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  2. will15

    Ba ecu on bf engine

    Cheers mate 👍
  3. It's a ba ecu with a bf f6 rom flashed in out of a 6 speed manual but I have changed it to work with the 4 speed auto only found in the ba falcons
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hey guys can we do tune compares with flex fuel tunes or any custom os tunes?. I try opening the compare file like I normally do but nothing happens.
  6. will15

    Ba ecu on bf engine

    So thats a bf ecu on a ba engine?
  7. Got these resurts on my ba xr6t auto VID_20190525_163924.mp4
  8. Mate if this helps I'm running a ba xr6t with a 4 speed auto on a manual bf f6 typhoon tune and I got it shifting the auto box properly and have got ghost cams played with bit better timing in the vct setup too
  9. Gear shifts are done in oss, if you change the diff it shouldn't affect these. Going to a lower ratio should also slow the speed it revs down mean in g less chance of hitting redline. Doing the opposite will do what you described though.
  10. Last week
  11. Shifts are fine car feels normal slight flare under boost on 3-4 gear change but other than that its fine, haven't checked the cruise to see if that works i'll go check that shortly. I might just try flashing it back to std and see if the code stays or goes away before I delve into the tune much further. Thanks Neil
  12. How does it go with full throttle changes? when i changed my ba na from 3.32 to 3.73 diff the auto would hit redline before changing. as the auto shift points are set based on road speed not RPM you may need to go through and adjust the high end shift points. you may want to double check cruse control still works also, ive heard diff changes play havock on that.
  13. Has anyone run a ba ecu and harness on a bf engine, I was thinking I may run into trouble with cam phase’s and tuning?
  14. Hi all, Customer has had the diff ratio changed in his 07 BF XR6 turbo with ZF 6speed to 3:23 from 2:73, to change the ratio in the PCM calibration do I just alter auF0394 or is there another area that needs changing? I have changed the auF0394 value to 3:23 and when I checked for codes after the road test I have code P1934 vehicle speed signal, car drives okay. Thanks Neil
  15. TheReaper

    CAN Messages

    I seem to have it working, albeit i think there are still some numbers that aren't quite right in the messaging. I have been going through one by one to validate the results on the TCM side of things, however its taking me a lot longer than the first progress that i had made.
  16. Maybe. Get whiteford to do it for you. You might need to reprogram the ABS module if that happens. You could also try what is written in this post.
  17. Ok if thay happens is there a way around it?
  18. You'll get a permanent ABS/DSC fault and your ABS won't work. Can also mean your cruise control stops working.
  19. Pretty sure everything is the same.. Not sure on ABS module though.. How would I know if a module doesn't match?
  20. Andrew


    Haha see you soon! I was in a good position because when I wired accessories into my BA it was one at a time and so was a bit of a dog's breakfast. When I replaced it with the FG, I could basically make up one loom for everything I knew I wanted so it is nice and clean. I then left the data logging wires for the wideband easily accessible so I could wire this up when the time came. Was barely a 5 min job 👍
  21. Be ware that there might be module mismatches causing all sorts of dramas if you just blindly flash in a different operating system. You may need to modify quite a few things (or nothing) depending on the differences in your vehicle and the operating system you flash in.
  22. You can come do my car next. I haven't even got a spare minute to do that yet!
  23. Ok great! Thanks for your help Whiteford! Now just need PCMTEC to let me know which version of PCM I need and I'm all good 😀
  24. Yes. The PCM hardware is the same. The issue you will face is if your GS is automatic. You will require the version of PCMtec that allows editing of the ZF.
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