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Knock Sensor Information

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The knock system on the Falcon is a separate chip within the PCM case. They use a ATM-40 compatible HIP-9010 knock chip from what I can tell (not 100% confirmed yet). The datasheet for this chip is attached.

Every cycle the PCM sends the following values to the knock chip which are packed into 5 bytes. These values can be datalogged with our datalogging software which will be available soon.

cd_sca=  The value of the pre-scalar being sent to the ATM-40
cd_conf_y =  Test/selection channel chosen on ATM-40 IC
cd_fil_nx = The next bit point value of the bandpass filter centre frequency to be sent to the ATM-40
cd_gn_nx = The bit point value of the basic gain to be used to determine the next gain setting to be sent to the ATM-40
cd_int_nx = The next bit point value of the integrator time constant to be sent to the ATM-40 


These values are generated from the various tables in the editor found under "knock sensor". Eg the window frequency etc is changed based on rpm and so is the integrator time constant. Most of this would never be changed.

The PCM then reads back the knock energy detected each cycle and compares it to its sensitivity window for each cylinder. This is then used to determine spark retard.




The following values can be datalogged regarding the knock sensor. These descriptions will be improved and catagorised as time goes on.






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