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  1. Those scalars are from the workshop version of HAANF Good luck with it all.
  2. That isn't a very big error and something that most tuners simply fudge out. A few possibly causes. Your peak injector pulse width will be at peak torque. I assume your peak torque is at 3500rpm so you could possibly just adjust the high slope to correct this. Another possibility is it could be simply blow through due to camshaft overlap giving you a false lean which you have corrected for at lower rpm. If you set your camshaft overlap to 0 degrees across the entire rev range does the lambda also hold flat (regardless of error). If it holds flat then you can simply tweak the speed de
  3. Try Commanded Gear and Commanded Gear by transmission. There is a search function you can utilise which means things fairly easy to find.
  4. Good question. I think this is a case of try and see? There are some parameters like the following which might be interesting to play with. Obviously beware it is a possibility you could seriously damage the trans by changing these parameters. auF13298 Solenoid Override (could be a boolean 1/0 on/off or it could be a bitmask and take values like 0,1,2,4,8,16 etc) auF13165 Forces S1 Electrically ON auF13162 Forces S2 Electrically ON auF13390 Forces S3 Electrically ON Alternatively you could just set certain gears to have shift points that are out of range so it wo
  5. If you have previous tuning experience that is an option. Remember that you might have mechanical issues like a fuel pump that is too big causing pressure surges, blocked injectors, O2 sensor positioning etc which can't be tuned around. Without all the mechanical equipment to verify you may end up chasing your tail.
  6. Take it to a Workshop. If you don't own the software there isn't anything we can help with. www.pcmtec.com/workshops
  7. Custom machine works can solve this issue. They do a PCM mail order service. They spent a lot of time figuring it out so I think it is a bit of a trade secret. Alternatively wire up a square wave generator to emulate a speed input.
  8. Also this. If this car runs fine then you are optimising something that doesn't really matter.
  9. Min pulse width is a peg. So if you cruise at say 0.5ms and you set it at 1ms. You'd be injecting double the required amount of fuel and the car would be massively rich. So what is too much entirely depends on the injectors and what your true min pulsewidth is. You'd need to datalog decel when this lean event occurs it and see how low it goes. If it's lean only when it's at this very low pulsewidth then increasing it will likely solve your issue. The whole purpose of min pulsewidth is make the car run richer when the injector starts dribbling and causing misfires (eg decel and poss
  10. Increase your minimum pulsewidth. Also log fuel pressure on decel with a seperate gauge. You might be getting pressure fluctuations. Also check the narrowband voltage, it might not actually be lean and it's just your wideband, is it in the tailpipe or in a bung? How are your LTFT at cruise / decel? If it's above 5% you will get random lean/ rich spikes in transients. Finally how does it drive, does it feel lean and miss/splutter if you back off and get back on it straight away? It might not actually be lean.
  11. https://forum.pcmtec.com/topic/32-howto-run-pcm-standalone-eg-engine-swap-pats-disable-and-speed-source-setup/
  12. That is a manual in neutral. It is not going to work the same in an auto or if you are in gear doing a rolling launch.
  13. I tried 0.6 lambda and -25deg timing and it wouldn't rev past 4k in neutral. In gear you can get it to hold fairly still. Eventually it will break through but you could set a rev limiter at say 4k with a combination of fuel dump and spark retard before that and it should hover between the limiter and the retard fairly well. Experimentatiom here is key. Beware you will likely melt things.
  14. If that is the case what is wrong with the normal fuel dump and retarded timing which is described in this thread? This builds the maximum amount of boost unlike a limiter which will cut fuel and hence build less boost. This will also be smoother.
  15. Put new OEM coils back in. Also confirm that you aren't getting valve float. Does it only occur at peak torque? Do you have a lumpy idle after a dyno run? What happens if you run spring pressure instead? Timing is probably due to the various adders. You can log individual cylinder spark and see if knock retard is kicking in.
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