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  1. Nice, I got it ghost cam but it upset a couple of other things so just need to work through it
  2. Is that table available with the ba? I didn't see it when looking before but then i may have missed it
  3. I see that we can get a ghost cam with the 5.0 now but is there a way to achieve this with a Ba 5.4, been going to play with mine to give it a go but just wondering where to start looking and now I have a potential customer wanting it as well.
  4. Yeah those are the stock settings looking at where to change them too
  5. Thanks for that Roland. I see that you changed cylair max factor to 1.0 to achieve 1.7 airload capping for 10psi. I am looking at about 18 to 20 psi what to you think I should change cylair max factor to for this. Or is their a calculator to work this out. I believe 1.1 would be in the ballpark but I could be wrong. Thanks for all your help again.
  6. When I bought my xspurts it didn't come with any info but I just emailed the company I bought it from and they emailed me the data sheet.
  7. Ok so it played again this arvo while i was out, so i checked coolant temp and it was sitting 83 degrees.
  8. ok thanks roland will give it a try
  9. Hi guys, hoping you can help me out here. Its one of those problems that's hard to nail down, as I only get a short time to try stuff and it doesn't always happen. When I try to restart my ba xr8 after driving it for a while all it does is wind over and won't fire. The only way I can then get it to start is to force start it on lpg. This only happens if I try to restart it within about 10 mins of turning it off, but it will restart fine if its only a short trip. At first I was suspecting my aftermarket fpr may of being getting heat soak and affecting fuel pressure but I ch
  10. Hi Roland just wondering if you could explain what the number in cylair max factor is doing. Thanks scottu
  11. Will give that a look too. Gonna double check injectors, but I suspect I have a weak coil as well so I will change those first and then double check every thing else. Scotty
  12. I have stage 1 crow cams and my idle vac is 15 to 17 inhg
  13. The problems are slowing too return to idle and hunting at idle. I will get a datalog in the next couple of days and post it for you. Manifold size maybe an issue as well as it has a 302 manifold on it and I am unsure of it's size. The bypass shouldn't be causing an issue as it's either open or closed. That's the information I have been given by the supplier anyway. Thanks Scotty
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