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  1. This is a case where you will need to experiment.
  2. Whatever you want it to be. 1000rpm seems to be a good starting point for a manual. Auto might want to be lower.
  3. Pretty easy to test your theory. Write it to the car then read it back out and see what it says?
  4. Have you tried opening the axis by double clicking and copying? You could also compare the two files and copy that way.
  5. You can change the theme via the theme menu. We are going to make the chart colours configurable at some stage in the future after map tracing and histograms are done.
  6. The post above you says it's coming soon. It will be in the next major release of version 2.0 Aiming for a January release
  7. You need to enable auF0304 "Wastegate allow Max Duty Cycle on Shift" and set it to 1 for auF2714 to be used. If your car is oscillating whilst on boost when auF3002 is used, then it means you are likely getting knock with a constant spark adder (subtractor) being applied. Looking at your log I'm seeing the average at ~-3 degrees which should cause no duty change, however the actual spark adder for each cylinder could well exceed this explaining it. Log your spark adder for all 6 cylinders and see what it says.
  8. Just for fun I'll tell you how far is too far. Don't put 30 degrees flat in your entire spark table on a 5.4 v8 above 0.5 load. Yes I have seen this done.
  9. There is about 30 scalars under OBDII -> Scalars related to it.
  10. It's testing the sensor is working. I think it's called O2 monitor or cat monitor under system switches from memory.
  11. The vin isn't used for licensing so you can update it later. As the others said sometimes ford update the catch code after release. In those cases use the next one in the calibration list.
  12. If you have the workshop edition you can view all 900+ cals listed in the calibration list. https://forum.pcmtec.com/topic/105-common-strategies-and-catchcodes/
  13. I mean its possible it can't and it uses the ABS module but I've never heard anyone say this other than you. Where did you read this? You just have to make sure you use a BF TCM and BF PCM. FG won't talk to BF and vice versa.
  14. As far as I know all the ZF boxes have an output shaft speed sensor internally. Who said they don't? If the engine is BF NA then use an NA BF gearbox as well. This will be simplest. If you get an FG NA gearbox then whiteford tech or custom machine works can do a mail order service to convert the TCM back to a BF model. I'm unsure if there are any physical differences in the gearbox that would cause issues though. Make sure you don't get an FGX ZF6HP21 gearbox as these are completely different and incompatible with anything other than an FGX PCM.
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