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  1. trutorque

    Wont open files.

    Awesome. got it thanks 👍
  2. trutorque

    Wont open files.

    Trying to load a previous file into my car but it wont give me the option to open files anymore. Any ideas
  3. All appear untouched. That's if I'm looking in the correct location
  4. It's been tuned previously but I've compared it to a stock file and it looks like it hasnt been touched
  5. I've got a bf xr6t and it's really lazy between 1-2. I've tried all I can but I cant seem to get it to change. Any tips ? Tried the above but no luck
  6. trutorque

    Deka 60lb specs .

    cheers, went thru and had a read and with those values the car wont even start.
  7. trutorque

    Deka 60lb specs .

    First time using pcmtec. Would any one have the specs on the deka 60lb injectors? Please.