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  1. I’ve got access to a dyno and I’ve got a wideband so will be doing majority of my tuning on the dyno, that’s why I’m looking for advice now
  2. I’m still learning at the moment so I’m not 100% on how or what to change. What would you recommend doing?
  3. I’m not sure if mine does this as I turned off all torque reductions/management. But I could be wrong?
  4. No traction control and torque reduction is turned off man
  5. It’s got a good exhaust and intake system. It’s got billet oil pump gears too. how do I put a bit more timing? ive also just put a pretty much hollowed out intake on it (got it off an old speedway bloke) and was told ill need to add more fuel to run it. I used to run 3.45 ratio but went down to a 3.27 ratio to get my wheel speed up. Will Hold 3rd gear limiter on the spot but starts to bog down as I get moving hence the want for more power. the barra is in an xg falcon ute with a btr4
  6. What are people doing to make power from there naturally aspirated barras tune wise? Ba/bf. It’s for a burnout car so the more the better. Any help appreciated!
  7. So I’ve put a 2012 Fg na engine in my patrol and it’s being run by a 2006 bf na ecu, I’ve been running this for awhile but a few people have said that the fuel injector tables are different? Obviously being a different injector than what’s in the bf. Can anyone clarify this? And if so can someone help me set the tables up to suit the fg injectors? And point me in the direction of anything else that may need to be changed? Thanks in advance!
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