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  1. Yes even with turbo logic enabled it will cap at 1.05 load if you don't enable anticipation logic in that OSID. This was a HAEE3 OSID of which there was never a turbo variant made. HAEE4 was the next closest.
  2. It should already do this from the factory. However consistently holding the engine here will destroy oil pumps due to the horrible harmonics that are caused by a limiter like this. Have a read of this thread to see what you should look at changing.
  3. So commanded is 1.2 or you measure 1.2 out the tailpipe?
  4. What do you mean by hard cut? They already run a soft (spark retard and injector cut off) then they completely kill all injectors.
  5. When does it command 1.2 lambda? There should be a hard limit at 1.05 lambda.
  6. The same guy you bought the flex fuel kit off. Pirotta performance https://www.facebook.com/pirottaperformance/
  7. Yes Danny has a value file that will do this for you if you speak to him.
  8. There is a minor update out. Current version is now 1.11.7047.18014 Bug Fixes: This fixes a crash that would occur if you opened a PCM+TCM file and attempted to compare it to a TCM only file. This is now fixed. Log file would sometimes not flush all contents to disk if the application closed after a large operation had just completed. (this only affects us) Loading multiple compare files and then closing them would cause errors to be shown in the log despite no error occuring. Scalars that display as a drop down menu could have the stock value "changed". The dropdown is now disabled for these. This was cosmetic only. A non error regarding "Get IP Address ran in UI Thread" was sometimes uploading log files despite no error occuring. Energy/Torque Equations where back to front for some uncommon units. This can be downloaded from the website. Ensure you are logged in first. https://www.pcmtec.com/downloads
  9. Can you please download the latest version from https://www.pcmtec.com/downloads The bug with comparing a PCM + TCM to a TCM only file should now be resolved.
  10. Ah so it looks like you are opening a PCM + TCM, then attempting to compare to just a TCM only file. This is a known bug that we are working on fixing. In the mean time you need to compare PCM + TCM with another PCM + TCM file.
  11. The actual files themselves that cause the crash. Can you send them? Or were you just comparing stock files?
  12. Can you email us the files that cause the problem along with the steps require to produce the crash.
  13. Yes. Even then it isn't the end of the world, you might just have to unplug both adaptors if one of them locks up.
  14. Yes you can definitely improve things by tuning the TCM. I've not personally ever tuned a ZF so I can't tell you what to change. If it was me I would compare an XR6T to a Sprint or F6 and see what Ford tune from the factory to handle the higher torque levels, this should give you some ideas where to start. Otherwise hopefully some of the guys here can help.
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