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  2. By default they won't add timing but you can enable octane advance. Have a read of this as well
  3. The borderline knock table, is that the limits of what the knock sensors can do at each load/rpm interval when it picks up a knock?
  4. Thankyou. This clears it up a lot for me .
  5. The knock sensors pick up false knock and also miss real knock. Use it for safety only, do not attempt to tune MBT with them. You need a professional knock setup to do that. Things like broken engine mounts, lose intercooler pipes banging on the motor etc can all cause false knock. Log the sensors against each cyl individually to see if it's just one sensor!/cyl, if it is you could have a faulty injector etc.
  6. I have pulled timing from a few areas so far after doing data log runs but I’m curious as I’ve pulled two degrees from a load point after seeing a -2 reading then data logged again and it’s saying - 4 in the same area. It’s almost as if it’s adding 4 degrees rather then pulling it after I’ve retarded two degrees myself. seems strange that it would require so much timing to be pulled as in if I pull another 4 degrees that will 6 degrees in total. My previous tuning experience tells me this is strange as it’s a standard engine running factory map which if anything I’d expect to be conservative.
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  8. I’ve been tuning my timing table through auf16630 MBT spark on my na fg manual. I’ve data logged it a couple of times now, gone through and looked at where it’s pulling timing and then adjusted the spark table to resemble this. the car does feel better and seems to have a much lore linear torque curve but im wondering if the number in that column always mean it’s regarding timing by said amount or can it sometimes to adding timing by said amount? For example at .5 load and 2000rpm -4 means it’s retarding 4 degrees always or can it also mean it’s adding timing at a rate of 4 degrees ? My logic says it’s retarding and also tells me that where it’s not registering a number in the spark adder column then there is no knocking and it may actually take more timing in these areas. can anyone confirm this?
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  10. Direct injection means you can spray at tdc as well which is great for avoiding detonation.
  11. Direct injection rather than port injection helps with cylinder temps too.
  12. A bit off topic but some interesting info. The new euro standards (In china they are already doing this) will require lambda 1.0 at ALL times. This includes extended WOT power runs, you cannot rely on enrichment for power anymore in china, same will happen in the US and Europe soon. One benefit of this is it will mean easy power gains for the aftermarket but it does also prove it can be done. From the calibrator I was speaking to they said the engine generates about 10% more heat at lambda than your typical WOT enriched cooling lambda, coupled with a particulate filter (like the diesel ones) that they are now running in china they had to do a few things for reliability. Bigger radiator, more cooling passages around the cylinder walls, higher temp valves and a different catalytic converter design. They also have a lot of cooling failsafes to pull the throttle back etc to stop things melting.
  13. Yep they can make a couple of hundred rwkw at 14.7:1 afr if you don't adjust it. If the timing is safe it won't detonate but it will introduce a lot of heat into the combustion chamber and surrounding areas. If you were towing for a long time with those unfavourable conditions, you would likely destroy your cat, o2 sensor and anything else that is close to the exhaust, which will be glowing red after a while.
  14. Yes it's highly recommended to make the car go open loop and rich much sooner with more boost. Otherwise you can get even 10psi at part throttle if you are towing and be running 1.0 lambda.
  15. Ok update . After backing off timing in the .8 to 1.0 to force the pedal more towards the floor . To force the desired lamda under partial boost . so under 3-6 psi , AF would be 14.3 at about 25 % peddle. Move peddle a fly spec more and then it would go to about 11.8 which was what I was commanding . I was worried about burning out exhaust valves ect ! I found aufo476 which is the fuel base TPs Axis . Disclaimer I’m learning so I don’t know how to say it correctly but I get the gist of it . So for the pros I may get things jumbled. So see how I go ? This fuel base tps seems to be the tps calibration . In the Na tps axis it’s totally in my opinion, incorrect for boost as Ad count doesn’t even come in till 300! And cell 3 was only being read ( if I’m correct!) So boost was spooling but only around stoic AF . Ok for NA but not for boost . so I looked up the xr6t stock file and just copied. well hey presto problem fixed ! I’ve now put timing back in below boost and a little bit above . So hope this helps !
