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  1. What have people here done to get that aggressive cold start idle, such as m spec BMW's, which have high idle rpm and retarded timing? I've played around with some idle air multipliers but would like it more aggressive if possible
  2. Is there any future provision to release an app, whether on the app store or not, to actually load tune files from android to the vehicle? Other vehicles like BMW are able to be flashed using a simple app, would be pretty cool to have a feature to load custom maps on your phone, and flash them as required.
  3. Just to point out the sprint have different axis that need to be modified, which I didn't realise. I have updated the X and y axis to suit and will test them out tomorrow
  4. Just out of experimenting, I would think my engine is iutputting torque values closer to say a sprint engine(higher comp, bigger turbo) compared to an earlier FG xr6t having a smaller turbo. If I input the engine torque values, I do notice some differences straight away, gear shifts are a lot quicker/ firmer with the sprint engine torque values present.
  5. Just simply wanted to match what the engine is iutputting, being modified I would have thought they would be slightly different?
  6. What is the best way to calculate torque calculation and inverse torque tables?
  7. Is there a way to revert bulk changed units back to factory? I'm finding that if I change say temperature to C instead of f, when I compare a file it brings up that anything with a temperature table has changes, which obviously don't. Thanks
  8. Just wondering if you can relink one zf transmission to another vehicle? Say FG xr6t mk1 vehicle but fit a transmission from an xr6t mk2? Does the zf TCM need recalibrating or is it just an easy swap over basis
  9. I still haven't had a chance to test anything yet. Been flat out with other things as of lately. Over the next couple of weeks I will start to experiment a bit with it. Any findings that's positive I will update in here
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