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  1. No changes here mate, plug and play really. I haven't looked at these settings myself, but if the table axis are the same i'd assume you'd just have to copy the FG tables to the BA if you want the "feel" of an FG throttle. Stepper motors are controlled very similarly, just the nature of how snappy and responsive they feel is different between models. Happy to be corrected if I am wrong on this.
  2. Made my own harness for next to nothing and can confirm it works. Now to make the adapter plate with countersunk screws to have it reach the same thickness as a BA\BF throttle body anyway.🤦‍♂️
  3. Before I go searching through I/O Diagrams for the FG/BF/BA Throttle Body and Part information has anyone converted a FG Throttle Body to work on a BA/BF ECU/PCM? If so, can you post up a how-to and what is required additionally software side to calibrate for voltage ranges (if they change), stepper motor PWN changes, etc.
  4. Try changing the neutral switches and rpm settings for both Auto and Manual. Basically forcing it to never see a neutral load limit. Or it could just be as simple as converting the auto trans switch logic to manual transmission?
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