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  1. We have been working on this, the new names should be available soon. The problem is the V8 and I6 use the same DMRs, so CAM_ANGLE[1] is exhaust cam in the I6 and intake cam #2 in the v8.
  2. Modifiable units will be available next update. Everything logs in native (imperial units) at the moment, the same as what all the maps use. If iap doesn't move it might be disabled in your cal. Is this a factory turbo vehicle?
  3. Set the breakpoint out of range or just make the high slope equal to the low slope.
  4. This is not trivial and something I wouldn't recommend as the results can be dangerous or cause random stalling/ETC limp modes to kick in at inopportune times. You need a dyno to calibrate it safely. Ensure you check things like cruise control work correctly afterwards. Best bet is to compare a 5.0 and a 4.0 strategy and see what tables Ford change and why. You could also try checking the FG Boss 315 cal with the large oval throttle body which I believe is B8RH, BBLH or B8LH (not 100% which one it is). There are book on calibrating the pressure drop/surface area calcs for electronics throttle bodies you can read as well.
  5. Sometimes ford update the calibration from the factory. If the catch code doesn't work here then it means unless someone has sent us a stock read manually we don't have the file. https://www.fordtechservice.dealerconnection.com/vdirs/wds/PCMReprogram/DSFM_PCMReprogram.asp?swproduct=IDS
  6. ZF datalogging has been put on the backburner for a while as we have some other priority items, but it will be available eventually.
  7. Just compare the two files and copy what you want using the compare/history tool.
  8. If you download the 1.22 beta it should automatically deselect the ZF read for a BA now.
  9. It's a completely different product and hardware. If you want to use our software it defeats the purpose of buying the plugin ecu. Just leave the standard ecu in the car?
  10. The multi tune basically covers all scenarios for boost control now so it's unlikely we will change it. You can change the boost map (or anything really) with the car running now. We could change the launch control setup, but it takes us weeks to test new changes especially to ensure backwards compatibility so it is unlikely we will change it in the future now. The testing required means it would be close to 10k in R&D to make a change like that. Basically we have to design something that caters to the masses, if we made every combination possible you'd end up with an aftermarket ECU and then we would have to charge the same to make it profitable.
  11. I'm not sure if there is a mechanical stop on it but if not it will just spin around the other way and end up being partially closed again. The 80 is meant to be degrees but I believe it is an arbitrary angle. Best bet is to just take the intake off and look at how far it moves. I think there is an ETC test procedure in IDS/Forscan which will cycle it with the engine off.
  12. The thread above literally explains all of that.
  13. Have you read this thread? https://forum.pcmtec.com/topic/15-howto-boost-control-babf/ Your desired boost is set to 20 inHG which is about 9psi. I haven't looked at your PID settings but I'm going to guess its just in permanent overboost hence 0% duty cycle. Have a read of the boost thread and set it up as per those settings. Datalog will tell the full story.
  14. Is this a stock/factory car? If not has someone messed with the actuator etc? What spring is being used? Has it been tuned before you touched it? If so use the compare/history to compare the file to stock and see what has been changed. Was it turbo converted? If so did you use a turbo PCM? Download Forscan and take a screenshot of a DTC read. Also datalog all the wastegate related items during a WOT pull and post that up as well. You should be able to figure out the issue from this.
  15. DLP analog input support is now available in the 1.22 beta on the website.
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