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  1. Is your battery flat? Needs to be above 12v for the vehicle immobiliser to work.
  2. If it cranks the flash succeded. It won't crank unless the calibration is running. A normal flash will achieve the same as a recovery flash. Recovery just let's you flash when it won't detect.
  3. It ignores all errors. When a flash has failed the detect method will read all nulls and fail to determine what the vehicle is. The PCM will also be stuck in the bootloader so all normal read PID commands will also fail. By selecting recovery mode and selecting the pcm type manually it will ignore all errors and force the tec file in. Even if you select the wrong flash type it will let you continue so it is not recommended unless you have a failed flash write or have flashed an incompatible os.
  4. So to summarise. Set CFC delay to at least 5 seconds. 98 octane use a timing value of ~10-14 E85 you can go much lower. Those of you running much lower timing are you all on e85?
  5. What have you changed to try and improve the shift speed?
  6. Have your torque tables been modified? We've had instances where the car is better with the stock torque tables.
  7. All I did was set the DFCO timer to 10 seconds and it doesn't do a fuel cut unless you are in deaccel conditions for greater than 10s. FG might be different though as this was in a bf.
  8. Run more timing then. I found 10 to 12 degrees best on 98 octane
  9. So both mufflers are stock? That would explain why it is quiet.
  10. How did you disable DFCO ? What exhaust do you have as well?
  11. Roland@pcmtec


    That will be a legitimate one. The fakes are generally sold on ebay for $30-40 with users that sell lots of other counterfeit electronics. Every single one we have heard of has failed so far.
  12. Roland@pcmtec


    Send the serial to Tactrix themselves (ask for Mike), they should be able to tell you. Basically if it cost less than $200 it is almost certainly a fake.
  13. Yes that part we are probably going to put on a seperate tab with a gear/tyre size calculator as well. edit: It will suck the values out of your tune if it is open as well.