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  1. The borderline knock table, is that the limits of what the knock sensors can do at each load/rpm interval when it picks up a knock?
  2. Thankyou. This clears it up a lot for me .
  3. I have pulled timing from a few areas so far after doing data log runs but I’m curious as I’ve pulled two degrees from a load point after seeing a -2 reading then data logged again and it’s saying - 4 in the same area. It’s almost as if it’s adding 4 degrees rather then pulling it after I’ve retarded two degrees myself. seems strange that it would require so much timing to be pulled as in if I pull another 4 degrees that will 6 degrees in total. My previous tuning experience tells me this is strange as it’s a standard engine running factory map which if anything I’d expect to be conservative.
  4. I’ve been tuning my timing table through auf16630 MBT spark on my na fg manual. I’ve data logged it a couple of times now, gone through and looked at where it’s pulling timing and then adjusted the spark table to resemble this. the car does feel better and seems to have a much lore linear torque curve but im wondering if the number in that column always mean it’s regarding timing by said amount or can it sometimes to adding timing by said amount? For example at .5 load and 2000rpm -4 means it’s retarding 4 degrees always or can it also mean it’s adding timing at a rate of 4 degrees ? My logic says it’s retarding and also tells me that where it’s not registering a number in the spark adder column then there is no knocking and it may actually take more timing in these areas. can anyone confirm this?
  5. Thanks very much for that incredible info. Much appreciated ROLAND
  6. Hi guys. I’m new to efi tuning but do have lots of tuning experience with carby/dizzy stuff. I’ve been looking through my pcm tables from my na fg and noticed the fuel base table auF0172 has some quite rich lambda settings stock. Is this the only fuel map that dictates the target afr for each load/rpm point? it appears to be. will changing the figures in this map directly change my afr or is there another map that can change it aswell and therefor end up with a different afr to what I put in this table ? Any insight is appreciated.
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