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  1. Have we found a fix for when pressing F2 to change the name / unit doesn't work?? Have tried many different scenarios.. and remembering dlp1 as afr and dlp2 as fuel pressure etc is a little taxing 😆
  2. Thanks all for the responses. Love that this is all available. Yes it has the factory aircon switch, plugged in and working. So that is not the cause this time, great thought though! Thanks Roland, appreciate the input as always!
  3. So i have a na barra with a turbo in a patrol, and all is working well, in relation to starting and driving etc. turbo logic turned on, a couple system switches changed and maps copied over and it all loves it so far. The one thing that has me though is the thermo fans. after the 5sec delay they turn on full, and stay on.. now I think this could be because I do not have a vehicle speed source set up yet. but surely there is a setting where I can remove all the things in relation to that and go off of ECT? Also wondering what auF3177 - PCM generated vspd source. 1: OSS & TCSS_ 2: OSS over CAN_ 3: VSS hardware_ 4: f Can be used for, assuming it is for vehicle speed source, but unsure what the abbreviations are in settings 1, 2, 3 and 4, if anyone could learn me that would be sweet! I am hoping something in there will work with VSS_Source and the drop down tab. which also has abbreviations - VRS via wire and MR via wire. Could anyone please learn me on VRS and MR too?? Thanks Legends! any questions about the conversion and whatever else you might want to know feel free to ask! all here to help out!
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