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  1. Try turning all the features off and see if you lose sport mode or kickdown etc. That might give you some ideas. We never really went very far into the BTR assembly code so we haven't got much we can add here. I find the best way to figure a lot of these things out is good old trial and error with putting stupid numbers in and seeing what happens (make sure its a safe environment).
  2. Yep, if can't get teamviewer access to the car then it usually becomes too hard. Good work comparing all the files, if there are some other scalars you want to know about let me know.
  3. You are better off using a turbo OS/Strategy.
  4. They would be in the workshop edition that is why they are not available. Also need to check its for the same OSID eg BA/BF/FG/FGX are all quite different.
  5. Just fyi it's not a spark cut. It's a fuel cut and spark retard. Cheers for posting your settings up, lots of people ask.
  6. Try logging F_A_RATIO[0] F_A_RATIO[1] instead as this is effectively the STFT per bank, we have never had a v8 test car so this stuff has all been developed for the 6 cylinder. The Pulsewidth calc is copied and always identical for the two banks as its actually done on a per cylinder basis and the bank reading is not really used for anything useful internally that I can see. There are actually 8 pulsewidths you can log, one for each cylinder. This is what is really going to the injector. These are logged as FPW[0], FPW[1]...FPW[8]
  7. They are the real internal values. They may be pre fuel trim scaling though. Can you set them both to high priority and attach the log file here? I will have a look at the asm tomorrow and see if there is anything added after that value that you can log seperately. Can you also include the OSID of your vehicle. I will double check the addresses are different as a sanity check.
  8. You cant directly connect a wideband. It needs to be connected to a controller to control the heater circuit. There are many wideband controllers out there that provide a 0-5v analog input. Zeitronix, innovate, aem, w2o2
  9. Only the Mongoose JLR and Mongoose Ford is supported. The other mongoose cables lack the 18v output support on Pin13 ERR_PIN_INVALID occurs when we ask the cable to supply 18v to pin 13 and "computer says no" Tactrix Openport is a cheap alternative if you need something asap.
  10. Apologies its a 2.10 feature. 1.25 will use a default layout only if you logout/login again and connect to a vehicle.
  11. They are copied automatically when you launch the datalogger. If you delete the file it will copy back. We have a bunch of new ones we are working on for the 2.1 release. In the mean time here is the 1.25 file. Falcon_Default_125.tlo
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