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  2. We have been working on this, the new names should be available soon. The problem is the V8 and I6 use the same DMRs, so CAM_ANGLE[1] is exhaust cam in the I6 and intake cam #2 in the v8.
  3. Update from playing this morning. turning the torque switch back on has amplified the issue ten fold. playing with the cat and exhaust temp protection temps also made it worse if anyone has suggested numbers that will work with cat and exhaust protection temps when not runnning any o2 sensors to the pcm that would be great. ill give it a few more days to see if i can get it working before i plug the link back in and go back drifting.
  4. DanStraffa


    Can you rename the DMR? Like CAM_ANGLE[0] rename to Intake Cam?
  5. DanStraffa


    Okay awesome. No it’s not factory turbo.
  6. Modifiable units will be available next update. Everything logs in native (imperial units) at the moment, the same as what all the maps use. If iap doesn't move it might be disabled in your cal. Is this a factory turbo vehicle?
  7. DanStraffa


    Apart from that can’t you change it so you don’t have to do that?
  8. Quick pic of the new front steering angle on lock aswell for anyone that likes drift shiters
  9. Update i ended up pushing the barra pcm to the side and fitted my link from my other car so i could make powercruise but now ive got some free time i have re connected the barra pcm and back to trying to sort issues. Tune so far has issues with going into limp mode randomly when i apply large amounts of throttle. Only identifier for the issue is the fuel source changes from "cold startup" to "cylinder cut" and can hear and see on the wideband that it is shutting down cylinders. Also when test driving it will shut the engine down with a quick blat of WOT. Ive tried it with both torque switch on and off. With the torque switch off it simply says cylinder cut when logging fuel source but i tried turning torque switch back on and when it cylinder cut it said "cylinder cut exhaust/cat over temp" i then tired upping the temps for cat and exhaust protection but no change. The car doesnt have any o2 sensors connected to the pcm and ive disabled closed loop via the forum guide but it also engages closed loop if i leave the car to idle for 2-3mins. If anyone has some input into these issues or can suggest values to disable as many of the cat/exhaust protection temps and any insite to the cause of it would be much appreciated. Ive added a couple of log files with the issue happening for anyone that would like to painfully use the scanner to search for the issue. also added the stock file i merged bf xr6 manual file into the auto ecu to use for compare changes ive made. HACCEG3.tec drift car tune.tec3.tec 16-01-2020 03-16-01 PM Log.teclog closed loop activating whilst disabled.teclog 18-01-2020 08-09-04 PM Log.teclog cylinder cut issue.teclog HACCEJ3.tec Bf xr6 turbo manual.tec
  10. DanStraffa


    Well I found out that MAP is data logging as inch hg, how do I change that to psi?
  11. I’ve always just subtracted error from desired. If there’s something else, I’m all ears 😅
  12. DanStraffa


    What is the DMR for boost pressure? I’ve tried IAP and it doesn’t move. @Roland@pcmtec
  13. Earlier
  14. MattK


    Hi guys, does anyone have a spare DLP8 cable left over from a group buy they want to sell me?? If not, does anyone want one as I’m Placing an order in the next few days.
  15. Set the breakpoint out of range or just make the high slope equal to the low slope.
  16. Hey guys, im using proffessional version, was wondering how to turn off injector high slope, i was shown before but ive forgotten
  17. BeerTurbo

    Merry Xmas

    Late to the party, but back at ya Puffy! Hope it was full of many barra related presents.
  18. This is not trivial and something I wouldn't recommend as the results can be dangerous or cause random stalling/ETC limp modes to kick in at inopportune times. You need a dyno to calibrate it safely. Ensure you check things like cruise control work correctly afterwards. Best bet is to compare a 5.0 and a 4.0 strategy and see what tables Ford change and why. You could also try checking the FG Boss 315 cal with the large oval throttle body which I believe is B8RH, BBLH or B8LH (not 100% which one it is). There are book on calibrating the pressure drop/surface area calcs for electronics throttle bodies you can read as well.
  19. G’day just wondering if anyone has changed throttle bodies to a Bosch DBW 82mm. I followed the diagram of how to wire it up correctly. What maps do I need to change?
  20. Sometimes ford update the calibration from the factory. If the catch code doesn't work here then it means unless someone has sent us a stock read manually we don't have the file. https://www.fordtechservice.dealerconnection.com/vdirs/wds/PCMReprogram/DSFM_PCMReprogram.asp?swproduct=IDS
  21. Trying to find a catch code for a fgx g6e turbo, but the tear tag is not working EAJA ER2G-14C20A-AJA SOFTWARE code. 2015 fgx 6cyl turbo
  22. ZF datalogging has been put on the backburner for a while as we have some other priority items, but it will be available eventually.
  23. Just compare the two files and copy what you want using the compare/history tool.
  24. Can you data log current shift map?
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