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  1. For our internal QA we have built a simple canbus dash emulator. As the Mk2 FG uses a canbus dash this means we can emulate the cruise control buttons via canbus to do an end to end test of the multi tune system. This program doesn't use any of our source code and instead uses an open source J2534 library https://github.com/BrianHumlicek/J2534-Sharp We are also using a free version of the Arction WPF Gauge library so this program can be freely distributed. https://www.arction.com/free-gauges/ Here is a video of the emulator in action. This might be useful for anyone who is doing a mail order multi tune. You can download the program and source code here: https://pcmtecgeneralstorage.blob.core.windows.net/public/TestApps%2FPcmtec.DashEmulator.zip This includes a mk2 FG file which with PATS turned off so you can test this on the bench. BA/BF/FG Mk1 does not support canbus cruise control, so you will need to wire up the cruise control buttons manually. Source code: https://pcmtecgeneralstorage.blob.core.windows.net/public/TestApps%2FPcmtec.DashEmulator - source code.zip
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