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Hey Guys, I do a few conversions (Auto > Manual, N/A > Turbo) and thought this info may be helpful to anyone interested in this type of thing.


There are many variables that effect the outcome of a conversion and not all can be predicted but here are some that I have encountered recently and the way to effectively deal with them for your customers.

It’s very important to understand that no single program can do all of this. You will be able to set some configurations with PCMTec however, as it was never designed for conversions some vehicles may require other software such as Ford IDS or Forscan.


I’ll focus on the most common conversion I see, Auto > Manual.

When converting from a 6spd ZF auto to a manual, it is important to note the engine wiring harness is different, obviously due to the necessity of the TCM in the auto. If the CAN bus is not bridged at connector C20, all CAN bus communication will be lost.


Once you have everything connected and communicating correctly, you may need to configure the PCM, ABS and IPC. In some circumstances, just configuring the PCM may be enough but some vehicle functionality may be lost such as Cruise Control.


The Parameters that is within PCMTec that can be utilized for an Auto > Manual conversion if you are using the original hardware and you are unable to install a manual OS (For Example HACCK with an ASU-222 PCM hardware) is as follows.


This parameter is used to determine if the vehicle is an automatic or not.


These two parameters are used to determine what transmission is fitted e.g. 4spd Auto, 5spd Auto, 6spd Auto, 5spd Manual and 6spd Manual.



And the VSS Source parameter.



Some other important VID Block parameters are Axle Ratio, Tire Size and Wheel Base Inches.

All VID Block parameters need to be set for correct vehicle operation.


I am keen for you guys to add to this list if there are any I have missed.


If the vehicle hardware such as the ABS module are not designed to be used for the application, replacement with compatible hardware may be required for the vehicle to operate correctly. For example, an 7R29-2C405-AB ABS module cannot be used with a manual gearbox as the configuration simply is not available.


If you are fortunate enough to have access to the Ford IDS software, some ABS and IPC configuration is available.


Here are some ABS configurations (there are many more) and having this set correctly is imperative to the operation of the vehicle. Each model will have its own set of different configurations, imaged bellow is from a late model BF.


And here we have the IPC configuration for the ABS module on an 2008 FG. Again, each model variant will have its own unique configuration.



I would like to take a moment to thank the people involved with this work (you know who you are) and also thank the PCMtec team for their ongoing support.



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Another beautiful and useful tool for conversions is the VID editor.

We will use a Differential swap as the example. If you come across a vehicle that has had a differential changed from 2.73 to 3.73, here are the parameters that will need to be changed to ensure the transmission operates correctly and speedo accuracy. The speedometer can be over 20kmh out when changing the differential ratio if these parameters are not changed.

First you will need to change AUF0394 to the correct ratio.


Second is within the VID Block Editing itself, here you will find the Axle Ratio. This needs to match AUF0394


Finally, within the VID Block Calibration Overrides there is AUF1706, AUF1699, AUF3137 and AUF2490. Again, these all need to match AUF0394 for the PCM to correctly calculate the wheel speed.


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