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  1. in regards to this, if we change the values to say 1 in all instances, would that mean that the cylinder cut would be quite short?
  2. Just to update, if you modify the idle spark tables (normally have values of 60deg) it will change the idle spark value. Say if you set it to 10 deg, it will command 10 deg and adjust throttle to keep it at 10 deg idle spark
  3. on the topic of timing maps, what is better. i already have my high load borderline knock timing pretty good, but regarding blk lambda correction, would it be better to leave it 0 or reapply the lambda correction table, and adjust the borderline knock table (as in minus at given load and commanded lambda the relevant spark adder) to suit, so that the spark will be optimised for the lamda correction values? or is it a 6 to one half dozen to the other situation?
  4. that is true. would love a dyno and endless hours, id be on it everyday to steady state tune if i could. but surely someone has done it or at least done a haltech and transferred over the data from that as you could steady state tune quite quickly
  5. mainly this part of the map that i am trying to fine tune. as you can see if i were to work with the factory map for my vehicle, thats quite aggressive compared to the other 2, by far. the other 2 maps are a lot less aggressive but also have larger turbos, which i would have thought less heat, less chance of detonation, and more chance of advancing timing closer to mbt
  6. I'm just trying to fine tune the transition parts of the map. Wot load and timing seems pretty happy with no if not much knock retard (less than 1deg)
  7. Cheers for that. My current setup is a pte6235, so slightly bigger then the f6 and sprint file. Currently is around the 400rwkw mark. Peak load around 2.2, but steady around 2.1 load Also having said that, all spark adders and modifiers between all 3 maps are the same. Hence my confusion why such a drastic difference between all 3 BLK maps.
  8. ive been looking at the stock spark maps for an fg xr6 turbo, f6 and sprint. ive reinterpolated all axis for the spark tables so that i can compare them, but im a bit confused as to the reasoning behind why ford have done what they have done... as you can see, the xr6t has a far more aggressive spark map, compared to the f6, and the sprint is even more sedate in terms of spark calibration. now when trying to build from a map and modify, which spark map is a better platform to work with? does the lower spark in some lower load cells help turbo spool as seen in the f6 and sprint?
  9. In regards to the sprint MBT tables, reason for asking whether being able to use them or stick with the stock ones is that the sprint uses the same engine as the xr6t, but with the f6 turbo, so essentially if running a turbo similar size to that of a gt3582 with the same compression ratio of the engine, would it be more accurate?
  10. Cheers. I've had a read through those threads. They are a good read.
  11. How does ford calculate MBT timing from factory? Is it based off race fuel at a certain temperature? With ethanol unlikely to reach knock in lower loads (0-1.5 loads etc) should we be aiming to achieve MBT in our borderline knock table, obviously logging knock retard to make sure it's all ok? Also with running a bigger turbo than standard (FG xr) is it better to use MBT calibrations from the vehicle it is designed for or to use one say from an f6 or sprint that have the higher loads already and reinterpolated to suit any load scale adjustments?
  12. When are you expecting histograms to be available? Very keen to look at if there's beta versions
  13. Trying to find a catch code for a fgx g6e turbo, but the tear tag is not working EAJA ER2G-14C20A-AJA SOFTWARE code. 2015 fgx 6cyl turbo
  14. have removed the rear o2 sensor to put in place a wideband. what scalers need to be adjusted to stop the engine light coming on?
  15. That's a fair reply. It's working great nevertheless. Keep it up 👌
  16. On the questions regarding data logging, is there any tips/ tricks with the logging. As in is there a way to lock the scaling in so that everything you log, you do not have to move/ scale each PID. Also can you change the order listing of the pids, can you have all the logging expand to full size height based on min/ max values etc. I guess I'm used to looking at logs on live link, where if you select a PID, it's automatically rescaled to max height and overlapped selected pids. Will there be histograms that will be available also?
  17. Don't worry. Worked it out
  18. Logging map in the datalogger, what is the units of measurement? I am logging readings of 70-65, which the vehicle is tuned for around 18-20psi. I can't work out how to convert to psi from the logged measurements
  19. Well, at first I manually went through each table that corresponds. After it failed I did the above method and it seemed to work.
  20. So I just started from scratch and redid all the axis and values, and no more issues. Maybe a glitch
  21. has anyone had any issues rescaling borderline knock and mbt spark tables and had issues with gear shift flaring when cold? have re scaled only the 2 tables and all of a sudden my shifts are flaring all gear shifts. reload original unscaled file, shifts perfect. reload rescaled file, shifts flaring until at operating temperatures any help would be appreciated
  22. Is this only available to workshop users? Or can professional users have access to this setup?
  23. In the very first post, you said you can get some lump without forcing the cam into wot mode, but by setting both inlet and exhaust overlap to 50deg. Are these tables you refered to just the idle inlet and exhaust overlap settings? Just trying something different that's all
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