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    Merry Xmas ya bunch of Ford tuners 😘
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    Sometimes ford update the calibration from the factory. If the catch code doesn't work here then it means unless someone has sent us a stock read manually we don't have the file. https://www.fordtechservice.dealerconnection.com/vdirs/wds/PCMReprogram/DSFM_PCMReprogram.asp?swproduct=IDS
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    It's a completely different product and hardware. If you want to use our software it defeats the purpose of buying the plugin ecu. Just leave the standard ecu in the car?
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    For the racer out there you should look at Shift Pattern 27: This is the manual shift mode. The 8000 are the output shaft speed that effectively stops the car shifting gear. From this you will see the car will down shift but not up shift gear. So if you want to go to the drags you can alter the 8000s to a speed you want the car to shift. It is not precise so you will have to work on it for your own car. The aim is to use this table to either get the car to shift automatically at the optimal point or give you a safety net so the car will shift automatically if you don't get your reactions perfect. The advice was originally put up on another forum by CAT600 (Blue Streak Performance who sold Circle D converters for the ZF).
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