correctly or the vehicle is still setup as an automatic.
  22. Thanks heaps for getting back to me Roland, I'll pursue those with someone that has the Workshop version. So I assume that somewhere in those parameters is also the ability to turn on and off the clutch switch input? Viewing the behaviour of the switch through Forscan this car does not respond to the switch whereas in the same parameter on Forscan the movement of the pedal is shown if I connect to another BF I have here which is factory manual.
  23. Log CINN_FLAG in the datalogger. A value of 1 means the clutch is out, eg you are in gear driving. A value of 0 means you have the clutch in. Log CPP_TRANSITIONS to see how many times the clutch has been pushed in since the engine was started. Edit: These are both workshop parameters. They are listed under "Workshop DMRs" and there are a few thousand uncategorised parameters in here in the workshop edition.
  24. if you want to follow a post you can just click follow at the top of the thread.
  25. Looks like torque source and etc torque source are both missing from those logs. If you can make some more with those values logged it should hopefully tell you what needs fixing. edit: That 4mb log is 39 hours long, any ideas how you managed to save that? Must be a bug somewhere.
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