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  1. That is true, was on the wavelength of having a normal daily tune with say over boost scramble, roll race tune with anti lag etc.
  2. What I mean is having the cruise toggle do different things within the tunes. So Tune 1 anti-lag when cruise is pressed, Tune 2 disable etc.
  3. @Roland@pcmtec Is it possible to map the cruise button toggle for separate tunes only. Maybe in a future release ? 😘
  4. I will have to test this out and report back. I suppose no warning lights will register?
  5. Can confirm for MK2 & FGX "Module initialization/relearn from Central Config" does work 😁
  6. Did you change over the auto too? As Bill said above the PCM & TCM calibration need to match...
  7. I know this sounds like a dumb question but just for confirmation 0% duty cycle is the wastegate 100% open & 100% dc fully closed ? which would be in auF16463 0 for 100% open & 1 for fully closed?
  8. BTW 760-01-01 through to 760-01-04 is where the VIN is stored 760-02-01 is where the magic is
  9. I am no means an expert and happy to be corrected on anything I say. Mk2 & FGX run a different ABS unit "Bosch 9" from memory and the calibration comes from the Central Car Config. From what I understand, all modules are the same with an internal YAW sensor. Above is from a Forscan session connected to a FGX. Mk2's are the same. And below is a snippet from IDS showing the CCC data from a Mk2 F6. I have yet to install a latter module ABS unit to my Mk1 FG, so I haven't tested the init/relearn function as Ford changed the plug unfortunately. But will
  10. Is that TQ_ETC_SRC ? No its not a intake pipe problems, too wet today to test much but I think the car is going into limp mode after a WOT run. As @Puffwagon said I noticed when this happens I'm only getting 20% throttle. If I don't push it, I have boost but i'm still not getting boost control to where I set it. Need to spend more time seeing whats going on
  11. Unsure? I will log that tomorrow and see if that is happening. Thanks
  12. Ok thanks, I will try that. Already had all WOT waste gate and boost adders set to 0 Set all WOT boost multipliers to 0 now as well
  13. Hi, need some help. Followed the guide to enable open loop. I'm finding that something is not set right, Initially i'm getting full boost like 15-18psi on 1 run then after only 3 psi. Any help would be appreciated. Looking to have a valet and low boost profile Also not sure which parameter is to set boost by gear. Using HAER1UB sprint as base with custom OS F6 Sprint_CustomOS-boost open loop.tec
  14. Just a question, What does the "reset adaptive" do then when ticked if flashing a tune?
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