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PCMTEC Editor Version 0.75 Release Notes

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0.75 is still in testing and will be released to workshops in small numbers this week (21st Nov)


New features:

Custom Operating System

Custom Operating system is now available via the editor. This means you can enable a Custom OS via a drop down menu system. You can change the following items:



Tuner Lock.

You can now apply and remove a tuner lock via a dropdown menu option


View/Populate Unlicensed Files

Workshop users now have a menu item under calibration tools called "Populate Unlicensed file". This will allow you to perform a read of a vehicle and view the contents of the file without licensing it. This requires an internet connection to work.


Fix Corrupted OSID

Added "Fix Corrupted OSID" to the calibration drop down menu. This is very handy when converting tunes from other products.


Quick Access

We now have a quick access menu which shows commonly opened parameters. This works in a similar fashion to the Windows 10 Explorer quick access menu. Custom groups will be coming soon.


License Viewer

You can now view all of your licenses via the license viewer which can be found under the help menu.



An about dialog is now available from the Help menu. This shows the current version and your credits.



  • Pressing "Open" on the return to stock view closes the dialog if a file is successfully opened to speed up creating a new stock file. The enter key will also validate input instead of just the OK button. Layout has also been changed slightly.
  • Open/Import now remember the previous folder you opened. So if you typically store your parameter files in one directory and tunes in another, you won't constantly have to go back and forth between folders as it will remember the last place you were.
  • Removed the 2D curve view for Axis editing as it meant you could enter in strange cell numbers.
  • You can now edit axis values out of sequential order, you will only be warned upon saving/opening the file. Previously this action was block which interrupted user workflow.
  • After pressing "Export to value file" parameters are now automatically unchecked.
  • Credit count is automatically checked each time you attempt to license a file. This means if you buy credits you no longer have to restart the editor for the credit count to be updated.
  • Search delay for the navigator has been reduced to improve the search speed.
  • Can now open "blocked" files that have been downloaded from the internet via outlook/forums/messenger.
  • Partial compare now compares items if the parameter in EITHER file is different to stock, not just the compare file.
  • Increased Custom OS blend and voltage table resolution.
  • "Import License Information" message on manual merge wizard was inconsistent.
  • Serial was truncated on various return to stock view screens.
  • Added flash write license information to the file information dialog.
  • Highlighting cells on the 2d curve now map traces the cells in the table view above.
  • Made small icons the default to increase screen real estate.
  • Can no longer edit strategy/osid/vin of unlicensed files which would cause confusion when licensing the file.
  • Improved tuner lock.
  • If you use an existing file for the return to stock wizard that has a corrupted strategy it will now prompt you to fix it.
  • 2D curve X-Axis is now linear and proportional to the units used.
  • Columns now auto resize better.
  • Axis with all values as 0 are now displayed better.
  • Exporting all changed parameters to a parameter file would also export the strategy/osid/vin. This has been removed.
  • File is now silently saved after a flash write. This means if you do not save the file after a flash write, next time you open the file partial write will work immediately.
  • When writing a vehicles flash, you will be warned and prompted if you are sure you want to continue if windows reports less than 10 minutes of battery life left.
  • Block PCs with extremely short hibernation timers (< 5 minutes) from sleeping the PC during a flash write.
  • Open file performance improved by ~25% if you have a large number of licenses.

Bug Fixes

  • If you licensed a Custom OS for 5 credits then attempted to license a non custom OS version of the same OS it would prompt you for another 2 credits. Now you are only ever charged a maximum of 5 credits for licensing a Custom OS and the original OS regardless of the order you license the files.
  • Fixed a bug where editing an axis with units such as "inHG" in a rare scenario would not update correctly.
  • Fixed various fatal unhandled exceptions which would close the program.
  • Compare/Change History would show hidden/invalid/disabled parameters.
  • Pressing and holding down the right arrow key when in the navigator could cause a crash.
  • Fixed a rare crash if you change a parameter and immediately click the compare/history button at the same time.
  • City would not populate within the login view.
  • EULA would let you accept multiple times. EULA would let you reject after accepting.
  • Fixed the EULA showing an IO Access error when downloading in some instances.
  • Fixed the EULA displaying twice in some instances.
  • Fixed multiple failed logins in a row on the Login panel with a small screen pushing the login/ok button off the screen.
  • Fixed lots of flash only tablet software licensing issues.
  • Fixed various Custom OS Axis display issues.
  • Fixed Undo/Redo not working correctly.
  • Fixed VIN/Strategy/OSID undo being blocked.
  • In some cases changing multiple cells at once in the table view would ignore the changes.
  • Fixed the scalar undo/redo buttons which did not function correctly.
  • Fixed the return to stock wizard continuing to the next step if the download failed.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't drag edit the right most point on a 2d curve.
  • Fixed a missing horizontal scroll bar on the change history view.
  • "Show absolute differences" was not working on the tableview.
  • Importing a value file did not add a history point or update the change history if it was open.
  • Mouse back and forward keys now work correctly.
  • If you edited a value in a table then immediately pressed write without exiting the cell editor, the change would not be written to the vehicle. Now the cell is immediately validated when pressing flash write, even if the cell editor is still active.
  • If you had unsaved changes, pressed close then press "yes" to "would you like to save your changes?" it would not necessarily always save the file. This is now fixed.

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