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  1. The changes in this release are primarily transparent in the background to facilitate Datalogging and the new Custom Operating system that supports flex fuel, larger spark tables (FG size in BF cals), boost by gear/speed and TMap/Boost sensor switch over. These changes allow the operating system to now be dynamic and not require template updates when a table size is changed or a table is deleted/added. This means preparing a custom operating system is a much simpler process behind the scenes. In the next update the Editor will facilitate creating custom operating systems and you will not be re
  2. PCMTEC Editor Version 0.61 has now been released as of 13/3/18 To download please login then visit https://www.pcmtec.com/downloads This page is only available for customers who have purchased the full version of the software (Enthusiast, Professional and Workshop). The following new features have been added to version 0.61 Table/Axis Interpolation/Smoothing. You can now smooth cells between the horizontal/vertical bounds, or via both bounds. Change the cell selection using left click drag select or the shift key. You can continue pressing smooth until all the cells will ev
  3. The cloned PCM is not that simple. If you write to a different PCM it has a different serial number (that can't be changed) and this will also cause the EPATS system to trigger and stop the car from running. The only software I'm aware of that can reprogram the EPATS security system is Ford IDS or Forscan. So you could license the second PCM (as it has a different serial number) then use another software package to reprogram the EPATS system if you wanted to. As far as I am aware neither HPtuners nor SCT can do this either. We may implement the EPATS programming in the future
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