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  1. I think you should have a copy of both my files already in the chat from last time
  2. I simply open my E85 file, compare to my 98 file and click no for partial load. Then you can see the difference, although opening both files separately shows they are the same value. I noticed that if I click yes to partial load, it does not show these glitch settings too
  3. ive been noticing that some of the compare views are not accurate. example, if i have one file and compare view with another, change a few settings, save and close. the next time i compare the same 2 files, there are multiple items that have been changed. ive been getting random values change in drive by wire, speed density tables and other tables that say are different, but if i open up the file im comparing to in a separate editor, there is no diference. makes compare view render useless if its not accurate. example. if i open tune a and compare to tune b, i am seeing a difference in sixth gear minimum ratio 0.514 compared to -27.778 if i open both files separaely and view this same scalor, they are both at 0.514 this also happens on many other tables as well
  4. I haven't had a chance yet. Will test within the next couple of weeks and let you know how it goes
  5. For minimum idle airflow in gear, use auf0030?
  6. Can you have this active at say above 3000rpm only so it's still drivable on the road under normal conditions? As in only have open loop fuel above 3000rpm and closed loop under 3000 rpm?
  7. Is there a way to have an antilag feature for deceleration conditions?
  8. I did have a read through that topic, but I think there are some tables that are not visible with the professional version
  9. On the topic of zf shifting, how does one achieve this type of shifting where it looks like fuel is not cut and only ignition is cut, or can you get a 100% ignition cut without fuel cut on shifts? Video to explain or show what I mean. Under normal driving in manual mode, I can see ignition timing dips to -25 deg but under hard throttle, ignition cut doesn't seem to be as much cut
  10. Doesn't pcmtec have an oss calculator based of engine speed and rpm within the program?
  11. Ok. So setting this to 0 would cut all injectors at once during a gear shift?
  12. What are the options available for selection for auf11992 - type of cyl cut during zf gear change 0, const number, 1, even number... And what is the differences between them? From what I can see, earlier FG xr6t have a value of 1 and the XR6 sprint has a value of 3, but there's no description for this scalar
  13. I did also notice when you close a compare file, the program freezes briefly but comes good in a sec. Might be a little glitch
  14. Since the new update, the compare view is not working for the torque management settings, as in last version you could see current, stock and compare settings side by side, now it only shows the one table and you have to select from the drop down menu which view you want to see
  15. So just make sure you stop data logging when flashing? Thanks mate
  16. Has anyone used an obd port double adaptor without any issues? I have my sct x4 plugged into one port, am I able to flash with the the other port without causing any issues to the sct x4? So I can log and flash without the need to constantly unplug one obd plug and swapping them all the time?
  17. so do you need to put a resistor in place so that it does not go over 3.8v or is running up to 5v ok?
  18. In the custom os file, what is automatic two step configuration, and how are the 2 options different between each other?
  19. when wiring in the switch into the circuit a37, is that to ground or to a 5v source? and if its to a 5v source, where are you getting the source voltage from?
  20. Well that can't be correct. The abs sensors would be going nuts thinking your rear end is faster than the front. Most vehicles have maybe 2% tollerance before the abs sensors realise there is an issue and shut down the abs module from working.
  21. The rears are way too big for the front. Do you mean 275/35/19?
  22. If it's plug and play, it shouldn't have any effect of the tune file itself. Should revert back to stock after you remove it. Maybe try clearing KAM and see if this helps
  23. can see towards the end where it drops down to 500rpm. and the test 2 actually stalls at the end of the log. if you see what could be causing it, please do let me know so i can better understand what im looking at datalog_ghost_cam.csv ghost_cam_test_2.csv
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