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  1. so I've bolted all the turbo gear onto my ba and have all the plumbing sorted. so now all thats left is to wire in the turbo map sensor and start playing with the tune. How do I wire in the map sensor and how do I adjust the load axis to start doing some tuning. cheers
  2. currently studying and only 18, cant afford upgrade. will it be possible to create all my own maps to suit supercharged application
  3. Figured out turbo logic but a no go on getting the stock ba turbo tune as Im only on enthusiast.
  4. thanks Roland, where could I find a stock ba turbo tune to compare? and also where does turbo logic get activated from? regards, Quincy
  5. G'day guys, Recently I put an m90 supercharger on the side of my barra in my manual BA and it runs around 14 pounds of boost but it hasn't been tuned yet. I've got my hands on the 4 bar fuel pressure reg and also a turbo map sensor. My question is how do I calibrate the turbo map sensor?. I was thinking i might first just copy over the stock xr6 turbo tune and then go from there? Cheers, Quincy
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