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  2. Is your battery flat? Needs to be above 12v for the vehicle immobiliser to work.
  3. Hi I did sort of ask about this in another thread but i figured i should start a new one. I had a laptop die while flashing the other night, i re-flashed successfully and the car fired up fine. The next morning the car would crank fine but would not fire. I fired up forscan and am getting output from all the sensors but i also noticed the vehicle security access status in forscan has denied as the status. what is the possibility that i have cooked the PCM? Also tried a second key in case my main key just died but still the same outcome. The smart shield light on the dash does go out when i turn the key just not sure about the status denied.
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  5. Stevew

    Corrupted PCM

    Alright thanks good to know.
  6. Yortt

    Fault code P0141

    Yes I have read it, I do not have the custom operating system yet ( currently using the Sprint tune) waiting for Darryl to come back off hollidays and update manually. With the flex fuel hardware installed and connected (running a gauge % on 98) the engine light has come on and i want to turn it off, VCM Suite can do it but this tune is not licensed with VCM suite. Note I am using the Professional version not the Workshop version. While the professional version accommodates the flex custom operating system I assume once I license this I will have access to the above parameters which the auF0011 will control.
  7. If it cranks the flash succeded. It won't crank unless the calibration is running. A normal flash will achieve the same as a recovery flash. Recovery just let's you flash when it won't detect.
  8. Stevew

    Corrupted PCM

    Thanks for the info. I had a laptop die on me halfway through a flash last night, got it going again and re-flashed successfully and the car fired up no worries. This morning the car would crank but would not fire. Do you think something could have been corrupted still even though it flashed successfully and worth doing the recovery mode option?
  9. It ignores all errors. When a flash has failed the detect method will read all nulls and fail to determine what the vehicle is. The PCM will also be stuck in the bootloader so all normal read PID commands will also fail. By selecting recovery mode and selecting the pcm type manually it will ignore all errors and force the tec file in. Even if you select the wrong flash type it will let you continue so it is not recommended unless you have a failed flash write or have flashed an incompatible os.
  10. Stevew

    Corrupted PCM

    What does recovery mode do different compared to writing the file to the PCM without the check box marked?
  11. Have a read of this guide: in particular:
  12. Because of a flex fuel upgrade I need to turn off P0141 (o2 heater circuit bank1 sensor 2}, unless I am looking in the wrong place the editor goes from P0135 to P0152 should I look elsewhere or is this not in the editor.?
  13. I'm running -10 on E85 which is a good burble.
  14. I found -15 deg would give me noise on e85 but was only quick tests
  15. So to summarise. Set CFC delay to at least 5 seconds. 98 octane use a timing value of ~10-14 E85 you can go much lower. Those of you running much lower timing are you all on e85?
  16. That is awesome news great to have it sorted, hopefully this helps many of us enthusiasts :)
  17. This is correct!!! I originally found 10 degrees gave the best pop on decel. Then I got carried away from other posts and I failed when using 5 degree or lower. 98 octane only works around 10 degrees on decel spark. Now I just got the crackles with 10 degrees even in Park/Neutral. Wohooooooo.... so awesome. My custom exhaust has no issue whatsoever lol. It was the decel spark and torque management. I am so grateful to Richard and Gelousi and most of all Roland who always finds time to help anyone in needs. Now I am a happy man. To sum it up, for octane 98 do not go lower than 9 degrees on Decel spark table. Tip-out and Decel must be zero. You do not need to disable DFCO for FGX model, just try CFC delay extended to 3-5 secs; Every things else in Coasting Fuel Cut off just left at default. As Roland said you need hi-flow cat or CATless and hiflow pipe (mine is 4") to produce the crackles and pops. This is just my finding from my car setup FGX ZF trans. Cheers everyone
  18. What have you changed to try and improve the shift speed?
  19. All appear untouched. That's if I'm looking in the correct location
  20. It's been tuned previously but I've compared it to a stock file and it looks like it hasnt been touched
  21. Have your torque tables been modified? We've had instances where the car is better with the stock torque tables.
  22. I've got a bf xr6t and it's really lazy between 1-2. I've tried all I can but I cant seem to get it to change. Any tips ? Tried the above but no luck
  23. gelousi


    My clone tactrix lasted about 4 months before it died no lights or activity. i do not recommend it
  24. All I did was set the DFCO timer to 10 seconds and it doesn't do a fuel cut unless you are in deaccel conditions for greater than 10s. FG might be different though as this was in a bf.
  25. Just set the tables the same as mine and its disables permanently. No need to change anything else
  26. I thought cfc is the same as dfco? Coasting fuel cutoff vs decel fuel cut off
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