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  3. Here's a link to the Return To Stock feature that @abs351 mentioned that's available in the professional & workshop versions Another useful link.....HOW TO: Comparing files & using parameter files This may help you to compare, understand & revert some or all values if you don't want to go back to stock with everything. Just make sure you have a save of your original file to revert back to & save a copy of it with a different name eg FGX Original & FGX edit 1, FGX edit 2 so you can revert back to what's working if needed. If you're unsure of what you're doing, take your time & only make minimal changes & test. Save the file at each edit/flash so you can revert back to the last save that was working & resume from there If you use the search function & put in key words eg boost by gear, you'll get filtered results where you might find more answers
  4. Hi Faraz, Create a stock file within the application, you will need a professional version or workshop version. You can also use the compare option which will provide stock values for referencing. You may also need to adjust diff ratio within the editor too, if diff ratio has been modified. I'm not in front of PC but this will point you to correct information.
  5. is this right or is it the other way around? in the injector scaling forum when your histogram showed below 1.00 values you said you needed to take out fuel as the slow slope was far too rich?
  6. Last week
  7. Hi all, The previous owner has edit the boost by gear ability on my car (FGX G6et). I have done a read and I'm struggling to figure out how to revert this, I have upgraded the differential and have put some better tyres on so I believe I should be able to run more boost in the lower gears. Can anybody help me with this? Maybe I need to upgrade to the custom OS?
  8. Hi Guys just reading this and have some Deka 80lbs. I tried the above link and could not access either. Is it still available?
  9. Here's a comparison between BF NA, Turbo & XR8. For each variant, every strategy checked shows the same values as below. The only thing in common is Feature "B". The XR8 has all except Feature "E" enabled. The XR8 also has a value for Pedal Range for Scaling where the others have no value. The BF XR8 uses the same ABS module as the BF turbo & neither have Feature "E" enabled. It's an interesting comparison which probably raises more questions than it answers. As far as testing goes, there's some things that I might switch & test while stationary & others will be left until I can find a dedicated test car.
  10. Try turning all the features off and see if you lose sport mode or kickdown etc. That might give you some ideas. We never really went very far into the BTR assembly code so we haven't got much we can add here. I find the best way to figure a lot of these things out is good old trial and error with putting stupid numbers in and seeing what happens (make sure its a safe environment).
  11. Thanks Jack, I'll have a closer look at the manual too. It does look like it might be related. Some strategies have very few features enabled while some have a lot.
  12. Yep, if can't get teamviewer access to the car then it usually becomes too hard. Good work comparing all the files, if there are some other scalars you want to know about let me know.
  13. I've been asked and/or offered to help with a couple of BF na to turbo conversions that have resulted in ABS mismatches after the owners used a turbo pcm & didn't want to swap ABS modules. I was able to find a solution for a BF na Fairmont converted to turbo using a BF Turbo pcm, T56 & original na ABS/DSC module but the same settings don't work with the ZF6. We've tried changing a few other things that are different that we thought might work & I'm comparing BF na & turbo strategies, noting down differences that make some sense when looked at ie engine config, others that I consider to be possibilities & ones like the trans features we know nothing about. auF1641 is one setting that hasn't been tried yet but is set to 1 in every BF na ZF6 strategy I've looked at but is 0 in every BF ZF6 turbo strategy I've looked at. Possibly unrelated but it's just one of the differences & possibilities. I'm going to go back & look at the final T56 strategy again too in case there was something changed there that I have forgotten or missed. If I had a suitable car locally, I could try all the combinations till I could find a solution that works, if there is one. It gets a little more difficult when someone sends you their file or you give them options to try. You would know, it's hard to don't know if your instructions have been followed in every instance.
  14. Hopefully someone has some info for both of us. I've noticed that the scalars appear in BA & BF strategies but the couple of FG strategies I just looked at, there's no reference to them 🤷‍♂️
  15. My car has a 5r55 gearbox which wasn't available in any turbo car so I don't believe I can just flash in a turbo strategy. I have found a turbo strategy and tried copying all of the load/fuel tables etc over but this didn't change much. Is there underlying settings that you would get from flashing/merging a stratagy that cannot be done just by comparing settings ?
  16. You are better off using a turbo OS/Strategy.
  17. Does anyone know what Trans (Australian Specific) Features "A" to "E" are? auF1052 Enables Feature "A" in transmission strategy auF1137 Enables Feature "B" in transmission strategy auF1065 Enables Feature "C" in transmission strategy auF2115 Enables Feature "D" in transmission strategy auF1641 Enables Feature "E" in transmission strategy.......this is the main one I'm looking for info on at the minute but it would be great to have info on all
  18. @Roland@pcmtec how do you lock cams
  19. I am using the workshop edition. It's no so much a matter of not having the setting as it is having too many settings and I don't completely understand the terminology of all of them. My main issue is as soon as I go above ~10psi it freaks out. I am guessing my calculated load is going above 1 and causing problems. I have followed the guide from the na+supercharger thread that I need to change my cylair Max factor but I am not sure how to calculate what I need to set this to
  20. They would be in the workshop edition that is why they are not available. Also need to check its for the same OSID eg BA/BF/FG/FGX are all quite different.
  21. hey guys! thought id revive my dead thread on this topic, so sticking to the original plan car has 315km on it. i wont be tuning it. 3 - 5psi adjusting with a boost Tee stock everything else stock fuel set up (new pump, an 4 bar reg) my biggest concern is the valve springs an gearbox (flares when cold between 3-4 very slightly, besides that its fine)
  22. Will get on the dyno today and datalog, don't have anything saved but when I was halfway through a run I would get torque source change to vss vehicle speed limiting
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