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  1. Yeah, I've got a lot of useless parameters in there haha
  2. That's weird cause I saved to csv directly after logging... I'm on 1.25. Didn't even know that was an issue. I'm logging SAFTOT, I think that's the final spark timing? I'm probably wrong though.
  3. Ill give that a go now and work from there Okay cool, I'll lean it out a little and aim for 0.84, thanks for the advice! I've attached the log file and the raw audio 24-05-2021 08-18-38 PM Log.zip
  4. The factory knock system shows knock on the SPK_ADD_LIM param but not on the SPKAD_IND_AVG param. I'd say so, I've got the bosch knock sensor for my knockears bolted as shown in the picture attached, its probably too far down to get a good reading. They have filtering, but it can be turned off. I'll post up a clip tonight or tomorrow. Thanks!
  5. Yeah I thought it might not have been good at that timing so I stopped and asked 😁 I’ll have a look tomorrow at my knock setup, I’ll try moving the sensor and tuning it and my ears. Thanks for the help! Also, around the hat afr are you running? I’m running around 0.8 lambda on E85 and 98, but I’ve heard it’s okay to go a bit leaner for E85. I’ve been scared to lean it out any more so I’ve just kept it there for a bit of safety.
  6. Hey, I've been tuning spark on my FGX XR6 Turbo and my knock ears are showing some sort of 'phantom knock' on E85. I've done 2 runs, one with 0deg timing at 17 psi boost (around 2.15 on the spark load) around 5k rpm and it sounds like its knocking but I'm pretty sure its not. What sort of timing is everyone else running around that load and rpm level, that'd help me figure out about where knock starts. I'm just going to have to drive the car easy until I figure out what's going on. Thanks, Dylan
  7. That makes sense as to why it wasn't on my mates car, I found it on mine though. I've just been playing around with both of those scalars and have found auF2714 'Calibrateable wastegate duty cycle when gear change is in progress' to do nothing that I can notice or see in the data logs. On the other hand when I adjust auF3002 'Change in spark adder to waste gate duty cycle', it makes my car bounce between 0 and 1 WGDC (Images Below). I'm not too sure if its because my car uses an injector cut mainly instead of spark retard, but that doesn't explain why it oscillates while on boost. 17.5PSI Gear Change Clip - Spark Delta.csv
  8. Hey guys, I can’t find the auF2714 and the auF3002 tables/scalars on my strategy (HACCKA5). Not sure if there’s any other tables on later falcons or not...
  9. That would be why haha. I remember changing the units of pressure to psi before I added flex fuel to my custom os. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. So I've been getting my car setup on flex fuel and have noticed an issue with the desired boost not matching the actual boost, causing closed loop wastegate control to lock the boost at wastegate spring pressure. I've fiddled with it a bit and have found that around 2x desired boost (desired boost at 32psi desired boost, the datalogged boost error will reach 0psi at around 16psi boost pressure (~31psi MAP)) I'm not too sure whats going on here, maybe with the e85 tables its trying to reach the specific MAP pressure where as on 98 its trying to use the relative boost pressure? Thanks!
  11. It doesn't really show much as my LTFT and STFT are both disabled. And I don't have a O2 sensor plugged in either Cam Timing 01.csv
  12. I have a similar issue with my car and a mates car. When I try to tune the injectors to a different fuel pressure or when I have different injectors and fuel pressure I get decent lambda on idle but goes very rich when the throttle is touched. I've checked the fuel pressure and it is rock solid (using a GFB FPR), disabled closed loop fuel. STFT, LTFT and commanded lambda is dead on 1.00. Also when I data log the the injector pulse width hardly changes (1.6667% to 1.9444% duty cycle) I'm stumped at the moment, I've checked everything, gone through all the forum posts and tried everything I can think of, but I know I'm missing something. Any help would be very greatly appreciated! Video
  13. Awesome thanks for the info, I'll have a play around with it tonight and see what I can find!
  14. I was just looking into the zf gear change on my FG X, I saw this parameter (auF11992) but it looks like the description is cutoff. I also opened up my FG NA tune I had on my old car, and found this scalar set to 2. Does anyone have any info on what this scalar does and any of the others on this page? Thanks!
  15. What is this live tuning you are talking about? Multi-tune or actually being able to change parameters without having to upload with the car off?
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