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  1. Hello, I have a mk1 FG and have done a full dash, drivers and passenger wiring conversion. Now I know this is outside the scope of support but I have a couple of questions about re-licensing. Initially I was on HAEDJG4 and have made new files and merged VID block and vin/serial details for 2 files for testing HAEJ2PZ which I assume is mk2 & HAER1UB FGX sprint flashed both successfully and seems to get me in the right direction, though the files are unlicensed and because of this I can not disable pats to see which version will work better in my frankenstein FG
  2. Superb


    Wow thanks @Darryl@pcmtec keep up the good work 👍
  3. Thanks I was aware I need to make some changes. A/F under WOT is ok but I'm learning as I go.
  4. Superb


    Appreciate you checking, thanks
  5. Thanks, I have tried that before. From what I can see the range for injector pulse width goes up to 6000 in your graphs, but I can not replicate that. I using your filter (abs([ENGINE_SPEED] - [ENGINE_SPEED-4]) > ([ENGINE_SPEED] * 0.05)) Not sure what I'm doing wrong
  6. @Roland@pcmtec Im trying to recreate your graphs in megalogviewer with the DMR's I have available in the enthusiast version. Any tips you can provide?
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    Great I'll try that, how can I get the other 2 to read?
  8. Superb


    Found after deleting all the logs, saved layouts and updating to version 1.22beta its all working correctly
  9. Superb


    Need some help on the same issue, any help would be appreciated
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