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  2. The workshop edition includes a full list of all strategies, if you have the professional edition this is not available and you must know ahead of time the strategy you wish to use.
  3. HPTuners uses a wizard for displaying/building those axis. Because of how they work using interpolation there is often 100s of ways to show exactly the same curve. Ford like to use the least amount of cells as possible to display an axis. Eg if the axis is a straight line between 1000 rpm and 6000 rpm, then you can display this using only two cells. The benefit here is the PCM only has to iterate 2 cells to find the rpm point saving CPU cycles. Sometimes people need more resolution in certain parts, so they modify the breakpoints to add another column, if you do this, then you must rescale all the related tables. We recommend reading this if you haven't already.
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  5. looking again, both are showing the exact same thing effectively?
  6. New to tuning, I am trying to understand the changes that were made to my XR8 by the original tuner and learn from there. This tune was done on HP tuner software, so my understanding is things look a little funky compared if the car was tuned with this software? I'm thinking that because the axis' have been changed and i cant understand why. if i were to return them back to stock would it affect the current tune? and should i return them to the stock values if i am going to continue tuning the car with pcmtec with future modifications?
  7. @Roland@pcmtec using pcmtec's user interface to look for manual strategies and compare to my base strategy?
  8. @Roland@pcmtecThank you for the info. I was told its was going to cost just under $1500 to get it done plus dyno tune they wouldn't do it without the dyno tuning. So buying the tool and buying professional edition is still cheaper in my case and I'm happy to learn. Thank you so much for the replies.
  9. Log of startup and idle in park. Only goes rich after 160s, rest of log is 14.7. Log.teclog
  10. Depends what you mean by easy. Might make more sense to pay someone to do it for you and be cheaper as well. You need to know exactly what strategy out of the 900+ there are ahead of time. Its absolutely doable but if you are looking for cookie cutter instructions there aren't any.
  11. Almost certainly what Darryl has said. Important to get the low slope tuned on 98 first before tackling e85.
  12. When i was having this issue with a car with dekas, it ended up being the injector pulse width that was the culprit.
  13. @Roland@pcmtec is it easy to get a manual strategy with professional edition? Will pcmtec be able to do do the manaul strategy for my pcm? Im going from a btr 4 speed to a t5 do I do all the steps from zf to manual guide? I have a feeling I might lose cruise control i do have au t5 speedo gear and clutch pedal switch can I use these to fix if I run into that issue?
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  15. You'll need professional edition to change the strategy to a manual one. Editing an auto strategy attempting to make it manual is a bad approach as the car will have a high idle and rev hang due to the different dashpot settings.
  16. Thanks for that, just needed to confirm 👍
  17. BF na pcm's don't have the hardware required for boost control
  18. hello i have a 05 ba mk2 and wondering what version of pcmtec i need to change my auto pcm settings to manual settings??? and i need it to pass a rwc so no engine light
  19. hello i have a 05 ba mk2 and wondering at version of pcmtec to change my auto pcm settings to manual settings??? and i need it to pass a rwc so no engine light
  20. Hi all, I have a 2007 Bf zf fairlane which I'm currently fitting a turbo motor to, I was going to just use a boost tee to control boost (yes I know this is suboptimal). But when I was plugging my engine in I discovered my PCM has 3 usable plugs. Can I enable factory boost control with this PCM or is that only possible with a turbo 3 plug PCM. Thanks for your input.
  21. This will most likely be injector data. I believe what you are experiencing is that while the injector is on the high slope it is all fine. As soon as the injector goes onto the low slope (idle without any load like the A/C or in gear) you get the rich condition. The reason for this not happening on e85 is that e85 uses about 30% more fuel and this would pull the injectors off the low slope all the time. Another confirmation would be that it only does it on 98 at low load like you are experiencing. What you need to concentrate on is the breakpoint and low slopes. if you can post your injector types and data here/get a log of air charge, injector pulse width and, possibly, slope would be sufficient to resolve this issue.
  22. Hey guys got a weird one Flex fuel tuned FG with 1000cc injectors trims are 1% at idle. Once the car gets above 80c ECT on 98 fuel the AFR starts to get gradually richer and ends up deep in the 12s. Logging the car still shows that it is in closed loop however the trims zero out after a while of trying to correct. Drop it into drive it comes back to stoich, back into park and it goes straight back to however rich it was. If AC is turned on goes back to stoich same with when the fan comes on. On e85 this problem does not exist holds constant 14.7 AFR. Trims off/on no difference. New front O2 no difference. Lower/Raise minimum PW no difference. Any suggestions as to what could be causing this condition?
  23. okay ill try these out in the coming days. ill try out changing the rpm it drops to -30 first and then if that doesn't work will try your other recomendations. cheers
  24. With 30 deg of overlap you'll have a false lean reading due to unburnt fuel/oxygen going out the exhaust. So you actually want to run it a bit leaner at idle. One way to find the sweet spot is disable the closed loop spark feedback (gain of 0) and monitor your idle rpm, lean it out and when the rpm stops rising you have found the best combustion mixture for stability. Make sure your MBT/Borderline timing is flat across the idle rpm range for this test. You want the cam timing to go from 30 to -30 as quick as possible to induce the kick. Eg at say 650rpm you have -30 and at 700rpm you have 30, this will mean the cam swings back as fast as it possibly can when the idle rpm drops. You'll need to adjust the rpm breakpoints to achieve this. I have never had a single stall in our test car when cold hot or warm using the settings found in this file. Trims are within 1% without the ghost cam and the car is on E85 with ID1000s. Car cranks first go in 5c weather with E85 as well. So if you can get your normal tune as good as that it will definitely help. PCMFEGA as read.tec
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  26. i have ltft disabled and in auF0172 its at about lambda 1.02 at 1000rpm which is where my idle is set as per the reccomended idle settings. i can perhaps attach my tune file if it helps. would having the -30 at 750rpm help it kick the rpm back up sooner so it doesn't drop revs and die?
  27. What are your fuel trims doing? I find the best method is to disable LTFT when the ghost cam is enabled and make sure it's not super rich at idle. You could raise the -30 to 750 rpm as well so it undoes the lumpy cam quicker. Also if you add the spark oscillation to the mix (putting a large gain in the spark feedback gain curve) this also assists with stalling issues as it instantly pegs the spark at MBT timing when it starts to stall.
  28. Would playing with this help in stopping the car from dying as soon as you clutch in when coasting to a complete stop? i cant quite wrap my head around what to play with to stop this. Perhaps bumping up (auF2549) Engine Idle Speed Minimum from such a low value could stop it from dropping well below the 600rpm where the -30 deg of overlap is supposed to bump the revs back up? I have had no issue getting my lumpy idle settings to where i like it, just cant get it to not die when coming to a stop. any help would be much appreciated
  29. Hi Andy8, I got professional, and id recommend the same for you. You get more credits for the 2nd car so not really much more anyway and professional means you can create stock tunes from catch codes, so you can make a stock F6X tunes and do the comparison. Ive also learnt alot from looking at stock xr6 sprint, and F6. I have done F6X compare and made all the same changes to my turbo territory. I also copied over some gearbox changes. The improvements are incredible, I dont know that the gearbox changes are so important, but with professional you have the option. Ive since had a few other forum member share their tunes which is incredible for learning, but seeing what is different in the FPV tunes is an easy way to get a big improvement without removing any of the factory fail safes. The tuning capability of pcmtec on the turbo barra is incredible. My other car is a windsor 5.0 powered capri which im tuning with a j3 chip and a few mods, but dispite double the weight, the territory might be quicker once i fit the bigger injectors and fuel pump. It is a fun family bus! Enjoy.
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