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  1. The changes in this release are primarily transparent in the background to facilitate Datalogging and the new Custom Operating system that supports flex fuel, larger spark tables (FG size in BF cals), boost by gear/speed and TMap/Boost sensor switch over. These changes allow the operating system to now be dynamic and not require template updates when a table size is changed or a table is deleted/added. This means preparing a custom operating system is a much simpler process behind the scenes. In the next update the Editor will facilitate creating custom operating systems and you will not be required to send us a base tune to be customised. New features: Workshop users now have a menu item under calibration tools called "Populate Unlicensed file". This will allow you to perform a read of a vehicle and view the contents of the file without licensing it. This requires an internet connection to work. "Export all changed items to parameter file" This option will export all values that are different to stock to a parameter file. This is similar to a partial save found in other software packages. Datalogging is now close to release. Expect to see our preliminary datalogger soon. Improvements Numpad +/-/* now performs maths on selected cells Left arrow key will collapse the navigator group and the right arrow key will expand the group. Added back/forward buttons and ctrl + left and ctrl + right to go back and forward through the previous tables. Double clicking a scalar group heading now opens the scalar group. Decimal buttons in the scalar view now update the decimals without having to open/close the scalar list. Optimised the "downloading updated templates" startup item to be approximately 10x faster now. Removed "Sequential" check of axis elements. You can now enter values out of order and it will only warn you when saving or opening the file if the axis is not sequential. Added various shortcuts to the right click menu. Column headers on the scalar list are now correctly sized. Bug Fixes Apply/View was greyed out on Compare History in some modes. Fixed "Flash license could not be found" error that would occur in rare circumstances. Could not overwrite a locked PCM in some circumstances. Pasting a complete string into a single character of the strategy field would cause a crash. Stopped some non critical errors from crashing the program. You can now save your changes in these circumstances. Various other bug fixes and performance improvements. Currently opened tables would not be updated if you imported a parameter file that contained that ID
  2. PCMTEC Editor Version 0.61 has now been released as of 13/3/18 To download please login then visit https://www.pcmtec.com/downloads This page is only available for customers who have purchased the full version of the software (Enthusiast, Professional and Workshop). The following new features have been added to version 0.61 Table/Axis Interpolation/Smoothing. You can now smooth cells between the horizontal/vertical bounds, or via both bounds. Change the cell selection using left click drag select or the shift key. You can continue pressing smooth until all the cells will eventually reach the same value. Interpolation draws a straight line between the horizontal/vertical bounds of the selected cells. New Icons We have updated the UI to use newer prettier icons that we have had custom designed to give the application a better look and feel. Text Descriptions for normalisers and curves. We have added descriptions where possible to certain normalisers, specifically the torque sources. This will now make modifying the torque sources much easier for those who have not done this before. VID Block Editor As promised the Professional and Workshop versions now have access to the VID block editor. This has involved adding dropdown menus to the Scalar lists which will be welcome addition. Using the VID block editor you can now change the speed source! This will be very useful for those which want to use the stock PCM in a converted car that is not running the ABS or an Automatic computer. Interactive Normalisers/Curves You can now select points on the normaliser curves and drag them up and down to modify the curve. This makes visualising certain curves much easier. Variable decimal points. You can now control the exact number of decimal points on the Tables and Scalars. This also removes scientific notation from the view (eg 23E-10) which is not intuitive for most users. When you click to modify a cell the non truncated value is still shown to avoid any data loss. The decimal place setting is a global parameter which is retained upon restart. Global View Levels You can now hide certain parameters to simplify the view. Eg for the workshop customers the ~4000 parameters available can be overwhelming especially as many may not be commonly used. You can now set the view level to "Enthusiast" etc and this setting will be retain upon restart. You can also filter per ECM module, this means you can hide all TCM parameters if you are not currently tuning the TCM. Note: Due to the large number of changes and bug fixes in 0.61 we will be disabling 0.60 from logging in over the coming days. All of your existing files will continue to open in 0.61 however you will be required to download the update. Bug Fixes/Improvements: Multiple units have been updated to improve the accuracy of their descriptions Template additions. Performance enhancements when undocking/docking windows. Performance enhancements to TableView Non sequential normalisers can now be edited and "fixed". Dropdown menus would occasionally remain greyed out despite being enabled. Editing an axis would fail to redraw the axis on any currently opened tables and show an error in the log. Redo (Ctrl + Y) did not work in some circumstances. Change history would show raw binary value instead of text value for scalars that had text values text. If you read a ZF as an enthusiast customer (ZF can only be licensed by Pro/Workshop) and attempted to license it it would succeed and show you a blank file. Better error displays when an out of range or non sequential value is added.
  3. The cloned PCM is not that simple. If you write to a different PCM it has a different serial number (that can't be changed) and this will also cause the EPATS system to trigger and stop the car from running. The only software I'm aware of that can reprogram the EPATS security system is Ford IDS or Forscan. So you could license the second PCM (as it has a different serial number) then use another software package to reprogram the EPATS system if you wanted to. As far as I am aware neither HPtuners nor SCT can do this either. We may implement the EPATS programming in the future if there is enough demand for it. Edit: whoops used the admin account (Roland)
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