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  1. all sorted guys, thank you very much.
  2. do you have a manual calibration by any chance??
  3. I'll check it all through the week. Judging by the car and the fact that the owner did the conversion himself I'd say it's got all the auto loom still.
  4. hey guys, had a customer come in today for ghost cams. just finished up the tune and he mentioned the throttle hangs. he mentioned it was an auto converted to manual and been adjusted by another tuner. Ive had a look through the file and haven't spotted anything out of place. attached is the file (2005 BF xr6) HACCKAB ghost cam 1.0.tec
  5. i know this post is old but im curious, did you get any takers? im about 4 hours north of you. i wish i spotted this when you posted it! im currently trying to open my own shop on the mid north coast. Cheers, Tyler.
  6. so howd this go? anyone get flames?? doesnt turning torque managment off do some silly stuff??
  7. what file did you use for the ba btr? i was looking at ghost cams but i havent found a bf xr6t btr file to use.
  8. i dont have the stock one as its a na+t build. auto btr, stock na engine with stock xr6t gear. mods are walbro 460, random injectors, monza cooler. thats about it so far. on e85 aswell.
  9. hey guys, just wondering if there's anyway to bring boost on quicker through the tune, obviously the size of the rear housing plays a massive part but im sure someone has some tricks to make it come on abit quicker and maybe more aggressively. abit of context, im not using stock boost control. im using a gfb gforce 2. im still a noob at all this so hopefully im not sounding too inexperienced hahaha. cheers, Tyler.
  10. turns out all thats turned off already so there must be another issue. ill keep searching but so far except for this issue its doing quite well on such cheap injectors
  11. Oh I didn’t think of that! Thanks very much! I’ll look into that!
  12. Afrs are smooth now I’ve worked out slopes. Drives like stock almost! I thought the same about the pressure vs flow but the numbers I’ve ended up with are a fair bit away from 1000cc data. Only issue I’m having now is that after a full throttle run down the track it stays very very rich after I lift throttle and start coasting. Does it for roughly 10 seconds. I’m going to re read the injector data post and see what I’ve missed.
  13. i have worked them out now. theyre more like 1600cc at 4 bar. yes, they are cheap crap. but they were free haha. i have a spare engine so im just gonna test with them. see what happens. so far good results. its on e85 now, no issues at all.
  14. Hey guys! I recently fitted some 1000cc injectors to my ba xr6t. I didn’t get any data with them. I used the data from the “how to” of scaling injectors. It runs! Not badly either. Afrs swing around abit but cruise isn’t terrible and wot is 9.0! Just wondering what I should do next to get it closer to perfect! Now keep in mind I’m a beginner, never done a injector swap before so I’m sorry if I don’t understand the first time haha. Here’s a pic of my injector data.
  15. Yep mines also a ba. I’ve turned kr limit down to 4 to stop it pulling too much and killing the fun. I haven’t hear any knock.
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