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    For our internal QA we have built a simple canbus dash emulator. As the Mk2 FG uses a canbus dash this means we can emulate the cruise control buttons via canbus to do an end to end test of the multi tune system. This program doesn't use any of our source code and instead uses an open source J2534 library https://github.com/BrianHumlicek/J2534-Sharp We are also using a free version of the Arction WPF Gauge library so this program can be freely distributed. https://www.arction.com/free-gauges/ Here is a video of the emulator in action. This might be useful for anyone who is doing a mail order multi tune. You can download the program and source code here: https://pcmtecgeneralstorage.blob.core.windows.net/public/TestApps%2FPcmtec.DashEmulator.zip This includes a mk2 FG file which with PATS turned off so you can test this on the bench. BA/BF/FG Mk1 does not support canbus cruise control, so you will need to wire up the cruise control buttons manually. Source code: https://pcmtecgeneralstorage.blob.core.windows.net/public/TestApps%2FPcmtec.DashEmulator - source code.zip
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    Its a keybanger on demand. Love it. Add injector slopes/min pulsewidth to the launch tune for actual flames. I turned my cat into a ball of molten metal and shot it out the exhaust. Whoops.
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    Oh right, you've done a full FGX conversion. Why not just buy an FGX? 😆 Anyway yes those are Mk2 configurations however you need the exact config for that car. The workshop edition has a full strategy list of all ~900 calibrations, from that list you can figure out which diff ratio/gearbox is suitable. Otherwise the simplest method is assuming all the parts came from the same donor car (I hope so or you are in for a world of pain) is to simply use the calibration from that car as well (check the door tag). Have to remember that ALL modules must match and be from the exact same car for your swap to be successful eg ABS, Cluster, PCM and TCM. Even the cluster is different between a manual and auto, if any of that is wrong/mismatched you will have issues, most will let you start and drive the car, but your dash will be a christmas tree. If you have no idea what the donor car was or all the bits are from different cars then its unlikely you will solve this without burning credits randomly trying operating systems only to find that you have a manual cluster in an auto, or a non turbo ABS module etc. In that case I would recommend you pay to get someone like @Whiteford to sort you out.
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    Ford IDS only properly works with a VCM2. VCX Nano is a J2534 like the openport as far as I know, Forscan will work with the openport. If you need MS CAN you actually need one of the cheap ELM327 cables (with the MS/HS can switch) to work with Forscan properly.
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    You may be able to reconfigure the ABS module with Forscan or Ford IDS by unplugging the ABS, doing an offline config, selecting the correct file, plugging it back in and programming it.
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    If there rest of your VID block is valid and the VID block is actually enabled (it is not always) then you definitely want to update the value.
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    That is the maximum number and translates to 0xFF in hex. It means the value has never been set and your VID block is likely blank/wiped.
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    Just a update on my progress... So I updated my PCM & TCM with the HAER1UB FGX sprint strategy and applied credits to licence the file and disable PATS for the moment. Had to change my HIM and Cluster which I already knew about since the MK1 and MK2 differences within the canbus. I contacted @Whiteford via messenger but since we are in different states couldn't help me. All I need to do is change the ABS module and more wiring lol. Before I started the conversion I didn't expect the module plug to be different or aware of that complication. I have something on its way to maybe configure the module but already have the above parts lined up I knew what I was getting myself into when I started but its been worth it. I now have basically what could of been an F6 FGX Sprint inside 😎
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    It would appear that it doesn't matter but there are so many tables linked together, that changing one by zeroing it out can affect many others. For this reason I leave it alone and also there is too much stuffing around with the timing map to get the same result. But at then end of the day you're tuning the car, not the pcm. If the car is running right, correct afr and timing and still has the factory fail-safes working how you want them, then however you choose do it is ok. That's my opinion on things anyway.
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    I just set up my techedge and it was straight forward. 0V = 9 afr and 5V = 19 afr. With the equation, I literally put a 9 and a 19 in the first and second cells respectively in the right column and it was done. It will interpolate between the first 2 vertical cells so there is no need to use the entire column.
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    There is a DLP button to manually connect it on its own if you need.
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    Nvm I went outside to take a look and it automatically inserted itself at the top of the channel list. 🙃
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    It is on the cards but we have a few other items to do first. Namely get the datalogger out of beta, then add mustang logging support.
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    It sounds like a step in the right direction. I just went for a little drive and got 760s (12.6 minutes) log with 10 channels. Playing back, the cpu is at 40% or so. I did the auto connect disable before I plugged it in and it seemed to do the trick.
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    The PCM assumes cams are installed with no overlap. Completely agree that it would be much simpler if cam grinders made all barra cams with 0 overlap and let the pcm do its job. Would halve the tuning time required. Overlap table is exactly that. It takes the intake cam position then adds the overlap angle to it to make it open sooner. Intake cam angle timing is simply +- top dead centre, so positive is retard, negative is advance.
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    This, may help some others, another way for me to get around the ABS / DSC fault in my FG MK2 G6E Turbo was to use the method in step 3 above, I ended up copying all of the ZF related options along with the engine related stuff I wanted to move over.
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    Thanks for the write up 👍@Roland@pcmtec yes I already knew mismatched modules don't like to play together. Atm I have half F6 and half fgx G6-e turbo. I'll get in touch with @Whiteford 🤛
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    If you also have an FG with the same head and intake then yes it would be more accurate.
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    Enthusiast level should give you approximately the same level of control as HPTuners. If you want to compare the different versions download the demo and open the different files, we have a file from each version. You can also open the workshop files then use the View -> PCM -> Enthusiast/Professional/Workshop check boxes to contrast which parameters are added in the different versions. Finally you can always upgrade from Enthusiast -> Professional for the difference in price. There is an instant upgrade product you can purchase on the website to active it.
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    If you want silly stuff, set your minimum pulsewidth really high and disable DFCO. Car will stall and drive like crap but it will blow flames.
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    Another beautiful and useful tool for conversions is the VID editor. We will use a Differential swap as the example. If you come across a vehicle that has had a differential changed from 2.73 to 3.73, here are the parameters that will need to be changed to ensure the transmission operates correctly and speedo accuracy. The speedometer can be over 20kmh out when changing the differential ratio if these parameters are not changed. First you will need to change AUF0394 to the correct ratio. Second is within the VID Block Editing itself, here you will find the Axle Ratio. This needs to match AUF0394 Finally, within the VID Block Calibration Overrides there is AUF1706, AUF1699, AUF3137 and AUF2490. Again, these all need to match AUF0394 for the PCM to correctly calculate the wheel speed.
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    Provided your transmission settings are standard copy the torque converter settings (yes torque converter settings) from a standard sprint tune and try that, it helped mine.
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    Finnigan can confirm but the data I sent him for the Deka 60s seems to work well. Usually minor changes to get these to work at the stock 4 bar rail pressure. Personally I would just use Bosch 980cc injector (Bosch 0 280 158 040) as they offer great spray pattern and are really easily dialed in. I have attached the parameter file for those wishing to use it in PCMTec. Deka2_StockInjectorBased.param
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