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  1. Added a HOWTO guide for reference
  2. On drag cars or on the dyno depending on your gearing and rpm limit, you may find a speed limit is occurring. There are two methods to disable the speed limit. Method 1 (maximum speed of 255 kph) For standard gearing and the 6 cylinder, this is usually sufficient. For the V8s spinning to 7-7.5k, you may need method 2. This method assumes the VID block is enabled (it is by default). auF0389 Activate/Deactivate VID Block Parameters for Final Drive/Tire etc = Enabled If the VID block is enabled the following scalar is used to determine the speed limit. Speed_limit_kph This scalar is limited to a maximum of 255 kph as the underlying datatype is a byte. If you need more than 255kph (can appear as low as 240kph on a roller dyno). Method 2 (unlimited speed limit). To use method 2 you must first disable the VID block by setting auF0389 to Disabled. Note that Mk2 Falcons use these overrides regardless of the setting above. IMPORTANT NOTE If you disable the VID block, this means the PCM will now use the values found in "VID Block Calibration Overrides" such as axle/diff ratio and various other scalars. Ensure the following parameters match their corresponding values in the VID block. Note that some of the scalars in the VID block may be set out of range, if they are set out of range you can simply leave them. Now you can use auF0397 Speed Limit No VID to set the limit. This is a floating point and can be safely set out of range to 1000 mph. Note. If you are trying to rev to a high rpm eg 7500-8000 rpm, the rpm limit hysterisis can be subtracted from the limit twice. This means with the default numbers your rev limit could become 500rpm lower than expected, this may appear to be a speed limit however it is a rev limit. To fix this problem adjust the hysteresis in scalar auF12252.
  3. We are software engineers not tuners, we have tuned our own cars/helped tune others and we also have an intimate knowledge of how the PCM works but we are not mechanics or tuners so we try not to give hard and fast advice as there are more experienced people out there. We don't have a dyno or workshop and run everything from an office in SA with 2 remote workers (Darryl is in VIC).
  4. If it is your car and you are happy risking the motor you can disable it. If it was a customers car you would be crazy as a fuel pump can fail, blockage in the fuel filter, injector blocked. Collapsed cat, all sorts of things that will make a motor knock badly. On a street car you aren't going to notice 2-3 degrees being pulled occasionally due to false knock so I would leave it enabled.
  5. Knock sensors can pick up noise from piston slap and the valve train. They can also miss real knock. You can never be 100% unless you have aftermarket knock detection gear.
  6. It isn't magic. There is a spark adder (or subtractor) table which adds spark across the board. By default it is either 0 or subtracts 4 degrees. When it is turned on I believe the car was tuned with 95 octane, so when it detects enough knock it assumes 91 octane and pulls 4 degrees from the whole map. This logic is only turned on for the NA vehicles. You can set anything you want in this map though, and enable it on a turbo, not that I would recommend it but it is an option. These numbers are not necessarily true or accurate.
  7. I saw your post on facebook showing "1000CC" as the part number on those random black injectors. I would highly recommend pulling them out and putting something known in the car. One of them might be leaking as 9:1 AFR is maxing the guage out (they won't meter below this), to get that rich with those slopes something has to be seriously wrong. Those cheap injectors often are terribly balanced which means if you get your AFR correct you might be leaning out one cylinder and pop goes the motor. The saying "the poor man pays twice" couldn't be more true when it comes to performance car parts.
  8. The 16 limit is because the pcm only supports 16 high speed dmrs. We are almost finished adding single rate logging which will let you do 16 high speed and 50+ low speed dmrs (the more you add the slower the rate). BAA doesn't have high speed logging so you should already be able to log as many as you want.
  9. You guys really need to get some proper. Knock detection gear or at least Jimmy up some headphones and bolt a microphone to the intake manifold.
  10. I'm not sure what fuel they tuned on, it does have a base octane number but I'm not sure if this is accurate.
  11. Darryl should be able to dig it all up for msg200 as he is looking into that now to attempt to mask the alarms.
  12. I never even bothered to check the manuals. The fact they show the CANID is very interesting. I assumed they wouldn't cover that level of detail at all! I bet that it is incomplete though.
  13. "because if you send 0x200 to a cluster it will stop many warning lamps from working correctly, and will silence the Alarm. Speaking of the Alarm - Roland, this may be a way to silence any alerts that happen while your displaying the CustomOS Selection on the cluster" Nice find! We were going to mask the alarms individually, but this might be even simpler!
  14. https://it.slashdot.org/story/19/06/02/0042209/ask-slashdot-what-to-do-when-your-certificate-authority-suddenly-revokes-your-cert 150+ other companies had their certs revoked by commodo in the same go. You should write an article about the sad state of software signing certs, anti virus and false positives.
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