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  1. I'll have a look when I get back from work what file I used off memory it was the bf file and mine is a 03 xr6t so won't see why it won't work on newer mate
  2. This is a video of mine in my ba xr6t 4 speed it cuts out sometimes but I played with it abit received_455020408568009.mp4
  3. Yes I did actually just seeing if I can get the best scalings available so that I'm closer to fuel trims I'll upload my file a little later that I ayed with
  4. Yes I found a thread from 2018 about scaling the dekas this is what I found apparently nascar America run the 60lb and 80lb so must be reasonable I'm hoping to tune mine for 12psi actuator I just installed so I'm wanting to scale the dekas and then play with the boost I already have a larger front mount cooler Gt3582 ba xr6t 3 inch to 3.5 inch exhaust 12psi actuator came with extra springs Deka 650 60lb injectors currently run bosh 42lb but thought I'd give it head room Walbro 450 fuel pump Still have a 4 speed auto in it so would be nice to find a fil
  5. Can we get a injector database going for all tried injectors currently running 42lb bosh Green injectors on 58psi fuel pressure Need Information for Siemens 60lb injectors on that base pressure in the ba xr6t Would be nice to have a sticky going like on the evo forum
  6. It's a ba ecu with a bf f6 rom flashed in out of a 6 speed manual but I have changed it to work with the 4 speed auto only found in the ba falcons
  7. Got these resurts on my ba xr6t auto VID_20190525_163924.mp4
  8. Mate if this helps I'm running a ba xr6t with a 4 speed auto on a manual bf f6 typhoon tune and I got it shifting the auto box properly and have got ghost cams played with bit better timing in the vct setup too
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