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  1. yes i has removed the gm solenoid now also... and the shifts are great now
  2. its a new build the next step was going to be change the valve body and go from there
  3. it hasn't been tuned at all.. doesn't do it in manual mode or when its cold... when you have the scan tool on you can see in active data that it selects 2nd then jumps between 1st thats why i'm thinking its software..... and only light throttle it does it stick your boot in and its perfect..... its had the early oil pump fitted and running the 4l60e pressure reg
  4. i have a btr that has a mv autos valve body and billet servo.. its jumping back and forth through 1st and 2nd has anyone had this issue and what parameters did you change to sort it.. any help would be appreciated greatly
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