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  1. thats brilliant. on 98 still too i think you mentioned. where did you get your knock detection gear if you dont mind me asking.
  2. Yeah I need to get mine on the dyno again. It's around 15psi at the moment as I've said above but I've had it on 18psi for afew weeks. I got scared of the skinny rods. Although I've been told they'll do 350kw on e85 apparently.
  3. yeah exactly. the engines seen 22psi (by accident of course) but didnt pop. short of removing engine and pulling the sump to check ill just assume it has the skinny rods and be thankful one didnt exit on that over boost.
  4. i have a bf s1 so im abit concerned to go past 15-16psi. on e85 ive got around 16 degrees in it, seems happy there. unsure of how much illl get away with on 98.
  5. just quickly, not sure if its related but when my BF abs sensor failed (drivers side front) my zf wouldnt shift in drive. only i could shift it in sport.
  6. hmm ive had a quick search and i cant find it there
  7. hey guys, can someone point me in the right direction. sometimes ill be driving along and all of a sudden my widebands saying 12.3afr and the data log shows fuel source as 'ego monitering' anyone know how to turn it off haha. bf falcon using the multi tune OS. cheers Tyler
  8. just wondering who's done the ghost cam using spark only on the v8 engines and would be willing to share how they did it? unfortunately i don't have one to test on at the moment.
  9. hey guys, i was tuning my bf xr6t on e85 yesterday and it got me thinking. what's the most timing you've seen a stock barra take on e85 at say 10psi-19psi? mine kept making power far past what i thought itd take, even on e85!! 19deg high in the rpm range and still climbing at 18psi! i got nervous and stopped hahaha
  10. That would be brilliant, thank you.
  11. hey guys, im finally starting to do zf tuning on my own car. but im unsure of where to start. ive compared a bf f6 file to my own and theres no difference apparently. im not asking to be told how to do it, more pointed in the right directrion. i dont want to jump in adjusting random stuff and destroying my box.
  12. @Puffwagon i could kiss you! replaced NB with spare and its perfect!! no melted wires but mustve been damaged in some way!! funny, it looks almost.... oh well fixed!! @Roland@pcmtecthanks for the help!
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