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  1. Will check, I don't think so actually.
  2. Update. Stock NA closed loop tables did not fix the problem. Its definitely a drive by wire or torque control issue, the throttle won't maintain gradual increases or decreases, its as if the throttle applies too much, then snaps back. Not sure what the fix is at this point. I notice the engine will do it without cruise enabled, driving on a flat surface and steady throttle the throttle modulates without peddle input.
  3. Been having this issue as well, hunting during cruise, mainly over 100km/h. I fixed it by reverting back to the stock closed loop peak to peak amplitude settings, auF3245. The engine did not like the turbo settings.
  4. Agreed. There's no trickery to this, I dont think I've extended the DFCO enable time. The flames on trailing throttle on started to occur after I changed the mid section of the exhaust post dump pipe to 4", going through 5" cat body, back to single 4" muffler, then into single 3.5" over the diff. Prior to that I had a twin 2.5" cat setup and it wouldn't throw flames during trailing throttle.
  5. Thanks. Doing some reading elsewhere that is what is also suggested. I'm data logging around 1 deg KR during cruise with the stock MBT tables with the built engine so I know I need to adjust the sensitivity.
  6. Bump. How can sensitivity be reduced?
  7. You need to compare your file against another file where the 2-1 bump isn't happening and compare any 2-1 shift settings. I'd be looking at shift times, slip times, pressures and the 2-1 shift/lock schedule. The easiest thing to do would to increase the 2-1 shift speed to say 10-15km/h and see if that makes a difference to the bump.
  8. No as I believe the PCM hardware is different.
  9. The other question is have you changed the MAP sensor to a 2bar or 3 bar sensor?
  10. Have you compared to a turbo calibration? auF0050 set to 0.9 auF0049 set to 0 (to disable anticipated are charge Logic) These are the setting for HAEK4PE (FG F6 auto calibration)
  11. My stock ZF lasted 20,000kms behind 511rwkw in my G6ET on E85. Sometimes is luck of the draw..........
  12. If the torque limiting was disabled on the previous tune then I'd say your gearbox is probably 80% rooted. The ZF behind a stock I6T wont last with torque management switched off.
  13. Yep. And the opinion of one of the best ZF trans builders in the country who's done hundreds of rebuilds. The adaptive reset down not override the necessity to run a trans in after a rebuild. Period.
  14. There was a procedure for the 4 speed ION transmission in the Falcons to reset the transmission after a repair. From memory it required specific gear positions for a set time in P, R, N & D to reset the learning function of the new or reconditioned box. I accept what you say, and this is what the ZF needs, the reset adaptive function does not do this unfortunately.
  15. No RAW data. Only confirmation from having gone from a trans slipping on the 3-4 shift to a rebuilt trans with harsh initial gearshifts. The 'reset' does not do a full reset or memory clear from our observations. Have seen this with other rebuilt transmissions as well. There is a run in procedure that needs to be followed to allow the trans to relearn.
  16. If you've had a trans rebuilt (like I have), then I would heed the advice given and that is to do as much stop start driving as possible at low speeds (below 100km/h) and avoid as much WOT and kickdown for at least 500kms. I've done 2000k since my trans rebuild with Monsta Torque. I'm using the HAEK4PE trans calibration as in my opinion this is the best ZF calibration out of the FG's for the I6T. I've played with HAER1UB but I've noticed too much banging during upshifts at WOT. It's just not as well behaved as the FG F6 trans calibration.
  17. I've discussed this with another tuner and we're of the opinion this 'reset adaptive' does not reset the learned wear rate of the gearbox.
  18. Correct. That's the radio box you can tick/untick. This function does not reset the clutch wear parameters in the trans.
  19. Update. The PCMTec will data log the transmission shift patterns. There are several PID's you can select, I believe H8405 will data log the actual shift pattern the transmission is operating in. The TCM uses many patterns during driving, depending on normal or sports mode, partial or full throttle, sports mode or other driving characteristics. I noted around a dozen different shift patterns logged during a recent logging session. It's been very useful having this data logging capability to enable the correct patterns to be adjusted as required.
  20. Look at the Shift Map/Converter Lock schedule. There are 5 schedules, that will tell you where to adjust.
  21. With all due respect, HAER1UB is a junk tune. Any tuner who's had a good look at this calibration will see it for the crap it is. The ZF transmission calibration looks like it's been slapped together with the limited funding Ford had for development. Stick with HAEK4PE if your car is an auto, it's a much better calibration.
  22. There should be no error after the trans tune, sounds like someone is having a lend. Did you say you had a tune or a trans rebuild? Typically, a rebuilt trans that's been slipping will require up to 1500kms of gentle driving to reset the adaptive learning. A reflash does not reset the adaptive learning, contrary to what the software might indicate.
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