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  1. not rushing you or anything, but how's it coming?
  2. definitely looks like cat falling apart. what's the verdict?
  3. I'll do some testing in the new year. See what I can make work.
  4. yeah im unsure of how i didnt get it before. although in my defence i drove 9 hours straight before hand
  5. hey guys, just after abit of guidance, ive had a pcm sent to me to be reflashed after the customer had flashed it with the wrong file (for a different car). he's sent me the pictures of the tear tags. I've had a look through the strategy list and haven't found the correct one. i don't want to flash it with just another G6E turbo file only to send it back to him and have the TCM calibrations be wrong. ill post a picture of the tags in a minute. thanks guys.
  6. You'll also need to change your plenum volume. I believe the speed density will be off as is.
  7. Apparently I couldn't be so lucky. After some research I've seen that the Bosch 1680s I'm using have issues with heat.. apparently. I'll post a link shortly .
  8. Loose wire on relay, alt wasn't charging properly ect. Like I said Though, it's only been a day.
  9. A day later and all is well.. fuel is perfect still. Almost time to get back on the dyno and start adding timing 😆😆
  10. All sorted. Was a combination of things. One mechanical issue (loose wire from relay). All seems well but we'll find out over the next week
  11. measuring vs boost. i didn't adjust fuelling at all yesterday. just drove it and let it get pretty warm. it started off rich, then got to the point of matching my commanded fuel at WOT. but then i kept driving it. and it got leaner. my commanded is 0.80 lambda at wide open. when it got warmer (driving for two hours straight) it got to 0.84+ something seriously dumb is happening.
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