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  1. If your still offering it ill love to have a play
  2. Did you try change spark and torque cut to 0 as posted in previous page?
  3. auF0151 which is the first scaler under coasting fuel shut off default value 0.5 second
  4. I found -15 deg would give me noise on e85 but was only quick tests
  5. That is awesome news great to have it sorted, hopefully this helps many of us enthusiasts :)
  6. My clone tactrix lasted about 4 months before it died no lights or activity. i do not recommend it
  7. Yes from the time of let go is 20sec, if you just alter that then injectors will be shut off so the other ID’s don’t really need to be changed?
  8. I set it to 20sec so after then injectors can be disabled
  9. Thanks Roland, I’m happy to help and share the info as it’s all shown above will consider it in the future
  10. You can get it in park need to play with dfco settings it’s all in there very easy 29297484-00A1-48E2-8B7B-E13422D11053.mp4
  11. It was on 98, e85 i find is a lot harder to crackle but i believe we left it at 5deg on decel from 2-3k, didnt even try doing it waves as he was very happy with it
  12. One I done the other week 66F95476-F98B-41B0-9561-6BFFCF74BF0C.mp4
  13. Yes rpm cells, you can also add cells and make it go from - to + in 500rpm incriments have to play and see what sounds best
  14. i had to run -15 deg to get some sort of pop on e85 but then it drove weird as i think the quick jump from going to -15 to +25 on accel made it feel funny
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