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  1. will15

    Ba ecu on bf engine

    Cheers mate 👍
  2. Hey guys can we do tune compares with flex fuel tunes or any custom os tunes?. I try opening the compare file like I normally do but nothing happens.
  3. will15

    Ba ecu on bf engine

    So thats a bf ecu on a ba engine?
  4. Has anyone run a ba ecu and harness on a bf engine, I was thinking I may run into trouble with cam phase’s and tuning?
  5. with auf11086 being set at 190rpm (stock) I would think it would come out of crank mode while cranking, I have not had a chance to look at cranking speed just yet but im sure it would have to be quicker then 190rpm. Any one tried playing with this?
  6. Any one had a ignition miss fire cause these codes?, I’m starting to think that could be the cause.
  7. When’s the e85 cold start thread how to coming?, because this cold start tuning is really starting to pee me off.
  8. What in the tune can cause boost sensor codes p0236 boost pressure sensor, p0238 boost sensor circuit high apart from over boosting which it’s not. We have tried a nother sensor, I know it could be wiring to. I was just wondering if some thing else tune wise can cause this, it had been tuned and running good for about 3 months prior to the codes.
  9. I’m more then likely going to have to tune this car after some issues are fixed, I have sucked the tune out to have a look at it and it come up with a note saying I have to license it before I can look at it or tune it. (Please see attached pic) I think it is a sct flash tune will it definitely work?, just don’t want to waste 3 credits on it to find out I can’t do it.
  10. Yes it is commanded afr not wide band, I don’t have a wide band in the car at the moment. But I can see the narrow band o2 go lean when the ecu commands this and the car will stumble and nilly stall when I’m driving up the road at about 40km. I can get a lot of it happening but I’m using hp tuners for the logging.
  11. I’m tuning to cars at the moment and they both do it about 30sec to I minute from cold start around 23 deg coolant temp.
  12. I’m getting it a lot better, but the only way it works is to use the PIP table backwards then what you guys have said. Say the PIP table is stock and I log cold start inj timing will be say 10ms, then I half the valve in the PIP table inj timing will be 5ms. So then I double stock value it will be 20ms. It seems to work well so I don’t know. Then only other problem is about 40 seconds in to a drive after cold start it will command 1.20 lambda and stumble. I have gone though every table I can think of and it still dose it.
  13. F6 tune is a lot better, I did this with my 2008 g6e.
  14. Danny?, how do I get in contact with him?.
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