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  1. Wow quick response. Many thanks. Will follow. Milan.
  2. Hi members and pcmtec gurus, I have a 5.4L boss 290 motor with a supercharger fitted. Tuned with SCTX3 which I have a few tunes for (98 and E85). There is NO return to stock for me - too dangerous to have on the flash unit. I am new to PCMTEC and will be working on custom ZF/6R80 tunes soon. I have uploaded (read flash), saved the file and licensed the file so I can start editing. I do see that I have the "corrupted OSID error" which I can fix by entering my stock tag from the door frame sticker. However, I have no intention to return the car to stock - ever. Is this a requirement for me to do load this OSID to get full functionality from PCMTEC? If I enter the OSID from the door sticker will I be able to upload my E85 tune as well without incurring license credits? I have professional with 3 used already. If I muck up my tune after using PCMTEC flash, can I revert back to using the SCTX3 to restore what I know works and hence start fresh again in PCMTEC (i.e. upload again). I have been trawling through the forum and whilst some answers come close, none provide me with the confidence to answer the questions I have fully.
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