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  2. Since the new update, the compare view is not working for the torque management settings, as in last version you could see current, stock and compare settings side by side, now it only shows the one table and you have to select from the drop down menu which view you want to see
  3. Yes Romulus I have turbo logic enabled. I am running a f1a procharger side mount super charger. I am using a3za which is a ba gt file and adapting it. I couldn't find a reference to air charge logic in the ba tunes that's why I was asking. Thanks scotty
  4. Yes even with turbo logic enabled it will cap at 1.05 load if you don't enable anticipation logic in that OSID. This was a HAEE3 OSID of which there was never a turbo variant made. HAEE4 was the next closest.
  5. If it's running boost, was turbo logic enabled? AY3A calibration, for example, has auF0049 disabled, and that is a turbo calibration.
  6. Does the ba boss 260 have this function available in the tune as well
  7. Last week
  8. Yes it is commanded afr not wide band, I don’t have a wide band in the car at the moment. But I can see the narrow band o2 go lean when the ecu commands this and the car will stumble and nilly stall when I’m driving up the road at about 40km. I can get a lot of it happening but I’m using hp tuners for the logging.
  9. It should already do this from the factory. However consistently holding the engine here will destroy oil pumps due to the horrible harmonics that are caused by a limiter like this. Have a read of this thread to see what you should look at changing.
  10. I’m trying to achieve something like this, is it also pulling throttle back to hold it at the set rpm limit?
  11. So commanded is 1.2 or you measure 1.2 out the tailpipe?
  12. What do you mean by hard cut? They already run a soft (spark retard and injector cut off) then they completely kill all injectors.
  13. Anyone got a guide to make a hard cut limiter on an FG xr6? I have tried to change some torque limiters to no avail. Also tried to play with some fuel cut settings but still can't get it right. Cheers
  14. I’m tuning to cars at the moment and they both do it about 30sec to I minute from cold start around 23 deg coolant temp.
  15. When does it command 1.2 lambda? There should be a hard limit at 1.05 lambda.
  16. The same guy you bought the flex fuel kit off. Pirotta performance https://www.facebook.com/pirottaperformance/
  17. I’m getting it a lot better, but the only way it works is to use the PIP table backwards then what you guys have said. Say the PIP table is stock and I log cold start inj timing will be say 10ms, then I half the valve in the PIP table inj timing will be 5ms. So then I double stock value it will be 20ms. It seems to work well so I don’t know. Then only other problem is about 40 seconds in to a drive after cold start it will command 1.20 lambda and stumble. I have gone though every table I can think of and it still dose it.
  18. F6 tune is a lot better, I did this with my 2008 g6e.
  19. Danny?, how do I get in contact with him?.
  20. Yes Danny has a value file that will do this for you if you speak to him.
  21. I though I read some where a while ago we can set up a fail safe for the flex fuel custom os. Eg if I’m running e85 and some how lose my voltage in put can we stop it going back to the pump fuel tune and hurting a engine?
  22. Ok it didn't do it again. This time it uninstalled and reinstalled fine. The only thing that was a bit out of the ordinary was the desktop icon was blank for about 10 seconds before the pcmtec logo appeared.
  23. Probably. I'll just reinstall it and see if it happens again.
  24. Hi I noticed that a lot, but not all, of my taskbar icons were blacked out during the install. Perhaps it was because I have the pcmtec application pinned there?
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