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    I just set up my techedge and it was straight forward. 0V = 9 afr and 5V = 19 afr. With the equation, I literally put a 9 and a 19 in the first and second cells respectively in the right column and it was done. It will interpolate between the first 2 vertical cells so there is no need to use the entire column.
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    Finnigan can confirm but the data I sent him for the Deka 60s seems to work well. Usually minor changes to get these to work at the stock 4 bar rail pressure. Personally I would just use Bosch 980cc injector (Bosch 0 280 158 040) as they offer great spray pattern and are really easily dialed in. I have attached the parameter file for those wishing to use it in PCMTec. Deka2_StockInjectorBased.param
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