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  1. Are you sure? I've ever actually tested it at idle.
  2. The PCM has no ability to record data. You would need to leave a tablet datalogging in the background with the DLP8 cable.
  3. It is done based off a PID controller. You can modify the gain in this table. auF11706 Muliplier as a function of load on spark feedback gain_ fnspkfbs_gain. If you set it to 5000 for fun you'll see your spark flick between MBT and min spark clip repeatably. Good for a pseudo ghost cam. if you set it to 0 it will just run MBT timing and you'll have a high idle and if it starts to stall it won't catch it in time.
  4. You can change the load axis. F6 never came with a BTR either so you can't use that file.
  5. Those tables are not used from what I can see.
  6. www.pcmtec.com/downloads Beta is now publicly available. If you have a previous private beta please install this version over the top as it has a large number of bug fixes and improvements.
  7. You'll have to figure this one out yourself via experimentation and datalogging. We don't have any information or documentation on how the ZF works. I have never even driven a ZF Falcon either so I can't comment from personal experience either.
  8. Yes. Just sent you a PM
  9. Firstly get rid of the crappy boost controller and put the stock one back. This will probably make a huge difference alone. Next make sure all the boost control is set up as per factory so that 100% duty cycle is being commanded until you get near your commanded boost. Finally you can move to a 3 port wastegate actuator which will help hold the gate closed until the very last moment which will help a little.
  10. Should be able to find most of them here
  11. That is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
  12. It is also why we don't offer tuning advice! Majority of the time there are serious hardware problems! Just to name the sort of issues that people have initially thought are software related. Earth crimps falling out. Earths not bolted down Earths bolted onto a dirty greasy chassis. TCM can links sticky taped together and coming loose randomly. TCM female plug sockets backing out causing intermittent issues. Half an engine loom swapped and sticky taped together. BA alternator replaced with FG smart alternator causing injectors to get stuck on 100% randomly. Fuel pressure reg fitted backwards. Fake sensors off ebay. It is why we don't offer phone support for non workshop customers, as the majority of these issues arise due to dodgy backyard DIY swaps or parts from random ebay/gumtree sellers eg these "1000cc" injectors. I would love to see how well they are matched on a flow bench, I wouldn't be surprised if a smooth idle is impossible without individual injector trims being applied.
  13. A customer had one injector flow 25% less due to this retarded rail design. Can be all sorts of reasons things don't work. I am a big believer of the OEM seal of approval. I bet there are worse issues out there than this as well!
  14. I didn't know that, that is really handy!
  15. Press "load values" and it will load it from the file that is open.
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