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  1. This functionality has been available for over 2 years now! FYI your current values may not make sense currently as that table you are modifying is throttle position (inferred load) not actual load which would explain why you are having funny results. Tuning correction is basically an Alpha N correction table. All your other values will remain, you can always copy them back.
  2. It should not even require an ignition cycle on the BF/FG. If it does you can usually do it in 1-2 seconds, but 3 is what is meant to be required by the PCM. I would lean towards shorter rather than longer.
  3. The unit converter is wrong. KPag = kpa - 101.325 The log is correct. I wasn't aware anyone was using the unit converter, it was written a long time ago before we had any QA system so it looks like the equation is back to front.
  4. Can you attach a log showing which values are being logged and what units have been selected.
  5. Could save yourself a lot of time if you use this feature! Sounds like you have it pretty close now anyway. The reason there is hardly any information on tuning cams is because hardly anyone actually knows how to do it properly in these cars. The main reason as you found out is a total of 0% of customers are willing to pay the tuner for the time required to do it properly.
  6. Have you tried following the guide? It is very difficult to do remotely as it needs some trial and error to get it as the owner desires.
  7. Do you have the workshop edition? This requires our custom os which is only available with the workshop edition.
  8. https://forum.pcmtec.com/topic/561-howto-full-independent-vct-cam-control-in-ba-6-cyl/
  9. So stock tmap and a 4 bar boost sensor?
  10. What boost sensor are you using and what boost sensor scaling?
  11. I'm not sure what the issue is here. Both statements make sense. KPag is simiply kPa + barometric (roughly 101.325 kPa)
  12. You can log IBP which is your actual boost pressure instead of logging map. What map sensor and map scaling are you using? Make sure your units are correct as well. Some of them are in inHG and are not currently configurable in 1.25 Also are you using the tmap switch over logic in the custom os?
  13. Use the unit converter. It has a tyre size and OSS calculator under calibration tools.
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