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  1. thanx fin ! that would be awesome, i appreciate that a lot, shes a little rough lol im pretty new to this 1250cc injectors.tec
  2. awesome info guys thank's heap's, ill give it ago and let you no how it goes 😃
  3. OK no worries ill give that ago, all tho i am the only person to tune my car shouldn't it set up in a closed loop config from factory ? And i have fixed that lean out, i am trying to target around 11.5 AFR's, or do you recommend richer/leaner?
  4. thank you for the quick reply, shes a bit messy lol only been tuning for about 6 months now... this run i got cranky and asked for 16PSI 🤣 with the injectors i used data from injector dynamics as the injectors i got from MTQ only come with dead times, so i tried to dial them in as best as i could whilst data logging and going off what info i could find on the forums and seemed to come up not to bad.
  5. Hi there guy's and gal's, As you can see from the title I can not for the life of me get my FG MK1 auto falcon brake the 300 RWKW mark..... it will make 270 RWKW and just over 720 NM and no more, iv gone through pretty much all the forums on PCMtec and not getting anywhere lol. MODS - 1000HP process west intercooler and pipe work, 1250CC injectors, 4" dump and 3" from dump back, valve spring's, oil pump gear's. going to get a garret GTX and the rest of the fuel system once the bank will permit it lol. Now im not running out of fuel the way it is at the moment and im running 14PS
  6. i agree, we quoted injector dynamics but he didnt want to go that way, thank you for your quick reply !
  7. iv got a customer with an FG MK1 XR6T and has supplied his own injectors, now the injectors are from MTQ/sonic and are "1250cc" http://www.sonicperformance.com.au/BSS1250/Modified-Bosch-Fuel-Injector-1250cc-EV14-3_or_4-Length/pd.php now the problem iv got is they can not supply me with any data on them other then the dead time.......... not sure where to go from here........ has anyone got any ideas? anything help would be amazing ! cheers peeps!
  8. Hi peeps, if got my manual ba xr6t i wanna ghost cam, need to change stradagys and not sure what one to go with, any help would be extremely helpful. Cheers!
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