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  1. what mod's are done to your car is it manual or Auto ? what model car is it ?
  2. Lucky

    ZF shift event

    that would explain why i couldnt find them then, around 3-4 PSI spike when it changes gear in the higher rpm less in lower range all depending on how hard the foots on the pedal. the rear turbo housing is still stock so might be time to get that ported to assist with some venting
  3. Lucky

    ZF shift event

    Hey Roland just reading the above info I also have a boost spike that happens between gear changes what parameters can be changed to help with this issue, i noticed you mentioned Just drop the duty cycle to 0% during a shift, that will stop it spiking. where would i find this option to adjust I also have a turbo territory it wasn't a problem until the highflow Cat went in ?
  4. Hey Roland Once you disable closed look does it then use the above table all the time with the new Data Logger is it possible to log the Throttle AD counts? so that you can tune each row Lambda against RPM
  5. Hey Roland in regards to the above ( You can then put 1.07 or higher (experiment) in the requested lambda at cruise to get even better economy) what area of the Fuel MAP would you be adjusting would it be in the 100 - 200 range between 1500 rpm and 2500 rpm ?
  6. Lucky


    Hey Roland when you were data logging did you get speed reading using - VSPD ? i tried it but did not record anything
  7. no the readings is actually turbo territory stock read from my car but i have now changed it to a front mount intercooler so im guessing as stock intercooler pipe run is a lot shorter hence not as large adjustments, so i should probably change these to a BF turbo settings instead
  8. hey guys just reviewing the above can anyone tell me what Auf0286 does the above is completely different than in my car just wondering why 1850 600 1900 600 1950 500 2000 400 2250 300 3000 225 3500 160
  9. Lucky


    Thanks @finnigan001 just playing with the data logging now it is slightly overwhelming when you first open it up as there is so many options, I also tried the waste gate ones and didn't seem to record anything, do you know which one is for manifold pressure in PSI ? I think your above list is spot on with a few extras like car speed and boost pressure
  10. Hey Roland just getting my head around how the system works can you confirm the following the car uses open loopDuty Cycle from idle up until it reaches its set point ? at what point does it then change to reference and use the Desired boost Map ? is the Ford Open loop the same as after market boost controllers Eboost or similar and is the Duty cycle table set that 1 is waste gate closed and lower numbers are opening the gate with 0 being waste gate completely open. Does the car then adjust it fueling for AFR on set table Auf0172 which is in Lambda 1 = 14.7AFR if the boost preassure is raised via Openloop duty cycle the car will self adjust based on the set AFR in table Auf0172 or are there other tables that need to be adjusted obviously timing needs to be checked also for detonation.
  11. Hey Guys new here hoping someone could assist or point me in the right direction, i'm trying to adjust my idle up in drive my car its a 2006 territory turbo running an FG manifold and throttle body. I have gone to the idle section and made adjustments and made many attempts and altering but nothing seems to have any effect my car consistently will idle at 600rpm to 625rpm even when settings are changed. the adjustments for car in netural all work fine but not in drive. any input would be appreciated. tec file attached adjust 1 HACH3AA.tec
  12. hey guys just wondering if you can adjust some parameters to replicate the REV High throttle controller with in PCMTec software as I cant buy one for my car apparently they dont make them for 2006 ford territory turbo's, and if so what tables would i need to play with ?
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