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  1. Hi Roland just wondering if you could explain what the number in cylair max factor is doing. Thanks scottu
  2. Will give that a look too. Gonna double check injectors, but I suspect I have a weak coil as well so I will change those first and then double check every thing else. Scotty
  3. I have stage 1 crow cams and my idle vac is 15 to 17 inhg
  4. The problems are slowing too return to idle and hunting at idle. I will get a datalog in the next couple of days and post it for you. Manifold size maybe an issue as well as it has a 302 manifold on it and I am unsure of it's size. The bypass shouldn't be causing an issue as it's either open or closed. That's the information I have been given by the supplier anyway. Thanks Scotty
  5. Idle, return to idle are the things I am mostly unhappy with. I did have injector issues but they are dialed in pretty well now. I have got an adjustable fuel pressure reg and gauge and it's sitting on 4 bar. I am thinking it's probably more air flow issues that are giving me dramas esp with the size of the tb and the boost from the side mount.
  6. Just wanting to pick the brains of the tuners on here as to what they would be looking at tune wise for my car. It's a built boss 260 with a side mount charger, 6 spd manual, bigger throttlebody, 1000cc injectors, bigger fuel system etc. I have a tune in it that I have written and some of that tune came from a shop who tuned it previously and then I modified it in places as I wasn't happy with it and I also changed from auto to manual and changed charger brands. I am still not completely happy with and feel like I am missing something, so I was just wondering what people's thoughts were and the things they would be starting with. Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any help. Scotty
  7. scotty


    Hi Roland can I have the beta sent to me please. Thanks Scott
  8. scotty

    tactrix problems

    Ok I will check that. It's always had a pcm error.
  9. scotty

    tactrix problems

    Thanks Roland I will have a read of that post. No it's not locked, the pcm is from my sedan and was tuned by a large shop in Melb when I had the vortech supercharger in it. When i transferred the engine into my ute I used the same tune and have been trying to fine tune it with sct since.
  10. scotty

    tactrix problems

    it says it has a DTC permanent checksum error, which may make the vehicle undrivable. I have always had an error code come when i have scanned it and I always put it down to the aftermarket tune in the car, but maybe I am wrong.
  11. scotty

    tactrix problems

    Woohoo success! It wasnt the cable it was the usb port in my laptop, all good now though. On a side note i have just read the file in my car and it is telling me i have a checksum error. Any thoughts? Thanks for all the help and advice. Scotty
  12. scotty

    tactrix problems

    The territory didn't come onto work and we usually get a few Ford's in but not one last week lol. Work has been flat out so I'll have another look in the next few days.
  13. scotty

    tactrix problems

    Thanks. I just wanted to make sure it was a failure before I emailed you, I understand these things can happen if it is a faulty cable.
  14. scotty

    tactrix problems

    Thanks finnigan I will give it a go tommorow and if its a no go then I will hit them up and see what they say.
  15. scotty

    tactrix problems

    Yeah I have a territory I can try tomorrow, so I will give that a go and see what happens.
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