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  1. Also the multi tune is locked to the tuner (so I've been told by Roland I think) so it'd need to be relicensed by the new tuner wich would be 10 credits ($550)
  2. Mitch I believe I've been talking to your mate a about your car. Multi tune white FG yeah? If so you'll need the workshop version of pcmtec to licence the multi tune OS. Inbox me if need be bud.
  3. actually an auto car (HAAMFA5) i was doing some testing with. it is in neutral though. we were just testing how aggressive i could make it as a rev limiter. works beautiful as a "launch control" function on the multi tune with a big stally. will have videos soon enough. just don't have too much spare time at the minute
  4. This is what I put together, works well. Mainly used in manual setups. Yet to test in an auto with a big stally. received_476170587032248.mp4
  5. if you dont mind me asking, how did you turn off the lock up?
  6. Hey guys, anyone know of a dyno in Sydney that I could hire? I haven't operated one before but I assume the owner would want to anyhow as Thier such an expensive peice of equipment.
  7. Mine isn't happy. I wouldn't think not having them looped to stop signal float would stop it connecting
  8. not rushing you or anything, but how's it coming?
  9. definitely looks like cat falling apart. what's the verdict?
  10. I'll do some testing in the new year. See what I can make work.
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