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  1. Can confirm it works, transferred over everything from a FG PCM to BF PCM and it runs flawless, just note I have the professional version not the workshop so I wasn’t able to do everything Possible unfortunately, btw is a Fg motor, BA Loom, repined to BF PCM with ba throttle and throttle body
  2. Well yeah guess that works haha will let you know soon
  3. Yes I was asking if I had changed them does it just change it in pcmtech or would it modify it in the pcm itself aswell
  4. Pretty much the image has whats needed but if i was to copy the table exactly from the FG Pcm to the BF PCM including ROW and Column Numbers would it work or doesn't the row and column numbers get flashed to the pcm, cheeers
  5. G'Day Ive recently converted my Ba to a FG motor, its up and running no problems apart from fuel consumption, i am about to upgrade to the Pro Version of PCMtec, and i was wondering what things will i have to look out for or specifically do to Transfer Spark and Fuel maps from a FG to a BA, im using a complete FG motor intake and all, Ive only swapped the BA Tb and TMAP over but using the FG Fuel Injectors. Thanks For The Help
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