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  1. Hi everyone. You might be seeing this error in the logs on startup the last few days. The editor will still work correctly however it will upload your log files each time you start it as a result. If you have slow internet this may slow down the editor at startup. There is an updated 0.75 available here which resolves this issue (no other changes). Make sure you are logged in if you can't see the link: https://www.pcmtec.com/downloads
  2. Roland@pcmtec

    Holding revs

    Better than my skyline, I managed to fit the wrong intake manifold gasket and not even notice that it was wrong. Took me a while to figure that one out.
  3. Personally I'd run it open loop if you want to get the idle better. Otherwise the overlap will induce a false lean reading which will eventually peg the LTFT at +25 and spit fuel out the pipe. Make sure you retune the overlap SD adder tables at high overlap as well to help the PCM have a better starting point.
  4. Roland@pcmtec

    Holding revs

    Sometimes it is just the simple stuff! Definitely recommend a smoke machine if you work on boosted cars regularly.
  5. Roland@pcmtec

    BF egas AFR

    Definitely recommend getting used to lambda readings, it makes it a lot easier to switch fuels without having to re-calculate in your head. Also worth remembering that a wideband measures oxygen, so if you run big camshafts with overlap you can read lean (due to oxygen in the exhaust) but still have fuel dripping out the exhaust pipe. So you have to use some educated guess work to know if what you are reading is actually what is going on inside the engine.
  6. Maybe fouled plugs? I would check the long term airflow and fuel trims before and after also. The computer might be getting confused with the false lean idle and making it run excessively rich. Try turning off long term fuel trims and see what happens as an experiment.
  7. There is more to it than that. Firstly you need pro to get the file in the first place. Also you need pro to flash the ZF. Then if you merge you need workshop as there will be thousands of parameters in workshop that you won't be able to see. You could just blindly flash the entire file with pro but you may run into diff/gear ratio issues if they aren't the same. Finally if you have modules that don't match you'll be stuck with a check engine light and non functioning ABS. If this was the case you might need Ford IDS to reprogram it. Definitely recommend you pay a workshop to do this for you. This sort of stuff is a headache to do which is why I doubt anyone will touch it for under $600
  8. Roland@pcmtec

    Holding revs

    Here is how I diagnose a vac leak. Log spark then pull the PCV line off the rear left of the rocker cover. You should see the idle spark drop to 0 degrees to try and get the idle speed down. If not much happens and your idle spark is already very low (eg below 10 degrees) it indicates a vac leak. Idle spark will usually clip at -2 I believe.
  9. Roland@pcmtec

    Holding revs

    Assuming you added a lower friction under drive pulley? No other changes? There is an engine friction model and torque at idle table which would be the proper way to fix this. You could also fudge it my adjusting the idle air flow or even just dropping the idle rpm. I'll have a look at what the tables are called for you when I'm on a PC Edit: could be an idle air leak as well. Eg if a vac hose has come off that will cause this as well. What is your idle spark sitting at? This will tell us if the spark is pegged at 0 degrees etc.
  10. Roland@pcmtec


    Too early for that, we don't even have a pause/stop button yet! When it is closer to release we will let people know in here if they would like it trial a beta version. I'm working on this close to full time at the moment, so it should happen soonish! What do people say these days, 2 weeks away? 🤣
  11. Yep this is basically it. The WOT setpoint is defined by another scalar however as this map only goes to 500 the PCM will peg the values at this bottom row from 45% onwards.
  12. Yaxis is throttle. 500 is roughly 45% So 0.87 dropping to 0.75
  13. Roland@pcmtec


    Data logger development is back underway. We now have dynamic logging where you can select/deselect channels in the middle of a log. The video is mainly to demonstrate the mouse pan/zoom features which does away with the need for a manual axis setup which can be very time consuming to set up. The layout will still be changed quite a bit. Ultimately we will be aiming for a layout similar to the mockup below with 4 main charts each with 4 (standard) or up to 8 traces per chart. The current value and label will be shown on the side. There will also be a grid view with all active scalar values, this will mainly be for logging text values (torque sources) etc and you don't require a graph view.