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  1. Mines the same hahah. Afr in dlp1 and fuel pressure dlp2! Absolutely brilliant for figuring out whats limiting your setup.
  2. all good mate, thanks for the help.
  3. I'll give it a try Tonight. Is the limit adjustable? Would you happen to know where I would find it?
  4. yeah right. makes sense. the code is P0325 - Knock Sensor 1 Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1 or Single Sensor) funny thing is that it only threw the code back up when i returned the knock data/sensitivity back to stock. when i was using my desensitised settings it didnt throw the code.
  5. It's a knock sensor fault code 😕
  6. i have a file from the same setup but unsure if it was any good. sucked it out of the xr8 when it popped an engine
  7. fresh from tonight. i dont remember if i went 100% throttle or just cruised but im sure the log will show. p.s dont laugh at my tune lol, its a bf gassy with studs and springs with a pulsar 3584. 04-06-2021 05-50-33 PM Log for pcmtec forum.teclog PCM92CA 4.6.21 chasing that 4. tipin off.tec
  8. Will do another log tonight. You can feel the difference in response/power. I believe it is yes, but I'll post the tune and log tonight.
  9. Still haven't figured this out. All torque reduction is stock, all knock sensor data is stock. It seems to be related to load. Anything under 1.0 load it'll pull half of what the max retard limit is. Anything over and it pulls the full amount. Have confirmed 100% no knock. Im assuming it's some sort of torque reduction. It only happens after I give it a quick squirt then it does it untill I turn it off and on again.
  10. anyone else ever had this issue? my pcm is pulling 2deg as soon as i touch the throttle. there is no knock, at all... not quite sure whats going on 😕 log attached 01-06-2021 07-06-31 PM Log pulling timing for no reason.teclog
  11. awkw? please tell me its in a territory as to your timing dolan, i try to stay above 5deg, egts will get too much and you'll melt something. what puffwagon said is spot on.
  12. Beautiful. I'll probably end up removing the sensor and fitting a gauge then
  13. Shouldn't be, nothing was changed in the tune during the engine swap.
  14. Hey guys, this will be a long one! I recently swapped engines in my turbo territory. We left the loom on the inlet manifold as we removed it. There is no damage as far as I can see. New engine has gone in and runs like a champ. Except I'm getting very odd codes. Code P0520 (oil pressure switch/circut fault) and P0196 (oil temperature sensor out of range) We have tested the engine with a mechanical gauge and it has good pressure. Have replaced the pressure sensor as a precaution. No change. So I was wonder if I turned off the codes would the VCT still work as the ecu has no reference as to pressure or temp. Cheers, Tyler.
  15. Also the multi tune is locked to the tuner (so I've been told by Roland I think) so it'd need to be relicensed by the new tuner wich would be 10 credits ($550)
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