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  1. Hey Roland. Thanks for the speedy response. I’ve had a bit of a crack myself-I’m OK with altering my GS tune to the equivalent of a GT335 and I’ve got a waaaaay better traction control than the factory ever gave me. However, I’m certain there’s a lot more power/torque on offer with E85 and a set of tunes from an experienced workshop than I’m willing to push with my limited resources. I think I’m best to have a chat to one of the workshops who have runs on the board with your software. Cheers, Ben
  2. Hi Roland. I’m having trouble finding the auF11706 table on my FPV GS FG MK1 with HAFFAE3.hex PCM strategy. The file template level is professional.
  3. Hi Roland. I’m running pro version and the car is Mk1 GS Miami catch code HAFFAE3.
  4. Putting on Dunce hat again in advance.....I can't find auF2233 in my ROM. I seriously looked until asking potentially dumb question was my only option.
  5. Yeah thanks Roland. I actually did read your post and my question was based around the fact that my factory setting was 11, not 15. Once again, pardon the noob question. I’ll put on my dunce hat and sit in the corner now :).
  6. Pardon the noob, but my FG Mk1 has the “spark min clip” identified as auF16586. Factory setting is -11. Any big issues with setting this to -20? Everything is factory FG Mk1 GS.
  7. Awesome. Thanks Sam-I’ll have a look. Roland has hooked me up with a GT-F 351 calibration as well. Throttle stuff is as expected (80% rather than 50) but turbocharger desired limits are very different (mostly higher). I need to understand boost control strategies and transmission protection a bit better but I think there’s gains to be had here. Great info in here.
  8. Thanks Roland. I’ll check them out and let you know.
  9. Haven’t got one for a GT yet, I was comparing my FG Mk1 GS with theFG-X XR8 Sprint. If anyone finds a code for a 335 or a 351 GTF I’m all ears! Likewise I’ll share if I find something.
  10. I've been comparing the stock GS and an XR8 Sprint calibration, which was very interesting. There I was thinking I'm a frickin' genius after "uncovering" some major differences in "throttle angle (pedal position)" and "desired throttle angle". I then had a look in the forums to ensure I was using the right method to copy across changed data only to find that all the throttle position info I had "discovered" was sitting there for all to see, neatly framed in it's own thread. This place is great-I was a bit apprehensive about the purchase price of the software but just making the GS perform
  11. Hi Roland. Great info. I noticed the same thing with throttle angle by comparing my GS file to the FG-X XR8 Sprint file. I just tried to download the HAFJ1K2 calibration and it doesn't seem to be there. Do you know of another FPV 351 calibration that I could download to compare to my GS cal and the XR8 Sprint calibration (HAFK0XB)? The XR8 and FPV351 are probably very similar but I'd love to compare them just to give myself a bit more confidence before uploading the modified calibration. Thanks, Ben
  12. I see. I'll try to find a strategy that I know is from a 335 of the same model then.
  13. Hi Roland. Cheers for the quick reply! Good point-I've got no idea if the HAFFBE2 is the 335. I really don't know how many different Mk1 FG supercharged auto tunes are out there. I guess I just assumed that if it's different to the code for my GS then there's not too many other options out there. Please set me straight if I'm wrong as I'm here to learn. Here's the difference: Thanks, Ben
  14. Hey Guys, I've recently bought an FG Mk1 GS with the 315kW Miami supercharged engine. I'm hoping to do a few tweaks here and there and I've got a bit of experience tuning my own cars (got great results using RomRaider in my Subaru which has seen bulk track time). I've purchased the professional license and I'm hoping to firstly upgrade the 315kW tune to at least match the FG MK1 GT335 state of tune. I've downloaded the Mk1 supercharged auto file (HAFFBE2) and I've extracted and licensed the file from my GS (HAFFAE3). If I've done things correctly, there is bugger-all difference betwe
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