  16. So I’ve settled on this in the photo . left in 1 st gear with a boot full and then back off , netted some really good pops and crackles . One can play around with it to suit themselves. This maybe a bit too noisy in the city . See how you go !
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  18. Hey this is interesting! 2005 Na territory already has the injectors turned on for 31 seconds . Which maybe why I’m getting a lovely rumbling and a pop ! I’ll try -10 and report back !
  19. Ok thanks heaps Roland I’ll look at . I’m very much learning! just a bit of encouragement to those up to their armpits in Barra and losing parts in the “ Barra Triangle!” Now I’m on the other side of the Barra Hurt locker !! Building and tuning my own Turbo Barra has been an absolute ball! There have been times thinking of “ what am I doing “ so glad I saw it through . it sounds so good when my Wife gets under it when I’m outside the car ! ( She loves driving it and chopping b triples and caravans ! Even though she doesn’t admit it lol!) you can here the wuhan war whistle Gt 3576 screaming away . The induction noise of that turbo sucking like a jet engine and just a sweet exhaust note going through the 4” dump and 90 mm cat and 3” duel straight throughs ( middle and end muffler, single exhaust)! Yep big smiles and worth all the pain !!
  20. Yes it does as its currently listed under development. It will get categorised in 2.x hopefully!
  21. You can rescale the spark table to have any load you want. Have a read of this thread about getting the decel pop n crackle happening
  22. Hi All , been mucking with my Wife’s Territory. I’ve got it tuned to 14 psi . Pretty much the limit of the NA btr box with 365 k on the box . Motor has 10 k on on it after rebuild . I was watching Bobby McBoost utube Chanel and he had his car set to retarted spark on decel and made some cool backfires ! so I wanted to do the same on my test mule , aka the Wife’s shopping trolley! Bit of a recap . So I’m a plumber, built a turbo Barra in my shed with 2 Nd hand rods and turbo pistons (3r 23 aa rods). I hand ported an fg head with Fg cams , the usual cam springs , head studs and oil gears . Stuffed the first build with ring gaps being cut wrong . Learnt how to do it properly and rebuilt again! Now , 20 thou top ring , 22 thou bottom ring . 2nd time used a proper cutter and only cut one side ( watch tube !) . 1000 cc injectors into an fg NA manifold. Ok so I flashed pretty much -5 on decel and got some nice crackles on 98 and a few pops , which be quite interesting at night ! Going to go another-5 to see what happens and that will do . As you reportedly can blow mufflers apart ! So easy does it ! Bobby bloke , mentioned also about delaying fuel cutoff in fuel cut costing? I haven’t worked that one out yet . So if anyone knows , please chime in ! regards Graham. Ps so wrapped with my tune . Have tuned the btr box and have it just sweet and just getting the fuelling right has taken must be nearly 50 flashes ( including gearbox) . Something that is just impossible in a 2 hour tuning session. Especially for an odd bod Na conversion. The b series Na pcm is sort of at its limit at 14-16 pound with the limited 1.2 timing table mho.
  23. I believe the DMR you're looking for may require Workshop level access @Roland@pcmtec
  24. What channel is the gear mtx under, I have commanded gear by transmission, desired gear, ess inhibitor gear, last gear commanded, commanded gear and gear ratio across transmission
  25. This is a really simple method. Set the 5th gear min/max wider and datalog gear mtx to make sure the ratio is within the 5th range.
  26. Ok mate cheers, my car is running tr6060 and originally I used the ba f6 gear ratios and I’m sure the cruise worked in 6th but would turn off completely when I touched the clutch or brake pedal and wouldn’t turn back on, since then I used the fg gear ratios and cruise works in all gears bar 6th, I might revert back to the ba f6 ratios and keep bug hunting
  27. My factory t56 ba mk2 also only has 5 gears defined but compared to a 5 speed manual strategy the 5th gear min/max was a bit bigger so cruise control thinks gear 5/6 is just in gear 5
  28. I got the f6 catch code from a forum in here a while ago, and it’s loaded onto the laptop and it’s only got 5 gears in the gear scaler as well. Is there any reason why it doesn’t show the 6th gear or is there another catch code
  29. Correct. You’ll still need to follow the instructions at the start of the post once you have the F6 strategy
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