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  1. On my na ba ecu, it detected it and worked correctly. On my bf turbo ecu, it detects it, but it reads opposite. So i know it works, just reading wrong. As for IMRC, is this able to be used in my case?? I have the fg na intake and still have all the hardware connected to run it. Not sure if its turned on. Ill datalog that and see if it works. I suspect because the ecu is reading alot more load, it wont enable launch control with the pedal not depressed even tho the ecu is seeing it as depressed. I could just remount the switch elsewhere so it reads correctly, but that would be a bit of work.
  2. My clutch switch reads opposite. One wire is hooked to the clutch input, one to ground. Ive swapped the wires around and i get the same result. Cant find clutch switch in any parameters using the workshop version. Bf xr6t 6spd manual ecu, hacchj5. Will this effect anything when i set up launch control??
  3. Having trouble getting my ghost cam tune to work. I have a turbo barra 6spd manual au. Using a bf turbo ecu, HACCHJ5 strategy code, ASU-224 ecu. I have followed the how to guide to each step and it still wont do it. Attached are the scalars i have changed. I also need to lean it out at idle. What tables do i adjust to achieve this?? My wideband is reading 10.8 to 11.5 at idle and low loads off boost, and the back pocket is feeling it a bit.
  4. Is it possible to do boost by gear in a manual?? Or is this a zf function only??
  5. auf2260 is available in bf na and turbo aswell, not just fg. im using the pro version.
  6. is it possible to use an abs sensor with a tone wheel and wire that to the vss input and calibrate it??
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