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  1. Hi Roland, Thanks for the input, I'll look at this as a use case to see what yields best performance, survivability. OSID HAANF doesn't seem to have such values I believe. Can you share which strategy was used or OSID? Just rebuilt a BTR 4 spd trans (ION) with various parts from the e series BTR's which have stronger internals to beef up the ION /BTR from a BA XR6 Turbo I don't want to go into too much detail as it may undermine transmission builders. I believe the main culprit for failure is due to transmission line pressure(something not new). I noticed even with new friction
  2. just reviewing an old thread, is this possible for s3 & s4 solenoid to be disabled by the PCM?
  3. Hi Roland, Thank you for your input. I changed injectors and scaled them prior to running and future proofing the injector sizing. I have managed to get the car to run well and no issues seen with somewhat stock values. My AFR's are within safe ranges when did road test observed for STFT & LTFT's prior to doing anything. I'm playing trial an error, but its a gamble as to your comments, yes I may blow the motor As to your questions, I'm at the point to place on a dyno to see also, with a tuner, this is purely for my own knowledge and appreciate your concerns. thank yo
  4. Hi there, I have installed the Raceworks INJ-154 injectors. https://www.independentmotorsports.com.au/raceworks-injector-1000cc I seem to find limited information for such injectors, so I decided to use the following values as injector scalars. Based on the attached TEC file, I reverted back to Closed loop with F6 Calibration parameters. I have tried open loop boost control based on the values requested within the how to's for FG's but noticed the car doesn't seem to feel such performance gain. I will data log the vehicle next, would the lack of expected perform
  5. Hi KyleBruh, go straight professional, well worth it with the rich features of creating stock tunes and compare feature. 1st thing I would be looking at is comparing F6 tune with xr6 turbo tune to gain an understanding of the factory calibrations that are applied. The tutorials and support are worth considering also. I started with the application being enthusiast and went professional within weeks.
  6. Thanks for your help guys, i just purchased Raceworks injector INJ-213 new with adapter plugs. I will install shortly and retune.
  7. Thanks for your informative input.I will re-adjust as suggested. @Yamonda I thought desired boost is ignored in open loop boost control? I'm in the process of changing injectors. Before I do so just wanted to see what's achievable. I will review and make adjustments. @ Roland, yes I have wide band, values are 11's and 12's under load. I have been reviewing many injectors, I would like to future proof them also. What is suitable and most suited to pcmtec community? I was looking at Bosch 110 lb injectors. With of course their data to input dead times and slopes. https:/
  8. Hello Team I have been playing with the PCMTEC software and has been a learning experience and great tool, It is very challenging and totally different to after market ECU's which i have worked and tune in the past. Mainly microtech's. I would dare to say I'm an enthusiast not a professional 🙂 . In the past I have been mainly swapping calibrations and comparing with factory values FGX, F6 and the like (ghost cam and burble ect). Now I decided to change various parameters to increase PSI to see what the car feels like, i also added some timing ~ 1 -2 degrees in the map. The mod on the
  9. abs351


    Hi Roland, would this work for Professional Version of PcmTec? IF so would you be in a position to share the logger. i have been using Forscan. thanks in Advance ABS
  10. Thanks Roland. I was looking at a total incorrect file name. pardon my error here, yes the editing part was not licensed in my tec file. in regards the TCM, thanks for the information you provided, was just curious to see what would happen. I was intrested in the FGX tune for comparisions with the standard FGMK2 tune.. feel free to remove my thread dated on 17/7/19 as incorrect information was provided. thanks
  11. Hi Team, Has anyone managed to use a FGX XR6 turbo sprint tune on a Mk2 FG XR6 turbo (HAEK4MF.HEX / BBMF)? I have performed this but noticed the car wouldnt idel or run well; i did a compare and utilzed the fuel tables, injector scalers, speed density from the FG HAEK4MF strategy. Got the car to run and obsreve AFR's on boost the car AFRS are floating arond 13's. saying this i would assume I did a compare between HAER1UB & HAEK4MF noticed injector scalars are the same? Does FGX Sprint has diffrent injectors and turbo to a FG Mk2 Xr6 Turbo? What i also noticed was, if i jus
  12. Hi Roland, thanks for youe help; (Pardon the late reply) I did the same process as outlined within this guide for the Territory Ghia Turbo SY 2006 with utilzing the same process for an F6X and it all worked well besides a few changes needed as the car wouldnt start (Drive By Wire). Thanks for your help
  13. thanks, finnigan, i do have a Wide Band, but looking at the values between both calibration, the BF Cobra runs a slightly leaner tune. yes the PcmTec is a parameter beast compared to other offshore's (SCT,HPtuners)
  14. So I have did this utilizing the BF Cobra 302KW instead of FG GT, choose a few parameters. Spark, fuel, VCT. Noticed some improvements without a Dyno.
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