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  1. Hmm yeah true, I never thought of putting the F6 tune in. I think I like that option better to be honest.
  2. I am aware that to change from the FGX XR6 Turbo to the Sprint tune that there are also hardware differences. It requires an F6 turbo, Intercooler and Injectors. My question is, Are all the FG MK1/MK2/FGX Sprint turbos the same? I know they are all the 3582 but is there any difference in the wastegate port size or the actuator spring size? Ideally I have all the parts already and would simply need to swap those hardware items over and the create the tune so that it is the Sprint tune, flash it into the car and away I go but I am unsure in particular about the actuator springs. Does anyone know if the actuator springs are all same part number and if there are and variances in the port sizing?
  3. Hmmm, very interesting topic this one. So I'm not sure if you are aware but in the FPV FG F6 MK2, The ABS module will not let you turn DSC off even though you can see as part of the tune file that you just need to hold the button for 10 seconds. This does absolutely nothing. DSC is on permanently either way and if you even try to steer away the yore sensor will also cut power. They did this to keep the 5 star ANCAP rating but it is F#$king dangerous. If you do lose control of the car, the car just cut power whether you have Traction Control on or off and straightens up the car. It doesn't know where it is straightening the car up to though and if you are sideways, you are now heading straight for the gutter, trees or wherever the car happens to be pointing. Hence, extremely dangerous. I have noticed that if you do manage to do a burn out because the throttle body cut has been turned off thru tuning that you can do this in a straight line as the yore sensor with cut power and also you are restricted to 2 gears. If you start in first gear, it will let you change to second gear and continue the burnout but as soon as you hit third gear, power is cut. If you start the burnout in second gear, you can change to third gear but then once you hit 4th gear, the power is cut. I think the power is also cut once you reach the limit of either second or third gear depending on which gear you lost traction in to start with. It makes me curious if you could put the settings of a FPV FG F6 MK1 which does allow DSC to be turned off into the MK2 and realistically make the car safer. On a side note to that, I also have an FGX XR6 Turbo and it will allow you to do a burnout in first gear only where as the FPV FG F6 MK2 will not allow you to do a burnout in first gear as it shuts the throttle body. The FGX shuts the throttle body as soon as you hit 2nd gear or you reach the end of first gears speed/capability. The yore sensor will even allow you to steer completely sideways as long as you stay in first gear but again you are unable to turn DSC off at all. Yes I realise this all sounds a bit hoon like but for me it is more about making the car safer and also has its applications on the track. On the drag strip, you need to pull out a whole heap of fuses just to do the burn out with your foot on the brake at the same time In the FPV FG MK2 F6. The fuses pulled are all to do with ABS so that DSC is not enabled which is really a pain in the arse and the dash is lit up like a Christmas tree because of all the failed modules from pulling all the fuses under the hood and in the cabin. It would be so much easier just to hold the button for traction control and DSC for 3 seconds which will turn DSC of in the FG MK1 than pulling fuses. It would also mean that if you are doing some kind of track work that you still have ABS for safety which you lose when you pull all the fuses. Thoughs???
  4. I have copied the gtf tune into the fgx xr8 tune already but would like to improve on it a little bit
  5. Can you make the 80 to 100? Is it percentage based? Would it affect anything else if I made it 100 instead of 80?
  6. 2nd a Vacuum line leak. Do the brakes ever go a bit hard?
  7. I just changed these parametres but noticed i didnt have auF15789 for MK IIs even though I have a FG MK II F6. is this a difference between pro and workshop? I also noticed DSC is in there that I want to turn off.
  8. Does any know how to turn off DSC in FGMKII F6? It's a very dangerous feature that has no idea where the road is and straightens the car up even if you are pointing 90 degrees to the road direction. In the FG MK1 F6 you can push the traction control button to turn off traction control or push and hold the traction control button to turn off traction control and DSC. I would prefer to turn it off all together since its a dangerous feature but would also be happy to hold the traction control button down to turn it off.
  9. That spreadsheet for the scalers is very handy btw. Kudos to whoever made that up πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  10. Thanks Rolland, I will give it a whirl. I have a gfb reg on there and also I have just purchased a fuel gauge kit to see what it’s set to as I brought the car like that. Tonight I reflashed the car back to stock and then put your injector scalers in and a few other bits and it seemed to behave. I’ll try cold start tomorrow to see what happens and maybe it’s a simple as the timing is way off now with some of the hardware changes. I’ll let you know πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
  11. I also have an issue where the car wont stay started and will stall and has to be started several times before it will stay started. this is worse on cold start but also happens on warm start too. Any suggestions for that? It's basically a stock BA F6 with a Walbro 460 in the main tank, 1000cc injectors and a fuel reg so nothing fancy. it does have a tune in it for other parts such as a bigger cooler and actuator but if I can get the fuelling correct and the car stays started idling then I can get it on the Dyno to fix the rest.
  12. Thanks Rolland and welcome back
  13. Is someone able to provide the injector scaling for bosch 1000cc injectors for E85 Fuel with 58 PSI Fuel Pressure please?
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