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  1. My car has a 5r55 gearbox which wasn't available in any turbo car so I don't believe I can just flash in a turbo strategy. I have found a turbo strategy and tried copying all of the load/fuel tables etc over but this didn't change much. Is there underlying settings that you would get from flashing/merging a stratagy that cannot be done just by comparing settings ?
  2. I am using the workshop edition. It's no so much a matter of not having the setting as it is having too many settings and I don't completely understand the terminology of all of them. My main issue is as soon as I go above ~10psi it freaks out. I am guessing my calculated load is going above 1 and causing problems. I have followed the guide from the na+supercharger thread that I need to change my cylair Max factor but I am not sure how to calculate what I need to set this to
  3. Will get on the dyno today and datalog, don't have anything saved but when I was halfway through a run I would get torque source change to vss vehicle speed limiting
  4. Hi all, I am new to tuning and having problems getting my fg green top + turbo to behave. I've spent ages reading through the forum guides and tutorials and have a rough idea of how to make my car run but keep getting limited by ecu parameters that I cant find. Im running a fg gas green top, 1000cc injectors, 460 fuel pump, fg turbo intake and exhaust manifolds, e85 and an external boost controller. Im having issues in the top end with the vss looking like its changing the cam timing. I had no problems running up to 10psi but anything more is being limited, I have had a look at the predictive airflow setting and turbo logic which I have copied from a stock turbo tune that I found. Any advice on where I have gone wrong would be greatly appreciated or if anyone has a na+t base tune that I could work from that would be fantastic. I am happy to pay for either of these if required. Thanks guys superjunkfg.tec
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