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  1. Thanks for the reply's, got it working and was able to sort what i needed, it read all the required modules.
  2. Does forscan work with the tatrix?
  3. Thanks Roland, what option would you suggest for BA NA car that has been converted to Turbo, still via power steering pressure sensor?
  4. Has this been verified & able to work for e85 flex tune?
  5. Yes speedo works, & cruise control turns on.
  6. Cant find these tables in HAEDLJ5. Are these workshop version only?
  7. Hi have put a glide into an FG and now cruise control doesn't work, car was a manual and have bridged the clutch switch. Guessing changing the speed source somewhere might be the solution?
  8. Haven't had a play yet other than a normal ZF tune for the torque, pressure & shift timing. Wanted to see how the car behaved with stock values and seems to be fine. I have noticed that the shifts are somewhat smoother (not as sporty) probably due to the additional slip characteristics of the converter. Will find some time to tune it with some more slip in first and lock on hard from there. Need to test a few lock/unlock options at the track.
  9. Hi, had a spare TCE laying around so put it into the Mrs TTG on the weekend for a bit of fun. Can hit 3000rpm while stationary now. Has anyone had any experience with changing lock & unlock behaviors with higher stall converters? Most of what I've read when using other products there doesn't appear to be a way to fully lock or unlock when using the obvious tables.
  10. Yep worked as expected. The error cam about due to ignition barrel falling apart and then a replacement was installed. We tried parameter rest with a Snap On (which has worked before) but had no luck this time for some reason.
  11. Hi, Hi I am an trying to help a mate with a with a BA XR6 Turbo & has a security code error & car won't start, I was going to do the PATS disable as per forum guide. Question is will his speedo & dash cluster still function? We are no worried about the radio working etc..... Cheers
  12. ok, so if I use a spare turbo converter I have and upgrade the clutch packs in the NA box it should be as good if not better than a turbo box? Changing the calibrations to suit is easy with #pcmtech
  13. Thanks Roland & Whiteford... I may now have to reconsider my options as i thought the NA & turbo box was the same in the AWD models. Having trouble finding an awd turbo box. Cheers... Will keep you posted.
  14. Hi, I currently have a turbo territory that has had the ZF fail as a result of the "ZF milkshake". I have sourced an AWD Territory NA ZF & wondering if i can flash it or make it work with the original car ecu/pcm? (I assuming here that the milkshaked tcm/megatrocnis unit will be stuffed) So is it possible? & whats the recommended process to perform this software update for the replacement ZF to work? Thanks
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