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  1. Disable seat belt chime in a BF 1/Park brake on. 2/Gearshift in Park(Auto),Neutral(Manual) 3/Ignition in "OFF" position. 4/All doors closed. 5/Buckle Drivers seat belt. 6/Turn ignition to the "ON" position(Do not start the engine). 7/Wait until the seat belt warning light turns off. 8/Press and "HOLD" Hazard button. 9/Unbuckle drivers seat belt. 10/Buckle drivers seat belt. 11/Release Hazard button. Confirmation of disabling the belt minder is provided by seat belt warning lamp flashing 5 times. To re enable it simply carry out the same procedure.
  2. Yes, My SCT tuned BF XR8 licensed no problems at all using the Professional version of the software.
  3. Awesome news, Roland. I've been looking forward to this since I bought my 2017 GT fastback earlier in the year ?
  4. Great to see how you guys keep polishing your product. The "use Celsius everywhere" feature will be especially useful as I am used to comparing Horsepower/ Kilowatts and Foot Pounds/ Newton Meters etc. at a glance but Fahrenheit/ Celsius is not as common and is, at least for me, a bit harder to get my head around.
  5. I've had success in the past finding stock strategies by looking at photos posted on Carsales. Do a search on the car model you are interested in and browse the photos. Quite often people will put up a picture of the VIN sticker on the door jamb and you can get a stock strategy number from there and then punch it into the PCMTec stock file calibration wizard.
  6. I've got the CAT600 bushes and a Herrod 2 piece 1350 uni tailshaft but have not done axles. No axle tramp but haven't really launched it hard so I'll see how I go.
  7. Actually that's a good point about the axles. I might try this carefully and see how I go. Thanks for your advice. Awesome software, by the way. Keep up the good work mate
  8. Thanks Roland. I'll give it a crack when I get a chance and see how I go. I assume my launch RPM etc. would need to be slightly lower given the greater low rpm boost and torque of my Kenne Bell supercharged v8?
  9. Thanks Puff. That probably explains why they're not showing up then as I'm using the professional version not workshop.
  10. I have a similar finding to jagomotive I can find auf2233 but not auf12516, auf11982 or auf11078. BF XR8 2006 Strategy HADCEP3.HEX
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