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HOWTO: Ghost Cam and VCT simplification

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Having trouble getting my ghost cam tune to work. I have a turbo barra 6spd manual au. Using a bf turbo ecu, HACCHJ5 strategy code, ASU-224 ecu. I have followed the how to guide to each step and it still wont do it. Attached are the scalars i have changed.

I also need to lean it out at idle. What tables do i adjust to achieve this?? My wideband is reading 10.8 to 11.5 at idle and low loads off boost, and the back pocket is feeling it a bit.







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You also need to modify these tables as they limit overlap as well.

auF16503 Angle to Overlap exhaust cam

auF16492 Maximum overlap allowed

auF0115 Maximum allowed Overlap Angle based on  RPM and Oil Temp

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You can increase the lope quite dramatically by modifying this table. This is the proportional gain of the idle spark feedback algorithm. By increasing it to 5000 it will toggle between min spark (-7) and max spark (MBT ~25 deg) causing even more lope. 


You can also set 600 rpm to -30 deg overlap, this will stop the vehicle from stalling and cause even more lope when the rpm dip as the decreased overlap will kick the rpm back up again.


If you are using the multi tune to do ghost cam you can add the following table to the ghost cam tune to increase your idle rpm, this means the non ghost cam tunes can retain a completely stock idle rpm.


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