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  1. Well guys I got it sorted out finally .. Cheers Barry in SA..
  2. Hi please help if you can.. I need to know if a bf ecu can accept VSS from rear trans sender.NO ABS I have a bf transplanted into my coaster (camper) manual ,but rpm limited to 3500.scan says P0500..ie no signal.. Any help much appreciated.BARRY IN SA.
  3. HI ALL,,I am an 80 y,,,/old mechanic (old school) but like electronics too.But,cannot,program ecu,s. To explain my situation I have fitted a 05 Falcon 6cyl Barra engine &manual trans,into my Toyota coaster bus( my camper).no worries wiring with the ecu from a manual bf.as per motor. My problem is I want to use the ba bf cluster ok most things are working rev counter warning lights etc,BUT NO SPEEDO,HAVE REAT OF TRANS VSS,or OSS,TESTED,FOR PULSE .SIGNAL TO ECU BO7PIN. COULD SOME HERE PLEASE TELL ME WHATS WRONG,(ie) Can the cluster work in this stand alone situation,with ecu,pcm,only???..... A very frustrated old feller in SA BARRY..
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