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  1. Pressing F2 (and then click the parameter) during log playback will not change the names. Just tested 1.25 and looks like rename list items is only available in 2.00 when connected to the DLP in 'live' mode.
  2. Make sure to connect all unused inputs (2-8) to the black (ground) line to prevent 'flapping' neighbour signals affecting your main signal on pin 1
  3. DLP devices use the FTDI drivers which come with Windows drivers by default these days. You can check the device inside Device Manager > Ports
  4. Press F2 to enter edit mode, and then click on the name and you should get your cursor to change the name
  5. We will add lambda units (percentage %) to LTFT for next release. Histograms will allow you to apply values as a percentage of the existing map. I can't give a release date due to the large of amount of updates going into it, but can say that the histogram work is ready for internal testing
  6. Firstly read the file from your PCM. This will get the current OS and maps, plus VIN and model details. Use the the Read/Write vehicle icon to open the Flash Toolbox Save afterwards say as HACCKD5_readPCM.tec If the vehicle is not licenced, then use Licence Vehicle to licence the file. Then start the Custom OS wizard Custom OS Wizard This starts the wizard. If you have a previous custom OS in the vehicle you will need to press previous 3x to return to the main screen and start over. If you have a Mk1 FG you will need to up
  7. Previously save CSV from TEC was not supported (disabled) but I've since added this back in, but not really compared CSV files saved direct from a live session vs re-saved from a TECLOG Save CSV/TEC will save per each 50ms whatever the values were in the chart at that time (even if there were no message updates). Rawcsv only displays messages updated at that time If possible, can you post here one of your saved TECLOG files, which you then also saved the CSV from? And the TLO (layout file) you were using? I'll try and re-create here and see what I can do to improve it
  8. Matt


    We are looking into adding some of the Workshop parameters to Pro version, so will update once that has been done (in 1.23 release coming up)
  9. Introduction The data logger is build into the PCMTEC editor, and allows you to seamlessly log your vehicle, and switch between the Nagivator and Flashing windows during a logging session, and then continue logging after reflashing and restarting the vehicle. Once the Datalogger windows is opened, and the vehicle ignition turned on, the data logger will automatically connect to the Vehicle PCM: Vehicles with a ZF automatic transmission can connect also the the transmission, using the 'Trans' button External logging for recording AFRs, boost pressure or other
  10. Matt


    Just checked through these today and at this time Pro and Enthusiast have the same list of DMRs. Only Workshop contains the extra parameters
  11. Data Logger: DLP A/D converter More info https://www.dlpdesign.com/usb/io8.shtml and purchase here https://au.mouser.com/_/?Keyword=DLP-IO8-G Top section Vehicle: Connect/disconnect the PCM Trans: Connect/disconnect the ZF Transmission DLP: Connect/disconnect the DLP-IO8-G converter Start/Pause: Start / Pause live logging or playback. During pause mode you can scroll through the log whilst still recording live data Clear: Clear the current log file Smoothing: For decimal Scalar items will interpolate between read-in values to smooth t
  12. Matt


    Hi Steve When you first opened the data logger, it loaded the last opened/saved file and it had the "Save Log layout" menu available at this time. Saving layouts should only be shown when connected to the vehicle, so this has been rectified for the next release
  13. Matt


    This has now been added in today for the next release The PIDs will now all be listed in groups on the left hand panel. The charts on the right hand side can be now be manually grouped Next release you will be able to adjust the min/max height for each graph using the scroll on the Y Axis
  14. Matt


    This functionality is not supported, so you cannot save after loading a TECLOG file. The save button has been now disabled in playback mode edit: This is now fixed and will be in the next beta.
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