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  4. Yeah it's pretty crazy how complex it has become. After watching this clip it gave me a new appreciation for what you guys have achieved and also for being able to have the version of PCMTec that I have.
  5. Yeah so as he says WinOLS is really beyond 95% (or more) of tuners. Generating definitions from scratch is extremely time consuming. For example there are 165 operating systems from 2002 to 2016 in the Ford Falcon. Each of these has to be defined separately. We have written our own decompiler that pattern matches several calibration that we have defined by hand against all of the others, this makes the process much faster, but you still have to write the decompiler. There is probably 2 years full time work that went into just that one part of the software. Basically this job gets harder each year as PCMs get more complex, different security (and checksums) and they add more and more advanced algorithms and tables. The current 2018 Mustang for example has over 33,000 scalars and tables. This is a compilation of 100s of engineers work over 20+ years. It is not really possible for one (or even several) people to reverse engineer and understand all of this. Sure you can reverse engineer and define the tables, but how they all interact and work is incredibly complex. Even calibrators who work for large OEMs who have access to source code and calibration guides struggle to understand how a lot of it works at times. This is simply because of the vast amount of code that needs to be understood. Often you'll have a full team of engineers, each working on calibrating only one part of the PCM, they often don't understand what the other ones are doing as they don't have the time to learn everything.
  6. Here's a clip that I thought would interest a lot of people on this forum.
  7. Nar it’s all happening in open loop, I’m laptop died today hopefully have it back soon and I will do some more logging.
  8. It is likely going straight to the base fuel map and not using the cold start map. You could try increasing the temperature that the cold start map is used at.
  9. The reason I suggested logging fuel source is in case the cold map was causing the issue. The more channels you log, the more chance of noticing something happening, but I'm sure that's fairly obvious. So the stft is not causing it to do it? The fuel trim would react to an afr change like that but it's not moving before the afr changes? Is the nbo2 sensor all good? Sometimes the wiring can get hot and can melt, causing issues. Just brainstorming here, maybe it helps, maybe not.
  10. I will see if I can log fuel source. Everything else looks fine
  11. Long terms are turned off, this is a flex fuel tune but I don’t think that’s causing any issues because I tuned another non-flex e85 auto and it did the same thing. Coolant temp vs lamda table looks fine, there must be some multiplier table in there doing it.
  12. Ok so it played again this arvo while i was out, so i checked coolant temp and it was sitting 83 degrees.
  13. i know this post is old but im curious, did you get any takers? im about 4 hours north of you. i wish i spotted this when you posted it! im currently trying to open my own shop on the mid north coast. Cheers, Tyler.
  14. You may have to extend the max overlap table auF0116, log A/D counts, it may be going over 10 A/D counts
  15. I have an FG Mk1 Manual N/A, code HAEDJC5. Ive got the ghost cam intermittently working after following this thread and playing around with it for a few hours, it works 1/2 the time the engine is running and cuts in and out of the ghost cam and i cant figure out why, and when it does cut out it sounds like a misfire not normal idle. I've attached my tune if anyone has any ideas. Thanks in advance Ghost cam #2.tec
  16. Turned off long term fuel trims entirely and see if it still happens Will
  17. What are your trims doing just before and when this happens? Is there a tip in fuel thing that is used when it gets put into gear? What fuel source is it using when this happens? Is there some funky interpolating going on at this temp? Is there a large difference between the base fuel and cold fuel map that it's possibly switching between? Just a few things I would think of looking at, mebbe someone has something else to add?
  18. I’m pretty happy with my cold start but there is one issue I have not been able to resolve, when coolant temp is around 50c and you restart the car it starts fine but when you put it in gear the commanded lamda go’s form 0.95 to 0.7 and make it hunt for about 10sec then it will go back to lamda 1 but then it will go to lamda 1.17. I think there is a hard limit set to 1 but that gets over ridin. Wideband confirms this as well. If I don’t drive off and put it back in park it will go back to lamda 1 but slip it back to drive and back to 0.7, it will do this in the first 1-2 mins from start up.
  19. ok thanks roland will give it a try
  20. Figure out exactly what coolant temp it is at when you do a hot start. Then massively enrichen that part of the cranking lambda table. If it still doesn't start then you have a mechanical fueling related issue. The PCM already takes into account a heat soaked fuel rail and compensates for it on startup. You could also try pulling your fuel rail out and checking it is spraying when hot.
  21. Hi guys, hoping you can help me out here. Its one of those problems that's hard to nail down, as I only get a short time to try stuff and it doesn't always happen. When I try to restart my ba xr8 after driving it for a while all it does is wind over and won't fire. The only way I can then get it to start is to force start it on lpg. This only happens if I try to restart it within about 10 mins of turning it off, but it will restart fine if its only a short trip. At first I was suspecting my aftermarket fpr may of being getting heat soak and affecting fuel pressure but I checked that today and fuel pressure is fine. I was then starting to suspect heat soak in my billet fuel rails causing it to vaporize and they were pretty hot to the touch, so I tried cycling the fuel pump to cool them to see if that would resolve the issue but no such luck. The reason I believe its fuel related is that it will start on lpg after a few winds. The next thing I'm thinking could be an issue is vapour lock at the injectors but I'm not sure how to check that. Fuel trims all look good, within 3%, so any ideas would be a great help. Thanks Scotty
  22. Earlier
  23. Anything else like this please post a bug report as well. Often people have issues for months and we are unaware they exist as no one tells us. The more information you guys give us the better!
  24. No dramas, I’m a little way of having all my instrumentation finished (need isolation cash😉)so 8 will do for a bit. thanks, jake.
  25. There is an arbitrary limit of 8 at the moment, only because no one has logged more than 1 input to date.
  26. I thank you sir. I've actually not tried the functionality in the new versions assuming this was still disabled/not functioning as desired. I've just retested and compared files and data and they are as expected. I cant express enough how much better this is for me Thanks for taking the time.
  27. Previously save CSV from TEC was not supported (disabled) but I've since added this back in, but not really compared CSV files saved direct from a live session vs re-saved from a TECLOG Save CSV/TEC will save per each 50ms whatever the values were in the chart at that time (even if there were no message updates). Rawcsv only displays messages updated at that time If possible, can you post here one of your saved TECLOG files, which you then also saved the CSV from? And the TLO (layout file) you were using? I'll try and re-create here and see what I can do to improve it
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